Best Profit Sites from the Internet (23+ Trusted Sites)

Best Profit Sites from the Internet (23+ Trusted Sites)
Before reading any word in this guide about the best sites for profit from the Internet, I want you to know that you will not find here many sites that you may have heard about before, such as:
  • Swagbucks
  • Listverse
  • Yougov site
And other sites that, unfortunately, are widely spread in Arabic content, and frankly this matter makes me feel very sad, and this is for several reasons, perhaps the most important of which are:
  1. Many of these sites only accept native speakers of the English language, so they are not suitable for Arabs. 
  2. Polls sites like Yougov and User Testing pay less than they say are cheap, and I don't know how to put them on the list of the best sites to profit from the Internet.
  3. Many of these sites work is immoral, and stealing data from dealing with them and exploited in the development of programs of artificial intelligence different.
Therefore, if you are looking for such sites, you will not find them here. Rather, you will find sites that have the following characteristics:
  • Sites that have a good reputation and a place in the internet world.
  • Honest sites pay their clients on time, without any fraud or manipulation.
  • Sites that enable you to profit in more than one way, either directly or indirectly.
  • Sites that help you develop a skill and build a name for yourself.
These sites are arranged according to the opportunities they provide, so the more these opportunities are, the more we place the site in a higher order ... taking into account the collection of all sites that provide the same services.
Do not accept yourself except to deal with such sites that represent real opportunities, and do not search for weak sites that throw crumbs for you and use your time and effort.
Bring a cup of your delicious hot drink and rest assured ... You are here at the winners, and if this is your first visit to us - welcome? Know that we explain everything in a simple and very honest way, adding a lot of our practical experiences.
Let's get started!

The best profit sites from the Internet

1- Google

Google is one of the most important profit sites on the Internet, which offers tremendous profit opportunities in many areas, some of which are not known to many beginners.
You can profit from Google by:
  • Google AdSense (to earn money through your site or YouTube channel through ads) is one of the best ways for beginners.
  • Profit by bringing you clients through various Google services such as (Google Search - Google Maps) completely free of charge.
  • Profit from buying Google ads to promote what you want.
We have created a separate guide which is " The Complete Guide to Profit from Google ", in which you will find more than 9 ways to profit from Google with a detailed explanation of each method, and how to start with it, especially profit from Google AdSense .
So I advise you to review it.
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2- Facebook

Yes, Facebook is one of the best profit sites on the Internet, which you may use for entertainment, but others use it to make money directly and indirectly.
So imagine that you can:
  • Profit from Facebook videos
  • Profit from Facebook Marketplace
  • Profit from Facebook groups
  • Profit from sponsored Facebook ads
There are many people who are making very good profits only because of their knowledge of how to properly and effectively funded ads funded on Facebook .
This is in addition to the profit from Facebook by selling products. I have a friend who sells some accessories and handicrafts on Facebook and earns more than 10 thousand pounds a month from Facebook for free.
So why not be like him and waste all these opportunities out of your hands for the sake of some small sites that give you a handful of cents of dollars ?!
If you are interested in learning about ways to profit from Facebook better, then read the guide with the link below:

3- YouTube

I do not think that you are ignorant of YouTube, and I also do not think that you do not know that there are many Arabs who make hundreds of dollars a month in profit from YouTube channels.
This is in contrast to many other ways to profit from YouTube, such as bringing traffic, affiliate marketing, and promoting products and services, which bring excellent income to many.
If you think that you need a lot of equipment or extensive experience to start a channel, then you are on the line, you will make sure of it yourself, and you will know how to start on YouTube through the following guides:
  • How to Profit from YouTube (Your Comprehensive Free Guide 2020)
  • Profitable YouTube Channel Ideas (15 Different Ideas Explained)
  • How to design a professional video (step by step)
  • How to create a YouTube channel and fine-tune it professionally (explanation with pictures)
  • How do I post my YouTube channel (comprehensive guide 2020)
  • How to profit from YouTube without Adsense
In the maza-dat, we have an entire section on YouTube ... in it, you will find articles dealing with everything you need to start making profits.

