Words of love and adoration

Words of love and adoration

Among the creations of Arab poets, we do not find Qais in describing love and singing it as poetry. In his following poem, he created the most beautiful verses of yarn:

I remembered Laila, Al-Khawalia years, and days that we are not afraid of having fun
On the day the shadow of the spear was shortened, his shadow was nocturnal, so I was not distracted
With two looms, a night fire, and my company, with the same kindness, gives way to the fold
Basir al-Qum said, he wiped out a planet that appeared in the darkness of the night as a Yemeni individual
So I said to him: Rather, a night fire lit up in a high, sublime light, and it seemed to me
So let the people of the people not cut their thirst, and let the tide pass the passengers for nights
I said - I did not own - to Amr bin Malik: I celebrate the same two numbers, it seemed to me

I changed from your goodness, O Malik and Saous, who are cuddling and sadistic

Arab poets were attributed to the names of their beloved ones, such as the previous Qais mentioned his poem as he was named by Qais Layla, and Jamil Buthaina, who organized poems depicting love and adoration in the most severe condition and lived longing with a thin poetic spirit that makes his reader live in his poems as if her hero, from his poems:
Otherwise, I may see, except in Buthainah, of the heart with a visible valley, neither in my body, nor in riots or with lightning, I have been fulfilled, so I confess to what you are worthy, or turn away from my heart every day.

He also said:

She inherited my heart, and it was corrected at the end of the day, when it wore on. - When I was reminded of the mention of a dangerous price that disobeyed the affairs of the eye, then its water fell

Among the creations of modern poetry, the woman poet Nizar Qabbani said:
I love you so much and I know that the path to the impossible is long and I know that you are the six women and I do not have a substitute and I know that the time of longing has ended and beautiful words have died ... I am not women What do we say I love you so much ... ...

I love you so much and I know that I live in exile while you are in exile and between me and you have wind and clouds, lightning, thunder, snow and fire, and I know that reaching your eyes is an illusion and I know that reaching you is suicide and I am happy to tear myself for you, O dear one, and if they gave me a repeat of your love for the second time ........

... whoever spins your shirt from the foliage, none of your diet is patient with raindrops, I love you so much ... I know that I travel in the sea of ​​your eyes without certainty and leave my mind behind me and run Run run mad

Whatever woman holds the heart in her hands, I asked you in God, do not leave me, do not leave me, what would I be if I did not love you so much and so, and I refuse from the fire of your love to resign, and can the orphan in love adore to be independent ... What is my concern if I came out of love alive and what concerns me if I came out dead. ...........

Arab poets have poems that are epic in spinning, and they portray love and adoration as one of the magic myths, and they are in fact true stories that our poets lived with everything in them, and their stories lived after them to sing Arabic literature, language and art.

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