Words about the betrayal of a friend

the friend

Friendship is one of the highest human relationships. A friend is the one who shares your worries before your wedding, and it is a blessing from God that you must preserve. It is difficult for a person to lose confidence in a brother friend after he trusted him. We will give you touching words about betrayal of friends.

Words about the betrayal of a friend

  • When we miss the most precious people, when our souls leave us a body without a soul, when someone stabs you in the back, this is normal, but if you turn and find the people closest to you, that is a disaster.
  • It is really unfortunate that you search for honesty in the age of betrayal, and you search for love in cowardly hearts. The most despicable person is the one who gives you his back when you most need his fist.
  • Do not ask me about betrayal, as I do not think there are words that can describe it.
  • Every traitor creates a thousand excuses to convince himself that he did the right thing.
  • It is easy to love people, but it is difficult to force people to love you.
  • It is not difficult to sacrifice for a friend, but it is difficult to love an arrogant friend like a person standing on a mountain who sees young people and sees him as small.
  • Friendship means its true meaning of proximity, not distance, love, not hate, honesty, not hypocrisy. These are signs of true friendship.
  • A true friend is the one who can cry in front of him and wet his shoulder from your tears.
  • A painful memory when I know that my friend betrayed me, a painful memory when I sit down and calculate how long he will spend thinking about this traitorous friend. I have heard many and many about him, but I have overlooked my heart and mind, closed my ears to hearing a word that offended him, and how much remorse I left behind this traitorous friend.
  • The betrayal of a friend is a knife that afflicts the heart, so he does not become righteous. He remains in his pain, he turns and turns, and he is not forgiven.
  • If your friend betrays you, consider that he is dead, much better than sitting and thinking about his treachery, and you do not remember this friend, because he will never remember you.
  • The traitor spends more than half his life searching for excuses, Ali bin Abi Talib said, "Whoever loses faith and is satisfied with treason, he has been absolved of religion."
  • It is better to have a predatory lion in front of you than a traitorous dog behind you.
  • The hardest thing in our lives is treachery and stabbing friends.
  • Trust is the source of betrayal.
  • It is not a mistake to befriend the wolves as long as your ax is ready.
  • Do not despair about your loneliness, as it is the only place where you are guaranteed not to betray you.
  • If you do not find someone to protect you, try to protect yourself, and if all people are betraying, then you are the one who protects.
  • It is not strange at this time that your friend does not reciprocate you despite the long relationship and contact, and it is not strange for your friend to take revenge on you because of the blessing God has given you. Your friend abandoned you without reason, and you may search for all excuses but insist on stubbornness and arrogance.
  • The height of treachery When you come from a relative you carry in your heart love, honesty, and sincerity, but what was the opposite? You are a margin in his life, he took you as a bridge to his goal.
  • Friendship and brotherhood are two charming words hidden behind sharp fangs and poisonous daggers, friendship and brotherhood of years dissipate in a few seconds, what friendship and what brotherhood a dream will not be long to enjoy.
  • What is the most difficult life when its cruelty is from the closest people to you, the pain of the death limit when the stabbing in the back is harsh when the wounds are from the hand of your closest friend.
  • From the earliest days of our nails we have heard about friendship and its strength, brotherhood and sincerity, love and its virginity, what beautiful words that amaze the hearers. Unfortunately, however, it is a difficult dream to reach, and you soon wake up to treacherous stabs, or a lie that only goes away when the winds go away.
  • You get stabs from someone who was protecting your back and guarding him, who was once claiming friendship and brotherhood.
  • Is honey turned into blood? I do not think so. But I am sure, and even believe that friendship turns into betrayal with the blink of an eye, and brotherhood turns into daggers that overburden the body with wounds.
  • If the people closest to you stab you in the back with a dagger full of ornate inscriptions and gilded words, then you only have to carry your body overburdened with wounds and turn a blind eye in honor of the mythical legend called friendship.
  • Nights and days pass, and those who hide hidden wounds continue to suffer day by day.
  • We should not regret the love or the sense that we lived in a day with sincerity. The days will reveal to us that the feelings of love that remained within us were more beautiful and more than what was in the depths of a person who abandoned us or betrayed us, because he who makes virtue does not regret it, and who draws lines of beauty does not concern him. Never draw other forms of ugliness.
  • I used to think that a friend was a time of trouble, as it is said, but I discovered that it was the cause of trouble.
  • The easiest words and the most difficult feelings, the feelings of fragmentation of rocks and iron. The most difficult life is when a friend betrays you and makes you a fool for others.
  • These feelings are very painful to death when the stabbing in the back is painful until the cruelty when you are from a traitor's best friend.

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