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    • 2.2 Dry hair
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Hair is a woman’s adornment, and the first thing that an individual looks at, so women seek to take care of the beauty and dynamism of their hair, because this increases the beauty of their looks and elegance, and it is necessary to know the type of hair to know the methods of proper care of it, how to wash it, and the type of materials used to care for it, and in this The article will introduce you to hair types.

Hair types

Greasy hair

People with oily hair suffer from a large amount of sticky secretions from the scalp, which increases the suppleness of the hair, which increases hair loss, and the hair may be oily in nature, or become so in a specific period as a result of some factors, such as increased secretion of hormones, for example in adulthood.

It is possible to take care of it by washing it three times a week in order to reduce the amount of excess fat in it, and get rid of the dust and germs suspended in it, and affecting its appearance, and it is advised to use shampoo containing its components on lemons or eggs, because they contribute to reducing the amount of fat, in addition to the possibility of washing it With diluted lemon juice, or vinegar, because they help tighten and clean it, as well as stay away from foods that increase fat secretion, such as spices, chocolate, and spicy foods, and avoid combing it violently; to prevent irritation of the scalp, and to prevent stimulation of fat.

dry hair

Many owners of dry hair suffer from cracking of its ends, and its dryness, in addition to the difficulty of styling it, and the large amount of hair loss, due to several reasons, including: dry hair, and the lack of secretion of glands for their natural secretions, which reduces the amount of fat reaching the hair, and the task in softening it, and it must be Indicating that the hair may be dry in nature, due to an imbalance in the hormones, or as a result of the use of some chemicals, stabilizers, and dye, in addition to ironing the hair that causes its dryness and damage.

As for taking care of it, it is to avoid excessive washing, as it is advised to wash it once a week for less fat, as it is advised to use soap containing glycerin, or olive oil, in addition to massaging the scalp in order to stimulate the blood circulation in it, and to increase blood flow to the sebaceous glands.

Normal hair

People with normal hair are distinguished by the moderate amount of fats produced by the scalp, which contributes to maintaining its softness and protecting it from dryness, and is taken care of to avoid excessive washing, and choose the appropriate shampoo for it, which contains natural materials, in addition to avoid exposing it to the sun for a long time, It is preferable to use nutrients and moisturizers from time to time.

Mixed hair

It is oily hair at its roots, due to the secretion of fat, and dry at its ends, and this type is one of the most difficult types of hair, because it requires special care and care, and it is possible to care for it using hair conditioner by placing it from the middle of the hair to the ends of it, because it strengthens the ends of the hair, and it is advised to avoid using Shampoos intended for oily or dry hair, because they harm mixed hair.

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