Doing a project with simple capital


  • 1 Business project with simple capital
    • 1.1 Writing the business plan
    • 1.2 Budgeting
    • 1.3 Knowing the legal papers
    • 1.4 Create a business account and obtain a web address
  • 2 tourist guide project
  • 3 Transportation Services Project
  • 4 References

Doing a project with simple capital

Writing a business plan

Before starting any project, a simple business plan should be written , as the reason behind the success of small projects is to simplify matters and reduce costs, whether costs related to money or time, and try to obtain funding for a specific supportive entity, while ensuring that the plan is comprehensive to see the project, so that It clarifies the desired results, the goal that explains the reasons for the project's work, the definition of objectives and the strategies to be followed, in addition to a simple implementation plan that outlines the tasks and how to do them. [1]

Determine the budget

The person should be concerned with reducing costs as much as possible in the beginning, and knowing how much money he can spend each month to keep the project going until the start of real profit taking. [1]

Learn about legal papers

It is necessary to know the laws in force in the project work area, where the laws, procedures, and official papers differ from one country to another, so it is possible to consult a lawyer or a tax expert to ensure the success of the goals, whether long or short term. [1]

Create a business account and get a web address

The person must avoid using the personal account for commercial funds, in order to avoid material and tax problems, in addition to the need to reserve a website by securing the URL, which can be obtained from any domain site for a small amount of money, then link this domain to an online shopping store Through an online store, for a small amount of cash per month. [1]

Tourist guide project

A person can invest his knowledge of the region in the event of a large number of tourists in the region in which he lives, by starting a local tour project for tourists, preparing a clean and distinct vehicle, and following certain methods and behaviors to attract tourists, and it is possible to expand the work department in this project by making agreements with companies Foreign tourism. [2]

Transportation Services Project

There is no need to purchase a transport truck to start this project , as it is possible to rely on the rental of the truck at working hours, the accuracy of appointments, securing the transported materials, ensuring that they are not damaged, building a distinguished name, and providing good service to customers. [3]

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