Tips for choosing work clothes


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Good work clothes for women

Women's work clothes can be chosen by taking into account the following: [1]
  • Wearing pants or skirt in a neutral color, with the length of the skirt reaching the knee at least, and the skirt or pants not being too loose, or too tight.
  • Wearing a simple blouse, while avoiding flashy colors , and exaggerated stories such as: a sleeveless shirt, or a strapless blouse, or without, open from the chest.
  • Wearing flat shoes, or with low heels, that does not exceed five centimeters, taking into account the ability to walk in them easily, and in the event that this is not possible, they should be replaced and not worn, and the colors must be taken into account so that they are not bright, and do not include luster or prints, and wear socks Casual, not to wear lace stockings, and other bold styles.

Choose men's work clothes

You can choose a suitable work clothes for a man by following the following steps: [1]
  • Wearing a two-piece suit, jacket and pants, provided that the colors are not contradictory. Dark blue, gray, brown and black are recommended.
  • Wear a white shirt, or a light color, with a suitable tie.
  • Wear brown or black shoes, strap-on socks, and avoid wearing white sports socks.

Tips for choosing work clothes

There are some general advice that you should adhere to when choosing work clothes, including: [2]
  • Make sure the clothes are clean .
  • Ensure that the hair is clean and comfortable.
  • Do not put on a strong perfume, as this can cause an allergic response, or disturb them.
  • Women should remove nail polish and put on soft makeup, which gives a natural look.
  • The clothes should match the corporate culture, as this crosses a general rule. [3]
  • Preference for quality on the price, quality clothes are better will cost a little more, but they will look more appropriate, and will last for a longer period. [3]
  • Cut nails. [1]
  • Carry a professional bag, or purse, and do not carry flashy bags. [1]

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