What is the best profitable business?

1 profitable business venture
2 best profitable business
2.1 The floating restaurant
2.2 Furniture and upholstery upholstery
2.3 Selling ornamental fish and birds
2.4 Selling electronic devices
2.5 Trade cheap clothes
2.6 Hair Gel Manufacturing Project
2.7 The coal industry project
2.8 Opening a beauty center
Profitable business
Many people are searching for a source to get money, and they start thinking about a profitable commercial project to buy and sell goods and goods, because the commercial project undoubtedly needs a great responsibility, strong work ethics, and sufficient resources for its success, providing a service for a sum of money, and meeting the needs of the consumer at a price Appropriate.
Best profitable business
The floating restaurant
It is one of the strange and wonderful ideas, it is possible to rent a large boat in which there is a large hall in which a floating restaurant is made, in which all the various meals are served, and equipped with all equipment, and customers are taken by boat to stand every two hours on the beach to load the customers, and it is preferable to take a pre-reservation method to avoid loss Or get some trouble.
Furniture upholstery and renovation
This commercial project is considered one of the successful projects, so this project needs to learn the method of upholstery of the sofa and the renewal of the furniture, and choose a suitable store for upholstering the furniture with it or moving on demand.
Selling ornamental fish and birds
This project needs to have sufficient experience in raising birds and caring for fish, and get a well-ventilated and air-conditioned place to create the right atmosphere. Cages, bird food, fish and some other pets can also be sold.
Selling electronic devices
A commercial store can be opened to sell electronic devices in installments, such as phones, televisions, washers, and other devices at a good price to earn a lot of profits, and this project needs a good capital of some money and some workers.
Trade in cheap clothes
You can open a store to sell bale clothes at a simple price, so clothes are considered a necessary commodity that can be bought permanently for a large group of people, so this project needs some capital, and a simple shop in a medium area.
Hair gel manufacturing project
It is one of the projects that is accepted by many people. You can prepare hair gel at home using simple materials, package it in special boxes, and sell it to shops, friends, and relatives to reap a lot of profits.
Coal industry project
Charcoal is considered one of the products that are sold at a good price, so charcoal can be made at home easily by bringing some wood, covering it with soil, and burning it until the wood has turned into coal.

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