Very beautiful hair

The most beautiful and wonderful words you find in these verses

Eye arrows

Silent words of love

Lover's smiling lips

from here

It was the beginning

from here

She was taken prisoner in the darkness of its prisons

She killed a lost boyfriend in her fire

The ships that carried our dreams were lit

And it became ashes from the wreckage of the past

And I became part of her games

But part of the hymns of her words

She was buried alive in a black hole

Deprived of my love and loyalty

Who became my air and medicine

Why? ... Why, my love?

It inspired me that the ribs of fancy are my ribs

She loved me with loving looks that killed me

please Babe

Have pity on submission to my eyes

Have mercy on my words

If you don't love me ...?

Why put me between your fire

Why did you delude me with your dreams?

My love

If you do not hold my love in your heart

Your love in my heart gets bigger and bigger

It is not important to have eyes;

it's green

It is not important to be your beauty

Like Badr, the universe is illuminated

More importantly, you are dear

So something else that occupied me

Change your fragrance

Unlike Hanan Omri, what I saw in someone else

Nothing took me for a reason

They contain me

Dreams are grown in my soul mate

Wipe the tears in my eyes

Contains fear of a pulse

Spread joy in my years

believe me

Go to the letter of your words

You will meet me

Do not be afraid if someone did

I want more

You will see me

All the meaning of it crosses

All the nostalgia ah

Listen to me

You will meet me at the heart of your voice

Put your sorrows ... ... your silence

Oh your joy

And your anger

Even your fear

You will meet me and meet me

My right remains when your tongue is richer

Or tell you .....

You got me from me

Oh, you got me

Oh sweet sound how the heart forgets you

And in it without the goodness of the earth your dwelling

No matter how far away you are, the light dwells in me

Shake my soul and live in your memory

The universe is unjust if I am absent

And the earth shines brightly when you see

And poetry is not poetry if you were not my inspiration

The good is your good and the inspiration is your eyes

Cod Maya How long missed my veins

To Maka not accompanied by your pain

Oh sweet publishing how much in the distance called me

GHe, I do not walk except for your success

All beauty is jealous and airy

The full moon is enchanted by you

My hair is no longer dying in his youth

And I did not pronounce a letter in it without you

How much I am trying to abandon and let me down

It has the feeling and my soul said I adore you

I floated picking flowers and their iniquity

The sweetest flowers simulate the spread of Riak

Whatever you want, no female move me

You are women and you have no heart

Oh sweet sound how the self wires

And you are in your blood and races

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