4- Instagram

Instagram is not just for you to display pictures, but it is one of the best profit sites on the Internet for creators, content makers and everyone working in the field of e-commerce and drop shipping.
I advise you to review the " Profit from Instagram " guide. You will see there are practical examples of every method that you can profit from this giant site.
I also advise you to follow us on our Instagram account , which you can communicate with us through, and also to see a live model on content creation, profit and promotion on this platform.
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5- Amazon

Do you want to work with the richest person in the world, the giant Amazon platform has not only made its owner Jeff Bezos a billionaire, but also made many millionaires.
There are almost 5 more than wonderful ways to profit from Amazon, which you can profit from anywhere in the world, and perhaps the most famous is the Amazon affiliate program, profit from Kindle, or even printing t-shirts.
I do not want to dwell on you here, we have put forward a comprehensive guide which is " Profit from Amazon ", in which you will find all the information you need to start now.

6- Jumia website

The Jumia site that you may go to to buy some items from it may be a very good profit opportunity for you, especially if you are interested in the digital content industry .
Or if you want to work in commerce and online sales, whether your own products or the products of others, there are many sellers on this giant platform who make great income, taking advantage of the enormous traffic that visits the site every day.
If you want to know how to start, step-by-step, in using this platform, you should use the " Complete Guide to Profit from Jumia ", so everything is explained in pictures, and you will find three different ways to profit from Jumia.

7- website

Market site is like the site of Jumia, it offers very good profit opportunities, especially in the field of commission marketing , so I recommend that you look at it.
And, God willing, soon we will offer a complete guide to profit from the Souq website, just as we did with Jumia, so be sure to follow us so that you do not miss it.
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8- Shopify

You may have heard before about the way shipping, which I referred to earlier, as it is one of the most important ways to profit from the Internet at the present time, and if you did not do so, I advise you to read " What is drop shipping ."
That's why Shopify , which is one of the best platforms in the world for building online stores if you're targeting a foreign audience, is the undisputed best choice.
That is why I advise you to use this site as it offers tremendous capabilities, and soon, God willing, we will present a complete guide with pictures and videos on how to use this platform within our personal experience.
But you will find all the explanations and information you need on the platform itself.

9- Etsy

Etsy is also one of the largest sites to profit from the Internet by selling products, and what makes it special is that it is interested in distinctive and handmade products.
That is why if you or someone you know manufactures handmade products of various kinds (clothes - prints - accessories - paintings) and others, I advise you on this platform.
Personally, I know a lot of Arabs who take advantage of this platform to build a strong brand for them, and make good income from this giant platform.
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10- Teespring

Do you like to profit from printing t-shirts for free without any capital, and without even printing or delivering anything to customers ... This is what is called Print On Demand.
If you are interested in design or know how to find what designs people want in any Niche, this is a great profit opportunity for you.
You can rely on professional designers to design for you and you can profit from the designs, and by the way, this method is more than profitable for someone who knows how to search.
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By the way, Amazon and Etsy can profit from the same way, but it takes more effort from you, unlike Teespring .
Soon, God willing, we will present a comprehensive guide about POD and how you can profit from it in detail.

