Types of orthodontics


  • 1 orthodontist
  • 2 types of orthodontics
    • 2.1 Fixed calendar
    • 2.2 pros and cons of fixed evaluation
    • 2.3 The transparent calendar
    • 2.4 The Moving Calendar
    • 2.5 Career Calendar
    • 2.6 Surgical evaluation
  • 3 videos about orthodontics


Orthodontics is one of the techniques used in treating and modifying many dental problems, in order to increase its beauty, as well as its various types as a result of advances in medicine, technology and science, where there are many alternatives to cosmetic dentistry, and treatment of deformities, and in this article we will introduce you to the types of orthodontics in an expanded manner.

Types of orthodontics

Hard Calendar

This calendar is divided into three types:
  • Mineral orthodontics: It is the traditional orthodontic, as it consists of a group of metal brackets that are connected to each other by a metal wire, and fixed with adhesive material, where it is installed on the teeth with the possibility of adding rubber and other metal parts depending on the need of each patient, and based on what the doctor sees Appropriate, and its shape is not beautiful, which made it rejected by many people.
  • Porcelain calendar : it is a calendar consisting of transparent porcelain pieces that resemble the color of the teeth, which makes it beautiful and convenient compared to the metal calendar, but it is very expensive and fast to break, and this requires extreme caution when eating iced drinks and some types of foods.
  • Posterior orthodontics : it is an orthodontic fitted from the inside of the tooth, which makes it acceptable and preferred by many people because its shape is not clear, but it may lead to some wounds on the tongue, and is more expensive compared to the previous two types.

Pros and cons of fixed calendar

  • Fixed straightening is more effective compared to others, due to its firmness and difficulty in removing it, which helps to address the dental problem faster, and is easy to use and deal with without any special arrangements or conditions.
  • It causes some wounds on the gums from the inside, which leads to pain.
  • It impedes good dental cleaning.
  • Its results appear after a long period of treatment, which leads to feeling bored and unwilling to complete the treatment.
  • Its cost is rather high.

The transparent calendar

It is defined as a transparent mold made of different plastic materials, as it is easy to install and remove, as it is manufactured in a manner suitable for the size of the teeth and jaw, but it is more expensive compared to others, and more likely to be broken, because of the ease of taking it off, and it must be noted that it needs to be changed every two weeks.

Moving Calendar

It is defined as a group of metal wires that have a light plastic base, as it is characterized by its low cost and ease of use, and it is usually used after the completion of the original evaluation, with the aim of pressing the teeth, fixing them in place, preventing their movement, as well as being easy to clean and remove.

Career Calendar

This type is used in special cases, with the aim of reorienting the growth of the jaws through the use of muscle power to modify the jaws, and to accelerate bone growth, of which there are two types, fixed and mobile, where the doctor determines its type according to the condition of each patient.

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