Weird things

Weird things

- Scientists have announced the discovery of a new plant type which is in the form of a tree and this plant resembles in its composition a pine tree, and this tree eats humans and other living creatures, its composition: complex roots to a very high degree, leaves of large size and massive sharp ends that resemble the teeth of carnivores, and have Flowers in the form of cups that release an aroma that works on anesthesia, numbs everyone who comes close to them and enters into a faint, so their flowers apply to it and dissolve it until it is wiped out.

Why does the doctor ask the patient to stick his tongue out? The doctor requests this because by doing this he can determine the disease very closely. The tongue is considered a key to indicate the health and illness of the body, so that the following colors in the tongue indicate the following:

Yellow: a high level of yellow in the blood
Blue: Evidence of heart or respiratory disease
Red: indicates the general health of the body
Baht: Indicates the possibility of anemia "anemia"
The presence of a white layer on the tongue indicates fever and indigestion.
Tremor of the tongue or shaking, indicating intoxication or nerve failure.

- Science has proven that nothing in our world is called a vacuum. All that is in the universe are atoms until the vacuum is atoms, electrons, molecules, 0 protons, vibrated and swimming in the cosmic vacuum, volatile so small that you can only see with the naked eye and see only through very microscopes. It proved that everything in this world consists of atoms, molecules, electrons and protons, swimming and vibrating, and shaking in the atom is the common law. And we know

All of that every vibration has a certain wave and within a specific class. In this way, the entire universe is composed of waves that differ only with their lengths, and as the vibration increases, the wavelength is shortened, and the greater the vibration, the less the object is, so that it becomes transparent like gases, for example, and the human senses can only accommodate a certain extent of what is around it with what its properties allow, such as if there are sounds Louder than we can hear, and there are fewer voices than we can hear,

And the ear can hear as a minimum (20 vibrations - and a maximum of 20,000). This theory is considered a door that opened to scientists the fields of thinking to assume other universes that we cannot comprehend or universes that penetrate each other without feeling this interference, because they do not draw the attention of our senses since they are just below the threshold threshold Or above the upper limit to stimulate these senses to feel.

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