11- Clickbank site

Profiting from affiliate marketing requires searching for programs, services and products in order to market them, and for this reason affiliate networks have appeared.
ClickBank is one of the oldest such platforms in the world of affiliate marketing, with which you will find many products for you to promote in various ways.
If you want to work in the field of affiliate marketing, I advise you of the following guides:
  • Why you should start affiliate marketing in 2020
  • How to become a successful Affiliate (10 tips for 2020)
  • The best e-marketing tools for all disciplines
  • Explain Landing Page in detail and ways to get it

12- ShareASale

The giant ShareASale platform is also one of the best affiliate platforms, in which you will find many affiliate programs that you can promote and profit from.
Even Google itself puts some of its products, such as the Grammarly service, on this platform for marketers to promote them, so I recommend that you go to this platform and search yourself for the affiliate marketing programs that suit you.
And soon, God willing, we will present several complete guides about the best affiliate marketing programs for each of:
  • Bloggers
  • Website owners
  • Youtube channel owners
  • Social media account holders

13- Udemy

Youdemi is one of the best profit sites on the Internet that many Arabs ignore. So did you know that there are:
  • Who made thousands of dollars selling a course on cooking a famous Moroccan food.
  • Who made hundreds of dollars because he published a course on programming in Arabic.
  • Who Made Thousands Of Dollars How To Draw Characters For Beginners.
All this because Udemy is visited by millions of people from everywhere in the world to search for and learn what they want for a very small fee, and this is an opportunity that you should take advantage of as long as you can.
All that is required of you is to make a course about the information you know, and it is preferable if this course is in English, because this means that your chance is greater for this course to be bought by a large number.
Remember that you do not need to be an expert in the field that you will talk about, the important thing is that you possess knowledge that only you possess, which makes them listen to you in order to learn.
And do not worry, creating a course on the Udomi platform is not difficult at all, and in many cases it does not require you to appear in front of the camera, and my advice to you is to take this course if you are interested in this way of profit.
Regarding the English language, I don’t want you to worry either. We have issued the “ Complete Guide to Learning the English Language ”, which will help you master the most important English language skills such as conversation in the fastest time and in scientific and practical ways.

14- Fiverr

I think you thought one day that you would use any information you know to profit from free work, and perhaps you heard about the giant Fiverr platform , which is one of the best platforms in the world for this purpose.
There is a great opportunity to profit from this giant site, and for this we have presented detailed guides that explain everything to you with pictures about this platform and how you can exploit it.
These guides are in order:
  • What is Fiverr, how it works, and why is it a treasure trove for everyone
  • How to register on Fiverr for Buyers and Sellers and explain Gig creation
  • Explanation of the Fiverr website (explanation of the control panel and the steps of buying and selling)
  • How to Profit from Fiverr (Comprehensive Guide 2020)
  • Does your job depend on completing a specific task? Here's the solution

15- Upwork

Upwork is also one of the most prominent freelance platforms , but it works in a different way than Fiverr, here you go to customers and offer them your services.
This site may be a little more difficult to start with and work because competition for it is higher, but at the same time the profit from it is much stronger, especially if you are a professional in a specific field.
The most popular fields of work on this site are:
  • Writing and translation
  • Programming of all kinds
  • Design (Brand - UI / UX)
If you are interested in profiting from the field of writing specifically, I advise you to review “The Best Sites to Profit from Writing (Sites Suitable for Arabs) ”.
If you are interested in the freelance field in general ... then you have to complete a comprehensive guide at the link below, which consists of 9 steps for self-employment:
Online Freelancing Guide (Comprehensive Guide)

16- Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the very old and big sites in the field of freelance work, and it is one of the sites that many business owners rely on to complete their large projects.
The Free Lancer site is very suitable for professional programmers and designers, and anyone who has skills and can present them to others professionally.
If you are interested in working with the Free Lancer site, I advise you to read the article with the link below:
Freelancer Explained (How to Register and How to Work)

17- Behance

If you work in the field of design and animation (Graphic Design - Motion Graphic) so that you master the best professional photo design programs such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Or that you have a passion for working in this field and you are still learning, so I advise you to look at the giant Behance website , in which you will not only find examples of more than wonderful works that you learn from and get inspired by ideas.
But you will also find there are tons of people looking for talent to work with from different countries of the world.
The Behance platform represents an opportunity for you to have a professional portfolio , and at the same time it is a platform for freelance work in this particular field.

