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The business ( in English: Business) system depends on the application type of investment ; for the exchange of goods and services in exchange for money ; so businesses generally seek to achieve financial profits, [1] As you know the business as a group of professional, industrial or activities Commercial companies that depend on the existence of companies that implement these activities by providing services or producing goods or selling end products to people, and these businesses can be non-profit, i.e. working in charitable fields. [2]

An entrepreneur is a person who is interested in pursuing a field of work, whether it is in industry or commerce , [3] and the businessman is defined as a title given to every person working in various business fields, and he has good ability and experience to deal and interact with professional, financial and commercial matters. [4]

How does a person become a successful businessman?

A businessman is considered successful when he can execute many successful works simultaneously, and this success affects positively on his project or company, and contributes to maintaining the continuous development of all commercial, industrial, and service operations, but until the businessman is described as successful he must abide by the following things : [5]
  • Courage : Courage means the ability of a successful businessman to overcome the obstacles affecting his work, as it is considered one of the biggest challenges facing a businessman facing his fear and anxiety during the application of his business for the first time, so many businessmen dream about carrying out their business, but they feel fear of failure in these business And fear is not the only challenge facing businessmen. Rather, challenges arise in making decisions about large business deals that affect the success of a business or project.
  • Knowledge in financial operations: It is one of the issues that determines the extent of the businessman’s success. He must be able to manage the financial affairs of his business. When he needs money to start the project, it is important to realize how he gets appropriate financing , and to be able to manage this money to contribute. It is growing rapidly.
  • Obtaining the status of a leader : It is the stage that comes after a businessman succeeds in overcoming his fear, applying it to his project and managing it financially in a good way, as he must strive to become a leader in order to motivate the team that participates in the project, or to encourage new individuals to join him, which contributes In achieving success for the service or commodity that will be provided through work or project.
  • The use of leverage: is the need for a successful businessman to think creatively ; that is, what is called out-of-the-box thinking during dealing with new circumstances, and a businessman is successful when he takes advantage of all the opportunities available to him to obtain profits; where he uses leverage to support the direction of his project and his work towards Forward.
  • Obtaining business partners: It is the ability of a successful businessman to gather the largest possible number of partners that constitute an important component of profitable business; therefore, the businessman must strive to attract qualified employees, and promote the establishment of a strategic partnership with a group of partners which contributes to reaching To the required level of success.
  • Showing thanks and gratitude : It is an important characteristic of a successful businessman, as he must give thanks to all the individuals he deals with, and not forget all the people and circumstances that helped him achieve success, and move from the beginning of his work or his modest project to the evolving situation that the work reached in the future.

Characteristics of a successful businessman

A business man is successful when it has the characteristics and advantages of good character it applied in the work environment , and examples of them: [6]
  • Motivation : It is the motivation that the businessman shows when implementing his project, and motivation begins from the first idea of ​​the project, and depends on the presence of design in order to succeed in it.
  • Take the risk: By preparing the businessman to take risks in making future decisions within the state of uncertainty, but not all businessmen who face the risk are classified as successful, but rather the businessman is successful when he can manage money and time towards the unknown future, while retaining a set of plans That helps him cope with risk.
  • Dedication to work : It is the businessman dedicating all his efforts to the success of his business or project.
  • Excellence in flexibility and adaptation: That is, being able to adapt flexibly to clients and changes affecting the markets, where the lack of flexibility of the businessman leads to his failure in his work, so successful entrepreneurs and businessmen constitute all businessmen who are interested in all opinions and suggestions, which contributes to keeping them in the market and providing Customer needs.
  • The ability to understand the market: It is the ability to understand the market with all its external and internal components, where lack of knowledge of the market needs, the nature of competition in it, and external factors affecting it may lead to the failure of special products in its work.
  • The ability to plan wisely for work: it distinguishes the businessman by his ability to establish business from the first step; .
  • Preparing to exit: It is the businessman’s awareness that all his attempts are not successful, as the percentage of loss and failure in projects is significantly high, so the businessman must be willing to abandon the current project in order to start a new project, as it may result in continuing with the current work or project. Big financial loss.

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