Top 25 online jobs: work online and get paid

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Thanks to the internet, you can make a living from online jobs.   Top 25 online jobs: work online and get paid. Yes, you heard me well!

I know you're probably skeptical. Just a few years ago, most online job opportunities were unprofitable if legitimate, to start with. I remember because I tried many of them as a college student.

However, we're 2019, and all I can say is that everything has changed. If you set out to find a job online that pays you well, you'll quickly find at least ten good options and five scams. In this article, you will learn a lot about real job opportunities and how you can start any of them.

Top 25 online jobs on the Internet

While I was researching online jobs, I came across a great report on the stats of people in the U.S. who have online jobs. According to the report, more than 5 million people in the U.S. are working online, and this number is expected to more than triple over the next decade.

This is a good number, although not as crazy as you think, but it is important to note that many research studies have concluded that approximately 50 percent of the millennial generation either do full-time jobs online or work for their own part-time . Real jobs for home from work With that in mind, if you want to make a living with real jobs online, check out the following options:

1. Online survey functions

This is a known remote job that is always popular. Yes, you can earn money by completing online surveys. What makes this so interesting and appealing is that it is not so easy to fill out online surveys.

Also, the number of surveys is increasing as marketing research firms use them to collect information about a product, service, or ad.

As of now, joining survey platforms is free. Plus, if you want to get a job online to earn money, you can become a member of many paid survey boards. Many survey opportunities are sent to your email account.

Legitimate companies will ensure that every survey is checked to avoid fraud and spam.

The paid survey usually takes  15-20 minutes  , and you can  earn $ 5 to $ 30 from it  . This rate may vary depending on the importance of the study, your profile, and various other factors. If this interests you, be sure to find paid survey platforms - there are many companies that have a bad reputation because they often suspend user accounts when they try to withdraw funds.

Fortunately, we have reviewed and tested about 20 of the most popular scan boards. There were 4 companies that emerged from their peers and are the most recommended companies we have:

  • SurveyJunkie  - Available in the United States, AUS, CAN
  • MyPoints  - Available in the United States, CAN
  • Swagbucks  - Available in the US, UK, AUS, CAN, IRL
  • Swagbucks (European Union)  - DE, FR, ESP
  • ySense  - Available in over 200 countries

NB! While the most important bottleneck in getting a living with surveys is the availability of questionnaires where you are eligible,  I recommend using at least 2-3 companies  . This is the only way that surveys are not exhausted, and you can choose the most profitable surveys first, and you can make a living with these surveys.

The best work at home surveyjunkie

2. Circulated

I highly recommend  Shopify  as the best place to start Dropshipper. I have been using it for a while now and am still doing it. I love about them that your expenses are very low at first when you don't have a lot of revenue. Top 25 online jobs: work online and get paid

shopify start jobs online e-commerce

4. Amazon seller

Did you know that you can sell products on Amazon? Amazon is very popular all over the world. Millions of people shop on Amazon every day, which is why many people also have to sell products on this site.

Now, have you heard about the Amazon arbitration company? If not, get ready to blow your mind! Well, then the concept is simple even though the process can be boring. You need to find discounted products in your local stores and sell them on Amazon to make a profit.

For example, you might find a popular game on sale in your local store for $ 10, and that same game sells for $ 30 on Amazon. Buying the game and then selling it on Amazon would earn you $ 20.

There is a little more, of course, which is why it is necessary to learn the process. Amazon keeps a percentage of your profit, and you will have to pay the shipping and other fees. So you'll need to make sure you're selling things high enough to leave money in profit after paying Amazon expenses.

If you like hunting, shopping mainly and looking for good deals, this is the online job for you. Usually, you can make between $  15 and $ 100 an hour  .

See  Amazon seller fees here and   see the image below, to what extent a friend of mine has worked with Shopify online store using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

Amazon work online from home

5. Virtual Assistant

Many companies work online, so it's no wonder that they hire virtual assistants to help maintain their organization and maintain their efficiency.

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who assist multiple clients by providing administrative, creative, and technical assistance.

The assistant's job varies greatly from customer to client. They may create and respond to emails, create and distribute documents, respond to business inquiries, write content, conduct research, or answer customer service calls, among other things.

