Entrepreneurial concept


  • 1 Definition of Entrepreneurship
  • 2 areas of entrepreneurship
    • 2.1 Providing consultations in the field of social media
    • 2.2 Marketing and PR
    • 2.3 Projects and businesses via the Internet
    • 2.4 Programming and cloud services
  • 3 characteristics of entrepreneurs
  • 4 Study entrepreneurship
  • 5 examples of entrepreneurs from around the world
    • 5.1 Elon Musk
    • 5.2 Martha Stewart
    • 5.3 Oprah Winfrey
    • 5.4 Mo Ibrahim
  • 6 References

Definition of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is defined as the process of managing, organizing, and developing a project in order to achieve profit despite any risks or risks, and this process stems from the individual’s desire and ability to do so, where the entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by creativity and the ability to take risks, as it is An essential pillar of the state’s ability to thrive within global markets with high competitive rates. The establishment of projects and new companies is an example of entrepreneurship. According to economics , entrepreneurship is in solidarity with several other factors to achieve profit, and these factors are natural resources, capital , And the powers of the humans Labor, and land. [1] As for the entrepreneur or entrepreneur, Entrepreneur is the person who manages or organizes any project using his entrepreneurial spirit and risk. [2]

Entrepreneurial areas

Entrepreneurs and small / medium sized enterprises are essential components of the country's economy, as these elements play a role in creating the largest share of new job opportunities compared to companies, other business owners, and the research support they provide, to confirm The general assumption that entrepreneurship can be an important generator of jobs and jobs . [3] The following is a mention of the areas of entrepreneurship from the viewpoint of some international entrepreneurs: [4]

Providing consultations in the field of social media

Danny Gruger, director of communication and partnerships at Chatterstock in New York, commented on the increasing trend of people to social media as a cheap and effective medium for building their brands, as entrepreneurs noted the growth of the intersection between social media marketing , enterprise development, and business, so they provided consulting Related to social media marketing, and valuable management skills.

Marketing and PR

Karen Swem, CEO of Words for Hire in Michigan, spoke about business owners and their constant search for talented people, specializing in marketing and public relations skills, and described the entrepreneur as having creative freedom to choose his area of ​​specialization, the services he provided, as well as customers Who can serve them.

Projects and businesses via the Internet

Carlos Lagomarseno, founder of HomeInsurance.com, spoke about his experience in the field of projects and business via the Internet, and explained that there is no limit to the definition of success when starting a project on the Internet , where the potential for growth of any project is determined by the human capital that feeds it. With the most skilled, and most qualified individuals in their field it is one of the best things when starting any project.

Programming and cloud services

The field of programming , and cloud services ( in English: Software and Cloud Services) of the best areas to start any project or company for several reasons, including:
  • Low start-up cost.
  • Low risk and risk factors in the project.
  • The low percentage of laws related to software and storage services, which reduces the complexity rate in this area.
  • There is no limit to innovation and creativity.

Entrepreneur Characteristics

In an attempt to explore the factors that drive and motivate the entrepreneur, studies that started since the eighteenth century mentioned the characteristics of the entrepreneur, [5] and the following are mentioned some of these characteristics: [6]
  • Excellence in identifying practical opportunities, and focusing on them, not on problems or obstacles.
  • Learn from previous mistakes.
  • Bias towards action; an entrepreneur loves to get things done and turn his ideas into reality.
  • Knowledge and knowledge of what he must do exactly to succeed in his work.
  • Having endurance that helps him to continue his life and work
  • Seek help from other people to benefit from their expertise, as the entrepreneur’s enthusiasm attracts many people around him such as investors , employees, partners, and others.

Entrepreneurship study

A person interested in entrepreneurship can study this major at the university. Business students who go towards this specialization will receive general courses in business such as accounting , economics, and marketing, and will also focus on specialized courses such as financial resource management, product development, and global markets, where it is expected From the person who ends a program in entrepreneurship to know how to start a successful project, how to market this project, and how to manage a team of employees, then how to expand his project to global markets, as for the nature of the available jobs that a person specializing in entrepreneurship can work Workers so they are in the areas of management, or sales . [7]

Examples of entrepreneurs from around the world

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur who helped found PayPal for electronic payment and founded SpaceX to manufacture launch vehicles and spacecraft . He is the CEO of the Tesla Electric Vehicle Factory and one of its first investors. [8]

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is an American entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of home living style, where she transformed her kitchen project into a global company in the field of media and home furnishing . [9]

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a pioneer, actress, and broadcaster who has run a talk show of the most successful talk shows , becoming one of the richest and most influential women in the United States of America. Oprah entered the field of television production and film production, establishing her own television production company in 1986 named (Harpo Productions, Inc), and another film production company in 1990 called (Harpo Films), as these two companies began buying the intellectual rights of literary works to produce and convert them For movies. [10]

Mo Ibrahim

Mo Ibrahim, whose full name is Mohamed Ibrahim, a British pioneer of Sudanese origin, has established one of the largest cellular companies operating in Africa, and has created the Ibrahim Award for Achievement in African Leadership. [11]

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