Tips for choosing a wedding dress


  • 1 Determine the dress that is best for you
  • 2 Do not judge the dress quickly
  • 3 Do not occupy yourself the size of the dress
  • 4 Be serious
  • 5 Determine the time to try the dress early in the day
  • 6 Stay away from current fashion
  • 7 Go alone when trying the dress
  • 8 Focus on the top of the dress
  • 9 Photo the dress
  • 10 Ask a lot of questions

Determine the dress that suits you

When looking for a wedding dress, you should focus on personality and style, and not on fashion trends that are prevalent at the time. It is possible that this fashion is not appropriate for you and does not suit you.

Do not judge the dress quickly

Do not make any quick judgment on the dress, you should try many dresses even if you do not like their shape when looking at them, as many dresses take a different shape on the body

Don't worry about dress size

The focus of the girl should be focused on caring for the form of the dress and not its size or size, as this is a secondary issue that can be resolved

Be serious

When searching for dresses, the bride must take the matter seriously, as some cannot be returned and refunded after the purchase.

Make an appointment to try the dress early in the day

One of the important things that is recommended when determining the date of the first wedding dress experience, is that it is in the morning time, the lighting is good and the store is less crowded and the employees are more active, so the bride gets full attention

Stay away from current fashion

One of the characteristics that distinguishes the dress is that it is "immortal", and that means that it contains modern and traditional elements, in other words, it is necessary to choose the modern classic style

Go alone when trying the dress

If having people with you when searching for a wedding dress makes you feel anxious, you can do the job alone

Focus on the top of the dress

As the top of the wedding dress is usually the most striking, especially in memorial photos, as it is the first thing that will appear the moment the bride arrives at the venue of the ceremony. So you should pay him more attention than the bottom

Shoot the dress

Photographing the dress helps you get to know its details, and it is also useful for performing comparison between dresses and choosing the most appropriate and most wonderful

Ask a lot of questions

One of the questions that should be asked to get a suitable wedding dress
Can I dance in this dress?
Do I feel uncomfortable with any part of my body because of this dress?
Do I feel beautiful, confident and relaxed at the same time?
Can I sit comfortably in this dress?

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