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Projects depend on planning for the success of a set of goals that are linked together in the form of a single unit, which contributes to their implementation within a specified period of time. [1] known projects as continuing to work towards a goal, through the establishment of institutions to develop a plan based on the formulation of research that will help to achieve the desired success. [2] Other project definitions are ideas that depend on using plans, money , equipment, and individuals to implement them, relying on specifying a range of years for that. [3]

Small business ideas

There are many small business ideas that can be easily implemented to make profits by drawing on them, without the need for financial costs. The following are examples of these ideas: [4]

  • Work in the real estate field : It is one of the small projects that can be applied through relying on the real estate lease, and it includes renting the apartments, houses, and lands in order to establish the business, or benefit from it in the agricultural work. It is possible to implement this project by working in the field of real estate mediation between real estate owners and individuals.
  • E-commerce : A type of modern commerce that depends on the role of the Internet in supporting it, by providing a set of useful tools and tools in many commercial fields, and it includes advertising for products and goods through the creation of websites , or social media sites .
  • Providing home cleaning services : One of the projects that rely on advertising to provide home cleaning services, which many people are keen to search for, especially those who live in large houses and need a lot of time to clean, rearrange and rehabilitate them.
  • Childcare : One of the small projects that do not need any costs to start with, it is possible to provide a child care service from home by receiving children during the period in which their parents cannot be with them, or go to the children's homes and take care of them.
  • The food industry : It is one of the small projects that are characterized by its widespread popularity, especially among women in various societies. The home food industry is considered one of the most distinguished industries, and it depends on preparing popular foods that are not made by fast-food restaurants. Therefore, this project achieves a lot of financial profits.
  • Landscaping : is to do gardening work by planting various trees and plants to beautify the home garden, especially those that are not taken care of by home owners because of their busyness in their jobs, or the lack of time to follow up on their gardens, as most of them may constitute large areas of land.
  • Work in sewing : It is one of the small projects that provide many profits, especially when working in sewing clothes and home furnishings, as it does not need a lot of money, but rather depends directly on personal skills in sewing, and the ability to produce various fabric detailing work.
  • Helping the elderly : It is a service and humanitarian project and aims to provide assistance and care for the elderly who live in their homes individually; that is, without the presence of people who help them in carrying out domestic or personal work.

Tips for starting small projects

There are a set of tips that you should adhere to before starting a small business: [5]
  • Knowing the type of project that will be implemented through studying the general needs of the surrounding community.
  • Determine the way in which the project will be funded , and provide the raw materials that support its start.
  • Examine the possibility of losses if they happen, as the project may not succeed due to poor planning, or the failure to achieve the expected results, so it is important to determine the margin of the estimated value of the loss.
  • Take responsibility for the work, which depends on the ability of the idea of ​​the project to assume all the obligations related to it, whether it is legal or professional that aims to achieve the required goals successfully.
  • Set a major goal or set of goals in order to work towards achieving them during a specific period of the life of the project until it is judged, and determines the extent of its success or failure.

The importance of small projects

The small projects important in the world of finance and business, which are summarized according to the following points: [6]
  • It contributes to supporting economic development while reducing the unemployment rates prevalent among the able-bodied youth.
  • You do not need large capital , and it is possible to start some small projects without relying on the use of any financial resources.
  • It supports domestic and international financial revenues because it contributes to the provision of many products, especially basic products, which provide many benefits to individual consumers.
  • Most of the small projects are distinguished by applying a set of creative ideas that depend on the creativity of youth in many fields, whether productivity or service.
  • The success of small projects depends on having simple management, which enhances the ease of setting up, creating and dealing with them.
  • Small businesses are part of the entrepreneurship that creates many job opportunities.

Steps for making small projects

When thinking about implementing a small project , it is important to implement a set of steps to contribute to ensuring its success, which are: [7]
  • Defining the project idea : It is the idea through which the project will actually be implemented, and it is considered the first step in the work plan , as it depends on the audacity and perseverance in thinking when carrying out the project.
  • Choosing the right resources : It is a set of resources that must be provided in order to proceed in the next step of implementing the project, and it includes knowing the number of workers in the project, and the tools and aids required to achieve the goals.
  • Setting the schedule : This is the step that includes designing a schedule for the work plan, in which the dates allocated to start preparing for the project are estimated, and then the appropriate foundations are set for the implementation of the project and its announcement is made officially.
  • Project team gathering : It is the team that composes the project in the event that it is not dependent on individual or individual efforts. In the case of small projects, the number of project team members usually does not exceed three people.
  • The direct implementation of the project : It is the last step in the project, and the final stage is considered in the timetable, and from here the project is officially launched in order to attract the targeted customers and clients.

Small business goals

Small projects seek to achieve a set of goals, including: [8]
  • Promoting professional development : One of the main goals of small projects is that most of them seek to move from their initial state to a new situation that depends on professional development, and results from the increase in profits achieved by projects within a short period of time.
  • Innovation : It is a direct objective of small enterprises, especially those that seek to produce a group of new goods, or to provide innovative services that were not previously thought of.
  • Increased productivity : It is the goal that is associated with small projects dependent on production , specifically those that seek to provide commercial or food products aimed at attracting more customers.

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