18- shutterstock

Do you have a good camera and love photography and video making ... If that is the case then all the pictures that you photographed before or photographed in the future can represent your constant income.
Shutterstock is one of the best platforms in the world where people go to search for professional photos and videos to use in their content.
Because of the constant need for these materials, the site offers a tremendous profit opportunity, because it provides you with a place to sell your photos and videos to anyone interested without much effort from you.
The site provides you with all the information you need to know how to place your files, and how to adjust the settings so that whoever searches for them will discover them.
This site represents a great opportunity because there is a shortage of videos and pictures of the Arab world and its atmosphere, which is what many people are looking for.
This means great profit opportunities for you, especially since Shutterstock pays very well every time any photo or video of you is sold.
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19- Freepik

FreePik offers the same service as Shutterstock, but this time in graphics and vector only ... you can sell any images, logos or graphics that you make there.
This is why my advice to you is not only to profit from free work, but to sell the publications and designs that you do on this platform, and there are others who provide this service.
In this way, you ensure that you achieve a very good income from more than one source of your talent, and for the same reason I recommend learning design skill to many beginners because of the great profit opportunities it has.

20- Rev

If you like to profit from micro-services sites, here is the best one, which is the Rev site , which enables you to profit from unpacking audio and video files.
This service needs a lot and has to be requested, but since it is a rather simple task, there is a lot of competition in it, and for this, the Rev site puts somewhat difficult tests in order to choose the best.
The profit from this service is not large, but it is good if you want to collect some money in spare time and do not have specific skills that you can profit from from the previous sites.
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21- Appen

Appen does not know many Arabs about, so if you want to profit from evaluating sites or working on evaluating search results, this is the best and most trusted site in the Arab world that pays a good price.
I recommend that you read it and apply, but you have to make sure that the information required from you is well placed, and that you follow your e-mail because the application period and the tests for admission take some time.

22- Adfly

I think you heard before about profit from shortening the links , as it is a way that you can verify it with a good income, especially if you are interested in the content industry, or you have a lot of followers, whether on the site or YouTube channel or an account on the communication sites.
The guide that I mentioned earlier will explain everything about this method, and here is also the " best sites to profit from shortening links " guide, in which you will find many other sites that play the same role as Adfly .

23- Filefactory

Filefactory is considered the best site to profit from uploading files, which is the method that many content makers rely on to achieve a good financial return from the Internet.
I recommend that you review the guide at the link below, in which you will find all the information you need along with some practical examples in order to increase your profit from this method.
Profit from uploading files in a comprehensive report

24- PPV sites

PPV sites are sites that represent profitable opportunities for marketers, if you work in the fields of:
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • The Lead Generation
  • Selling software services and applications
PPV sites are sites to buy ads, through which you can get good traffic for a small fee, and this is a great opportunity for marketers, as I mentioned.
If you want to know all the details about these sites and how they work, here are the following guides:
  • What are PPV visitors ad and how does it work (Comprehensive and Exclusive Guide)
  • The Best & Most Important PPV Advertising Companies in 2020 (Your Trusted Guide)
An important note about the best profit sites from the Internet
There are hundreds of sites that you can profit from in various fields, as I mentioned to some of them, but there are more ... For example, you will find many of these sites in the “ Ways to Profit from the Internet ” guide .
In spite of this, I want you to leave us in the comments the area that you are interested in, so that, God willing, we will present a comprehensive separate guide for the best sites to profit from the Internet in that area.
I want to tell you that there is no magic way to profit from the Internet, there is no site to profit from the Internet that you will go to to give you money for free.
You have to start, work, innovate and think outside the box in order to achieve the profits that please you, just as many people do online.
We are here at the maza-dat website, making profit through more than one site from those I mentioned to you, and I don't think we are better than you in anything except that we have just started.
That is why you should start and try now, not tomorrow, and I also want you to review the article " Important Tips for Profiting from the Internet ", which will help you remove many obstacles in your way.

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