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Population of Bahrain

The population of Bahrain was estimated according to 2017 statistics at 1.482.000, as Bahrain is a small Arab country located on the southwest coast of the Arabian Gulf, and it consists of thirty islands. [1]

Population of Bahrain cities

The population of Bahrain cities is as follows: [2]
  • Manama: It is the capital of Bahrain and is the largest city in Bahrain, with a population of 155,000.
  • Riffa: It is the second largest city in Bahrain, 30 km from Manama, and has a population of 121,526 people.
  • Muharraq: It is ranked third in terms of area , and is 3 miles from Manama, with a population of 189.114 people.
  • Juffair: It is located in a suburb of Manama, about 3 miles away, and has a population of 70,000 people.
  • Hamad Town: It is 13 miles from the city of Manama, and has a population of 166,824 people.

Ethnic groups in Bahrain

Most of the population of Bahrain are Bahraini in origin, but some of the population is Palestinian, Omani or Saudi, and there are non-indigenous residents from Iran, India, Pakistan, Britain, and America, in addition to that three-fifths of the workforce is foreign. [1]

Bahrain climate

The climate of Bahrain in the summer is hot and humid, and in the winter it is relatively cold, and the average daily temperature in July ranges from 29 degrees Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit) as a minimum to 37 degrees Celsius as a maximum (99 degrees Fahrenheit); The lowest in January is 14 ° C (57 ° F), the maximum is 20 ° C (68 ° F), and the average annual rainfall is less than 10 cm, and prevailing southeast winds sometimes increase dust storms. [3]

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