A brief on Business Administration


1 Business administration major

2 examples of potential functions

3 areas included in business administration

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Specialized in Business Administration

The Business Administration specialization provides knowledge that is related to a variety of matters related to financial operations, and the core curriculum usually covers topics such as accounting , finance, marketing, etc., and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in specialization may require four years or more to finish One of them is in a traditional college, but it can be obtained more quickly in an accelerated study program. [1]

Examples of potential jobs

There are many work options that people can specialize in business administration, and they are divided as follows: [2]

Associate Certificate : Students who have received this certificate can either work as an executive assistant, payroll clerk, or marketing assistant.

Bachelor's degree : A person with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration can work as a compensation manager, business assistant, business services coordinator, business process analyst, project manager, sales representative, internship manager, business manager, or operations manager Payment, or Procurement Specialist.

Master's degree : A person with an MBA may work as a business manager, senior management analyst, vice president for business development, a teacher at a college, vice president of strategic operations, an assistant professor, global program manager, or department manager More general analysis.

PhD : A PhD can work as a university professor, investment analyst, or strategic analyst.

Business areas

There are many areas covered by business administration, the most important of which are: [3]

Finance : This aspect is concerned with managing the funds, whether those issued or received by the company, or other financial resources for the business.

Logistics : This aspect delivers products to consumers by coordinating and managing people, facilities and resources.

Management: Managers can supervise projects or people, and there is a hierarchical organization in which managers work in the administration, which are managers in senior management, middle management, and low management.

Human Resources : It represents the role of human resources in the management of human capital and profits. HR officials also plan and manage many of the major administrative functions of business.

Marketing : The Marketing department is developing campaigns to attract customers and improve awareness about their brand.

Advertising : The media department's job is to find ways to promote a business, product, or service for the company.

Economy : The economist can monitor and predict common economic trends.

Operations : The Operations Manager oversees the daily business operations.

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