The idea of ​​a pilot project


  • 1 small business ideas
  • 2 different areas for small projects
  • 3 Organizing other people's household activities
  • 4 Provide home health care
  • 5 References

Small business ideas

There are some suggestions for small business ideas that can be started as a pilot project, including the following: [1]

  • Selling old furniture.
  • Appliance repair.
  • Making wax.
  • Making and selling candy.
  • Take care of children.
  • Maintenance and repair of computers.
  • Catering services.

Various areas for small projects

There are some suggested ideas for a small and low-cost project , including the following: [2]
  • The field of creative ideas, such as doing crafts and art.
  • The field of crafts and personal hobbies.
  • Sales field, such as: making a booth, or using the Internet to sell.
  • The area of ​​public services, such as: caring for pets, or providing services on weekends and holidays.
  • The field of accounting business, such as: following up bills, or providing office consultations.
  • The field of personal services, such as: working as a wedding organizer, providing a teaching service, or working as a personal shopper.

Organizing other people's household activities

A person can undertake a pilot project in which he is interested in providing organizational services to others for their important activities at home, where many people may face many tasks that are full of details, which need to develop a specific system organized in the form of a specific work schedule in order to adhere to achieving their interests in an appropriate and complete manner, and that In order to reduce the size of the responsibilities associated with it and facilitate their implementation, people can also be trained to get rid of unnecessary elements and works during the implementation of their various tasks, and these actions include everything related to arranging the home, such as making a new home decor, for example, and it can also be done Photocopy all activities related to organized homes with the aim of promoting them to attract many clients and clients. [3]

Provide home health care

This idea focuses on starting to provide care for the elderly in their homes, by taking care of them in terms of health or helping them do their own business and what they care about, and it can also take care of those who can no longer walk or move from one place to another, in addition to helping many of them In moving to the care centers for the elderly, by providing services package their own property and furniture and contribute to the transfer process. [3]

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