Small business ideas


  • 1 cleaning services project
  • 2 Delivery Service Project
  • 3 Writing or blogging
  • 4 other ideas for small projects
  • 5 References

Cleaning services project

The cleaning services project is considered one of the most popular projects for people, given the busy conditions experienced by individuals in the current days. This makes them need a weekly or monthly cleaning service to provide some time for themselves to practice other things, and this only requires obtaining know-how. Good in basic cleaning materials and tools, as well as forming a reliable and reliable cleaning team, in addition to having the ability to schedule and organize work well. [1]

Delivery service project

The delivery service project is considered a small and simple project that leads to a good result in the event that it has the ability to organize work, as its idea depends on providing a service to deliver goods to customers in the local area quickly and efficiently, and this requires only having a driver’s license and a good driving record, in addition to Owning a suitable car supports this service, as work sometimes requires the delivery of oversized items. [1]

Writing or blogging

Writing or blogging is considered a simple and small project , as some individuals who are able to write can create a private and easy book project, and direct companies to offer services independently, and blogging and recording notes about special experiences helps create a personal blog project to publish these topics. [2]

Other ideas for small projects

There are many ideas related to creating small projects, including the following: [3]
  • Business projects related to crafts such as plumbing, electricity, and the like.
  • Building projects, where suitable for people with integration in practical projects.
  • Personal training project.
  • A project that specializes in gardening, coordinating, etc., or caring for them from mowing grass and its aftermath.
  • The photography project, and it is possible to specialize in photographing certain areas, such as wedding parties, pet photography, etc.

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