Independent assistants do not have fixed salaries, generally, earning between   $ 15 to $ 75 an hour  . The wide range depends on skills and experience. As your experience grows, so does your income.

The recommended virtual assistant gigs job board is   FlexJobs 

flexjobs work at home

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another common way to work online, mainly because you don't need to invest anything to get started. All you have to do is promote the products or services, and you will earn a commission every time the sale takes place.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn additional money from sales commissions. This means all you have to do is focus on marketing. You do not need to participate in creating the product, just direct marketing. In other words, you are directing customers towards your employer's product. Easy like this.

You can be a subsidiary of hundreds of companies at once. You have registered for those you are interested in, and will give you a tracking link to use for your promotional offers. The tracking link includes your unique sales code so that it can know it every time you are marketed.

You give this unique link to people when you promote the product, and every time someone cares, they will click on it to find out more. When you buy something,  you earn a commission sales range  is  between 20 to 75% of  what they spend.

It all happens very quickly! Fortunately, you can access in real time your earnings, so that you can track it as it grows. I love this online job and, in my opinion, it is one of the best online jobs on the internet.

Find excellent affiliate marketing opportunities at  Flexoffers  .

It is a great platform if you start with this type of work because most of its offerings do not have requirements regarding site age or minimum traffic.

See the image below about highlighting my commission when using the FB Promotion - I made over  $ 10,000 in less than 3 months  .

Find online jobs online with flexoffers

7. Make money with Bitcoins

A lot of people have heard about bitcoin. It's a virtual coin that is getting more valuable, just like real money.

While the supply is limited, there is no inflation and the value continues to rise over time.

Although the price of 1 Bitcoin (BTC) fluctuates a lot, now it is   over $ 15,000  , while a few years ago it was around $ 200. Therefore, you may find many good starting points when the price has recently fallen.

Bitcoin is also accepted as currency. This means that you can buy many things by spending your BTC because it is reliable, easy to move around and accepted worldwide.

How can you make money from bitcoin? Well, there are three ways: mining, trading and working for Faucet sites.

If you are new, you should start with the third option because it is easy and free to earn bitcoins. The first two methods require some investment in advance to start earning money.

I recommend  Coinbase  to start earning money using bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency (use this green link  and get a registration bonus  ). Top 25 online jobs: online work and get paid

coinbase online encryption purchase function

8. Buying and selling areas

Today,   a domain name  costs no more than $ 10 or $ 15  . However, there are some circumstances when an individual or company wants to purchase a domain, but it belongs to another person. When this happens, many of them are willing to pay thousands of dollars to own this field.

Here, you have a very profitable business opportunity. By purchasing domains at low prices, you can sell them higher in the future. This makes buying and selling domains to earn some extra cash.

You may need to do some research, of course, but the appeal is clear. Domain flop, as it is also known, is a very lucrative online job.

I remember one time reading that  domain  called  "" was sold for $ 11 million  , although the original buyer may have paid no more than $ 15 for that. Although not all domains will be sold for millions of dollars, over time, this online business can be very profitable.

Start with a small budget so you can learn and gain experience on areas that sell for the most money. As with most ways to make money on the Internet, flipping the field takes time to learn. Most experts recommend exercising for a year before trying to sell the domains with a great profit.

Flipping a field can take a lot of time and effort, and perhaps a touch of luck as well. It is unlikely to be a full time job, because you often need to invest and then patiently wait for your earnings.

The best place to buy and sell domain names is  HostGator  .

The best online jobs that are legit

Online jobs for students

9. Independent writer

I am a freelance writer, and I really cannot complain. I can't tell you how many independent writers in the world, but what I can say is that the demand is exceptionally high and rarely decreases - and therefore, independent writing is becoming more and more common.

Now, more than ever, an independent book is set to create a wide range of content for online and offline use. Some of the things you might write include news articles, site pages, sales materials, research reports, customer emails, books, and a variety of other exciting things.

Although many websites and major companies have internal writers, there is an increasing number of websites that are constantly looking for freelance writers.

Before trying your luck, make sure that you have a set of work so employers can see the quality of your writing.

Free writing is one of the best online jobs for staying at home for mothers because you can work within hours that suit you, rather than having to punch an hour.

