How to plan a successful project


  • 1 Determine the project goal
  • 2 Select resources
  • 3 Project scheduling with time dates
  • 4 Determine the communication mechanism
  • 5 Create a budget
  • 6 References

Determine the goal of the project

The objectives of any project must be defined in its plan before starting implementation, as the plan explains the objectives in more detail compared to the project charter, and the project manager or responsible selects a way to integrate the goals into the plan in a manner that maintains its connection with what was mentioned in the project charter. [1]

Resource identification

Any successful project requires identifying exactly the resources it needs, and these resources may be individuals, money, real estate, or equipment, and the project will be given an opportunity to achieve the desired goal, and the project planning process must include detailed information on each of these resources, and it must This layout is as comprehensive as possible. [2]

Project scheduling with time dates

Creating a specific timetable helps to know whether resources are able to achieve the project goal or not, and any project needs a start date and end date, in addition to identifying important dates that will be points for comparing expected results with actual results, assessing project performance , and then taking decision In case of need to amend the plan to achieve the goal. [2]

Determine the mechanism of communication

The mechanism of communication between the working group must be determined in advance, such as frequent meetings to discuss the developments of the project, or the delivery of weekly or monthly work reports, and determine who is responsible for that, to ensure the progress of the work as required. [3]

Create a budget

Adequate information must be available about the cost and budget of the project, as knowing what requires spending huge amounts of money is absolutely necessary, especially in large projects, and team members can be used to find out exactly the expenses they need to complete their work, so that the amounts in the initial budget of the project are ratios They are estimated, not final amounts, and offers from suppliers can be used to obtain the best and most favorable price for the flexible and adjustable project budget. [4]

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