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The project

The word “ project ” has become one of the most frequently used words in life, as it enters in many fields, whether professional, industrial, social, personal, or educational. The project also represents a form of predictions about the future, through which a person seeks to achieve his ambitions and goals. The success of the project, whatever its field, depends on the quality of its goals, the values ​​that contribute to its direction, and the relationships that link its constituents. [1]

itable business ideas for girls
Many girls search for small business ideas in order to implement them to achieve financial profits, and there are many types of profitable small projects that are suitable for them, and here are some ideas about these projects: [2]
  • Interior design project: It is one of the projects that depend on the girl's skills in knowing the types of colors, paints, and home decorating patterns, and it is possible to achieve excellent financial income through the application of multiple interior design works, such as distributing the landscape in a stylized form, and assessing the condition of the displacement whether to preserve its shape Or restore it.
  • Planning for parties and events: It is one of the distinctive ideas of small projects. Planning for various events is one of the social projects that provide significant financial profits. Among the most important occasions covered by this type of projects : planning weddings, graduating from school or university, birthdays, and opening companies New, and this type of project does not need many tools, but the girl needs to be distinguished by several skills, such as: negotiation, organization, and planning.
  • Providing accounting and tax study services: It is one of the projects that relies on the excellence of girls with academic experience in the field of accounting and taxes ; with the aim of providing accounting services to individual and corporate clients, the success of this type of project depends on possessing basic accounting skills, awareness of laws related to tax, and obtaining Legal licensing to work in this field, and possessing a set of organizational skills.
  • Blogging work: The girl’s dependence on creating an online blog in order to write in it and attract a group of readers. It is possible to convert blogging into a small project based on electronic marketing by providing the blog with a set of services or products to sell in cooperation with other websites on By publishing a link from a well-known book site, for example, to selling a book, in exchange for advertising commission.
  • Upholstery and stitching project: It is a small project suitable for girls; it is possible to work on it easily by providing upholstery and repair services for vehicles and homes. This project needs a few tools and skills, such as skill in furniture design and repair, the ability to weave and sew, and to precisely define measurements.
  • A business management agency: It is the girl’s dependence on her skills in the field of social networks , by providing social media account management services, selling website domains, and providing site management services to clients. Search engines, communication and communication skills, and excellence in written skills.
  • Financial planning project: It is a non-commercial but profitable project, as financial planning is one of the appropriate fields to achieve meaningful profits, and for this the girl must have academic experience in the field of financial planning, and provide financial advice to people with the aim of helping them to organize their financial matters, and needs This project also applies to obtaining appropriate legal licenses, and needs to search for a group of potential clients.
  • Providing after-school services: It is to provide education services for students by providing creative care and training for them through teaching reading, mathematics, and languages. This project does not need many tools, but the girl must be distinguished by the love of dealing with children, and having the planning skills In the field of education.
  • Caring for children or the elderly: It is one of the actions that can be carried out easily, without the need for capital. Girls can provide home care for children or the elderly by visiting them in their homes.

The stages of construction of the project

Creating a small business depends on adhering to several stages: [3]
  • Choose and study the idea of ​​the project: that is, get to know the environment surrounding the project before adopting the integrated idea for it, and take the final step to implement it, and this environment often includes the rate of return that other projects achieve, knowing the rates of demand and supply of project products or services, and realizing the general laws of projects, and performing the achievement Study this out to choose the right little project idea.
  • Project planning: It is the stage of converting a project idea into a plan based on activities and goals.
  • Feasibility study of the project: It is the stage of studying the project idea, and making sure of the feasibility of its implementation.
  • Resource selection: It is the stage of identifying resources that help implement the project , whether financial or human.
  • Preparing the business plan: It is the plan that contains the tasks that must be performed.
  • Project implementation: is the beginning of project implementation and management.
  • Project monitoring: is to ensure the project is in compliance with its plan.
  • Project evaluation: It is a measure of the objectivity and methodology of the project , and making sure of its success. Project evaluation is one of the useful administrative tools for the project manager and decision-makers.

Project management elements

Successful management of small projects depends on having the following elements: [4]
  • Defining and realizing project needs.
  • Use realistic goals that can be implemented.
  • Professional project planning application.
  • Building a specialized timetable for implementing the project steps .
  • Preparing financial budgets, and determining the expenses and costs involved in the project.
  • Implementing a system that helps to know and identify the risks affecting the project, and to know how to treat them.
  • Application of organization in the project.
  • Writing project reports .
  • Ongoing evaluation of project activities and tasks.

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