Freelance writing fees vary widely, beginners should earn   at least  $ 50 per article initially  , and experienced writers can  earn up to $ 1,500 per piece  . Most freelance writing jobs pay per word, so the more you write, the higher your reward.

10. Auditing

As a proofreader, you can get additional money by correcting typos for books, papers, website content, and more.

I have done some proofreading in the past, which is a clear and comfortable job.

In addition, if you are one of the people who can discover typos and grammatical errors very quickly, you can do a good job.

Moreover, you do not need any certification to make your career in proofreading. With the explosive growth in web content, this online functionality is in high demand. This means that you can find many clients instantly. As for the salary, you can achieve a rate between  $ 17.50 and $ 25 an hour  .

ProofreadingServices  is a great place to find proofreading jobs online, and I highly recommend  Caitlin Pyle's free workshop on how to be a debugger  .

11. Enter data

There are many companies that need workers online to enter data in their systems. The data can of course be very varied and may be related to inventory, shipping records, business plans, attendance sheets and anything else you can think of.

Whatever the various data that the company wants to keep, it pays people to enter that data into their computers. All you need is a computer and some basic Microsoft Office skills to do this.

Generally, online data entry specialists are paid from   $ 30,000 to $ 45,000 each year  , depending on their level of expertise. The best thing about internet data entry jobs is that it doesn't seem to be running out. If you like this type of business, you may find many companies in need for years to come.

Clickworker  is  our  favorite place to start online data entry jobs.

The best online jobs for college students

12. The translator

This is an excellent remote job! I can confirm this because I have done some localized gigs in the past and they pay really well.

All you need is a bachelor's degree and full mastery of another language. Sometimes you need to be fluent in two languages.

The translation industry is changing very quickly. Today, at least a quarter of all translation jobs worldwide are done online.

Payroll fluctuates but translation is not cheap, so if you are good and translate quickly, you can make over  $ 40,000 each year  .

We recommend  Fiverr  for online translation jobs.

Work online

13. Web developer

Many companies realize that their presence on the Internet is essential in the modern era. Thus web developers are in high demand. It is relatively easy to create a website .

There are many online courses, website building tools, templates, and resources to help you do that without much effort. You can take advantage of this and make a living from it.

All you need to become a web developer to work at home is a laptop and a good internet connection.

According to many statistics we have examined,  novice web developers can get anywhere from $ 60,000 to $ 100,000 to  develop the site.

The best thing is  that you do not need a degree to  work in this area.

This may be one of the best online jobs for college students because you don't need any specific education to get started. Simply create a small set of website examples, and you're good to go.

Upwork  is an excellent place to find jobs online. Top 25 online jobs: work online and get paid

Online jobs for students

14. Social media manager

If the company wants to reach out to its customers directly and engage them instead of paying for TV, print or radio ads, it needs to develop a social media presence.

Many companies do not want or know how to manage their social media accounts; however, there is where you can profit.

Being an independent social media manager may be one of the best online jobs for students because they always like to be online, social and chat. Plus students tend to recognize the most popular social media marketing platforms.

Although this online job is relatively new, you can make perfect money. If you are good at social media, ask the company directly if you can help them.  Social media managers  earn with hourly rates from 15 to 75 dollars  .

TheSocialButler is   a great tool to help you get the job of social media manager online.

Stay at home mom jobs online

15. Do Micro functions

What is a small job? These are small online jobs that usually take a very long time to complete. On the Internet, there are many mini job sites to find work.

Most of the small tasks are for random things like keyword searches, find photos, full sentences, etc. You can get $ 1 to $ 3 in cash  for each completed mission  .

Generally, all payments are sent to you via PayPal. All you have to do is register on one or more of the many mini job sites and choose a task. Registration is usually free.

Spare5  is a great place to earn money while doing small jobs. See the screenshot below how one of our authors made about  $ 18 super fast  .

Internet jobs

Online jobs to stay at home mothers

16. Product testing

Product testing is an impressive online business that enables you to make money by trying out the products you want or need. You can test and get paid to review physical or digital products.

After subscribing to one or more product testing websites, you are linked to products from different companies. After receiving the product, you need to follow the instructions and complete the questionnaire to provide your opinion.

