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Business woman

Lady Business ( in English: Business Woman) is a woman involved in the business, may be the owner of the company or executive director in which, [1] as business woman involved in many professional industrial areas, [2] and are interested in following up on financial matters associated with Its administrative role in the work environment . [3]

How to become a successful businesswoman

Many women in society seek to participate in the field of business , as it is considered one of the important fields in the modern economy, especially with the increase in economic developments that have affected various sectors of business, whether commercial or a type of traditional craft, but until any woman succeeds in participating In the field of business, it is important to have personal skills that make her able to work effectively in this field, with the need to have sufficient experience in the business sector in which she will be found, and in order to obtain the title of businesswoman the following procedures and advice should be implemented:
  • Caring for dealing with experts, as starting a business in the field of business needs to get to know the business woman with people who have experience in the field of managing and conducting business, and obtain the appropriate funding for her, then the business woman must communicate with the experts, and this helps her to define a field Work appropriate for its modern company. [4]
  • Striking a balance between advice and business goals, as a businesswoman gets many tips before starting her own work, and she must strike a balance between her work and each of these tips, but that does not mean that every advice a businesswoman gets is appropriate in planning her work. Therefore it is important that you choose the appropriate advice to integrate it with its business and work. [4]
  • Commitment to apply the business model, as the businesswoman must define and select the best business model for her company, by investing money in developing and improving products; confidence in the success of a particular thing in the business is one of the necessary things to ensure the company moves forward. [4]
  • Strengthening relationships within the scope of work, especially when the businesswoman gets to know people who contribute useful advice to her work, as it is important to ensure the exchange of business recommendations about the extent of his success or failure, and strengthening business relationships depends on the role of effective communication between businesswomen, which supports Learn from different experiences. [4]
  • Correcting the trend when something stops working, as there are no final decisions in the business world, especially in the field of marketing , where it is important to experiment with various marketing methods, and also in the event that the business plan is not successful, it is important to change it in order to reach success. [4]
  • Making excellence the main goal of the business, as a business woman is considered successful when she is keen on permanent thinking, and carrying out work using a specific strategic method. Therefore, the business woman must always be ready for excellence in her work. [5]
  • Care to promote self - confidence ; successful business is that Madam would personally trust herself, and knows very well the extent of their ability to achieve success; by maintaining their own strengths; in order to achieve their dreams in the field of business. [5]
  • Learning from conditions and experiences, whether they have positive or negative results, and it is also important to make sure to listen to others more than to talk to them, while continuing to develop personal work skills , even after determining the type of work that will be applied in the field of business. [5]

Business ideas for women

There are many projects that businesswomen can implement, and these projects help to provide ongoing financial profits. Here are ideas for projects beneficial to businesswomen: [6]
  • Create an electronic store, where the business woman can establish her own store by using the Internet , with the aim of selling many diverse products such as cosmetics, clothes, perfumes, accessories, home meals, jewelry, and other products that constitute a successful business for the business. .
  • Providing virtual assistance services; the business woman may not be able to afford the costs of hiring employees; therefore, you can start providing virtual assistance services using limited financial resources; through remote work using the Internet . Examples of virtual assistance services include text writing, marketing via Internet, providing accounting services, and following up clients ’questions via social networks.

woman's job

Many social studies emerged that concerned with following up women's work and their basic role in society, and this interest appeared historically in the previous human ages, where the ancient Egyptians paid attention to the necessity of women participating in assuming responsibilities; Under the ancient Egyptian civilization, women worked in the field of trade in conjunction with their work in agriculture . [7]

The importance of women's work also appeared in Plato's era, where he pointed out in his theory to the necessity of equality between men and women in all duties and rights, including participation in public jobs, but for Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula, most Arab tribes were equal between men and women in many duties and rights So, the woman participated in many activities such as searching for water, food industries, the pharmaceutical industry, and weapons, among others. [7]

Modern modern society has recognized the need for women to participate in the work, because it has been able to demonstrate their skill and merit in various fields of business, as the recent economic conditions have led to influence on families and families in conjunction with the spread of technology in a massive way, and these are among the main factors that encouraged the participation of women in work .

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