How to get rich from scratch


  • The importance of money
  • 2 How to make a fortune from zero
  • 3 tips for making a fortune
  • 4 References

The importance of money

Money has an undeniable importance in life. Just as one needs food to live and survive, he also needs money. Money is important for purchasing special needs, paying fees such as house rent, or school fees for children, and other basic matters. Money gives one the ability to depend On the same, if the money is available, he will be able to avoid the need for others, as he will satisfy his desires alone, buy what he wants without referring to anyone, and also give money the ability to put an end to the financial problems if the expenses are managed properly, even if the person’s monthly income is little, then he can Solve his problems The financial is spent properly, while there are many people who have a high income , but they are mired in debt; due to poor management of their expenses.

With money, an individual can live a decent life, obtain luxuries in life, and secure a better life for the family and provide the various needs that its members want, in addition to helping others in times of need, whether they are relatives, friends, or anyone undergoing financial crisis or distress, and can donate It is for charitable bodies and for helping the poor and the needy. It is worth noting that a person should not lose his social relationships and health in order to obtain money, as money brings happiness only if he spends it properly. [1]

How to make a fortune from zero

Man naturally loves money, so he who owns an amount will try to own more, so that most of those who have money spend their time thinking about how to increase it, to the point that they forget to enjoy life, spend their money in order to achieve happiness for them and their family members, and they engage themselves in exploring ways to earn it, but It is possible to increase money and create wealth even if the person has nothing, and here comes a set of steps that help one to build wealth from nothing: [2]
  • Reducing expenditures as much as possible and for the longest possible period, and this step is one of the biggest challenges one will face to build wealth. He must keep his expenses low, for example, it is preferable not to buy any luxury or unnecessary matters, and it is also possible to save on housing wages instead of living An individual in his own place alone, can share it with his friends or other people if he is a student or a worker, and use the bike as a means of transportation instead of using public transportation, in addition to eating inexpensive meals instead of exorbitant, and dispense with television for a temporary period, Dispose of the mobile phone to avoid nose Spend more money on his services, and in general it must be remembered that these things are not permanent but rather temporary until an adequate amount of money is provided.
  • Avoid borrowing money or any new debts, and give priority to dealing with old debts, if any.
  • Finding a person has multiple sources of income and it is not necessary to find additional work. Rather, one can find a way to earn money. He who has a certain skill or talent can use it to earn money, such as working in buying and selling via the Internet, teaching students at home, or restoring furniture The user used and sold, and other things through which one earns money without having to commit to a specific time.
  • Starting with investing , by merely paying debts and reducing expenses, it will become easier to save, and once a person saves a certain amount of money, he will be able to invest in a specific area as capital , and he will have to do so by determining his monthly expenses and deducting a certain amount of monthly income to invest in investment, and it can to say that the principle of building a wealth of zero boils down to two things; they cut costs to as little as possible, and invest the money remaining wisely, one can know more about ways to invest money from people specialists, listen to their advice, and by reading investment guides that are published Online.

Tips for making a fortune

Here are some tips that can help one get rich: [3]
  • Not to procrastinate, one must implement the idea immediately and not procrastinate in it, and think that wealth is something that can come later, and conversely; the more one waits, the less benefits he will get, and the more difficult it becomes.
  • Investing with great wisdom and trying to get investment opportunities that generate more money.
  • Refining personal skills that would increase one's chance to improve his work and increase his monthly income. One must also spend more time in education , and devote himself to meeting new people who help him achieve his goals and aspirations. The more experience, skills and educational attainment, the greater opportunities for increased income. , And get better job opportunities.
  • Create a budget that covers monthly income and expenditures, and determines the minimum fixed monthly expenditures, and is keen to know the destination in which the money is being spent in abundance; to reduce this and direct the remaining amount towards investment.
  • Debt disposal, where one must make it a priority to get rid of the accumulated debt if it exists, as well as to pay loans that can be imposed on him additional expenses in the event of late repayment.
  • Going towards investment and starting private business, and this may require some risk and risk, but it is not a bad thing to risk one to reach what he wants, and it is worth noting that risk is one of the greatest keys to success.
  • Diversification in investment, even if the risk in a specific investment project is good, but one must not invest all of his money in one investment project, but rather have to diversify and invest in more than one project, and that would protect him from significant losses if no one succeeds Projects, and if there are multiple projects in which money is invested, there will be multiple sources of income.

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