For your time, you receive cards from  $ 10 to $ 20 an hour  , gift cards, and sometimes you can keep the product.

I know this is not your full time online job opportunity, but it can help you get some extra money and get free products!

I recommend  American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)  to earn money as a product test. You will get a lot of free things and money to share your opinion.


Legit flexible online job

17. Events organizer

If you like planning, this is the perfect job for you online. To be clear, don't actually organize the event, choose which supplier or panels to use, and so on.

Your task will be to coordinate all functions and providers of the event. If you are used to doing this online, you can use knowledge and experience to make more money.

You will always have work because today's society is very busy. People tend to be disorganized and find it difficult to organize events and jobs.

It will solve this problem by providing them with supervision and coordination service for everything they need. You can either do this for a part-time or full-time job.

One of the best places to do a search for the work  of the carriages of  events are planned  SolidGigs  .avdil 25 online job: work online and get paid

Work online from home jobs SolidJobs

18. The Virtual Recruiter

You can use your skills by creating a bridge between employees and employers at the right price. 

The virtual recruiter is a connection between the company and its potential new hires. You will have to post available jobs, check resumes, conduct interviews, and negotiate salaries.

In this business line, you can make around  $ 50,000 a year  as a full time employee. Prices fluctuate between  $ 20 to $ 30 an hour  .

Freelancer  is a great marketplace for finding virtual recruiting jobs.

Freelance Home Home best work from home jobs

19. A representative of the call center

Today, many companies require workers to answer the phone at all times, whether as customer service assistants or to process orders.

Since more companies are working online, these jobs are assigned to people who work online. To become a call center representative, all you need is a computer and some specific software. Good phone sound doesn't hurt either!

You do not need to get experience, but it is appreciated.

There are dozens of sites that employ call center representatives. The demand is very high. Although it is difficult to estimate the exact payment rate for a call center representative, my research indicates that it is possible to make about  $ 30,000 a year  .

Since it's a great online job and doesn't need to do much, I think it's an excellent opportunity.

The  FlexJobs  best delegate functions call center.

flexjobs work at home

Other online jobs

20. Photographer securities

As a stock photographer, you have to create images that companies will buy for their websites and sales materials. In recent years, this is one of the fast online market.

According to many experts,   the actual work of selling photos  will exceed $ 4 billion by 2020  ! imagine that! If it starts now, you can get a piece of this cake.

Also, if you are good at taking pictures, you will have many job opportunities. Companies need many high-quality images of their websites, marketing campaigns, and more. So, the shows will never end.

If you want to take pictures, you can get additional money by uploading high-quality pictures to agencies, or selling them directly to customers. With agencies, you'll earn anywhere from  20 to 50 cents for each image you  sell, and some can sell  up to $ 5  . Make sure that you sell at least ten per day!

Shutterstock  is an excellent place to earn money as a photographer. See below for a screenshot sent by a friend of mine.

shutterstock is the best online job for phorographs

21. Scope

Another great online job I didn't know. This consists of editing texts for court journalists. Although this functionality is unknown on the Internet, it has been around for 30 years.

How it works: First, the court reporter will publish everything said in the courtroom in written form using a unique system of "shorthand", allowing them to write quickly.

Court reporters then employ scopists to edit these texts.

As a scopist, you will earn money for every page you edit (just like reviewers and authors). Also, you do not need a certificate. Finally, the potential profit is high since the average wage  ranges from $ 20 to $ 30 an hour  .

22. Earn with shortened URL

Another way to earn money is by shortening URLs. To get started, you must join the URL shortener site as you will have the opportunity to short URLs long from different sites. This task is very easy and does not require any technical skills.

Moreover, you do not need to own a blog or website. If you have one, it is just a bonus for you since you can post short URLs on your blog or website. Independents usually post it on forums and social media sites such as Facebook.

How it works? Well, whenever a visitor clicks on your short URL, you will receive money from your account. It's as simple as that! This means that you earn money with every click. Frankly, it is a simple way to make money because the internet works on links!

Moreover, no one likes long URLs, especially Google. In addition, URL shortening is free. If you become independent of URLS, you will have a lot of work to do. Daily, you can earn  $ 5 to $ 10 for every 1000 visitors using your link  .

LinkzFly  is the best place to do it. Top 25 online jobs: work online and get paid

linkzfly URL shorten online post

23. Captcha jobs solution

I didn't know you could make money by solving that annoying captcha that you find on some sites.

But now that I know that, I might be thinking about trying it! Captcha is one of the simplest ways to make additional money online. You need to type the captcha. What is clearer than that?

As you know, Captcha photos contain 4 to 10 characters that you need to select. There are many companies that pay to recognize these images. Why do they do that? They want to save their time, and that's why they pay you for it. All you need to do is make sure to enter the correct captcha.

In this business line, you can make  $ 3 for 1000 Captcha solution  , and there are no hidden fees or fees. Pay to PayPal or bank.

This is a legitimate job all you need is computer and internet access. Like completing surveys, you can do this in your spare time. If you work a few hours a day, you can get $ 500 a month to solve the captcha.

Your favorite captcha payment functionality is at  Clixsense  .

Online clixsense forensic function

24. Get paid to play games

I was not surprised to find that you can get paid for playing games. This is very normal. The entertainment industry is one of the largest employers in the world. In addition, the level of competition is very high.

Every year, more companies release new games, and they hire players to test their games. He'll play this game test a bit, then write a review about what they like and dislike. Sometimes, they will also do some marketing for the business owner.

If you are new to this, we recommend you try a free website first. As you improve, you can join the major leagues! Most of these sites allow you to earn points that you can convert into money.

Swagbucks  is one of the best places on the internet to get paid to play games.

swagbucks paly online games job

25. Make money by reading and clicking on ads

There are many PTC sites that earn money by reading and clicking ads. I have friends who earn thousands of dollars on PTC sites.

Once started, you can  easily earn $ 500 a month just by clicking and reading the ads  . This is not a scam, I reviewed! It is a legitimate way to earn money.

In general, you need to invest 30 to 60 minutes a day in many PTC sites. Fortunately, there are hundreds of legitimate PTC sites. The most famous of them are  Clickworker  and  ClixSense  . I have read very positive reviews about them and I am sure they are right. Additionally, there are a few things you can do to increase your profits on PTC sites:

  • You should watch all ads daily at a specific time.
  • If you refer PTC sites to your friends, you can earn referral commission and increase your winnings.
  • You can invest in premium membership. This will double your advertising serving commission, and you can increase referral commission when your friends join.

All things considered, I really think PTC sites are a great alternative to making money online. If you don't try it, you won't lose anything by trying it.

The best online jobs for college students

Are online jobs a scam or legitimate?

Online fake jobs widely. It has been like this for years. However, as the Internet community evolved, actual online employment has increased to unprecedented levels. I assure you that you can find a lot of great vehicles online that will earn part-time or full-time income.

In the end, it is up to you to find any legitimate ones. This may not always be easy, but it is not impossible. As an old freelance online, I recommend that you follow a few simple steps when assessing whether a home work job is   real or fake:

  1. Doing Extensive Research  : You must know exactly who you will be working on. If you find a vacancy that you are interested in, you should perform an in-depth background check of the company that hires. For best results, run your name and information through the Better Business Bureau, and search for complaints online.
  2. Get references:  If the company is looking to hire people to work online, there are likely to be other people already working for them. You need to know if you can contact any of them. You can often search online for forum and Facebook group discussions, and quickly find other people who have experience with the company you are looking for. This is great because you can get realistic opinions about the company, and if you can't find anything, it usually isn't a good sign.
  3. Don't invest any money  : Some jobs online may require you to purchase some kind of startup equipment or package. Even if that makes sense, it's a red mark for me. When this happens, all I can tell you is make sure that you understand what you are buying, who and why

Final thoughts from the first rank

I am a freelance worker at home and I love it. It is very convenient and it pays well. For many, working online is a dream come true.

Today, thanks to technology, this dream is a reality for many people. If you want to work from anywhere on the Internet, you need to search for job opportunities online.

Fortunately for you, in this article, you have 25 of the best online jobs that can help you make good money for a little effort. Wait no longer. Use your skills  to make money from home  . Times change, and you no longer have to go to an office building to make a living. Create an office at home and start a new chapter in your life.

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