The most beautiful words of love and romance


  • 1 The most beautiful words of love and romance
  • 2 The pigeons fly ... land the pigeons
  • 3 I love you, I love you, and this is my signature
  • 4 messages of love
  • 5 How I wished to say it
  • 6 Blame me the world if you like
  • 7 I love you, my love
  • 8 A cloud of love, my life, it rains in the sky of Douniak
  • 9 I wish you could understand my feelings and feelings
  • 10 If you find love in my heart,
  • 11 thoughts in love

The most beautiful words of love and romance

Many lovers love to listen to the beautiful and romantic words of their loved ones, in order to exchange them with beautiful feelings, which increase the strength of their relationship, their interdependence and cohesion, and Wasini's lame opinion in love was: “I only want love from a wooden bench that we share, and a long way to walk along Side, and a flower picked up by me from your garden. " The following is the most beautiful of what has been said in love for well-known poets and others.

The pigeons fly .. land the pigeons

-Mahmoud Darwish
Prepare the ground for me to rest
I love you until you are tired ...
Your morning is a fruit of the songs
And this evening is gone
We are when a shadow enters its shadow in marble

I liken myself when I hang myself
On a neck that does not embrace the clouds
And you are the air that strips in front of me, like the tears of grapes
You are the beginning of the Almog family when you clung to righteousness
When he got away
I love you, you are the beginning of my soul, and you are the conclusion

The bathroom is flying
The bathroom is degraded

My lover and I are two voices on one lip
I am my darling, and my darling star
We enter into a dream, but it slows down so that we do not see it.
And when my darling sleeps, I wake up to guard the dream
What he sees ..
And I expel him the nights that passed before we met
I choose our days with my own hands
He also chose the flower for me
Sleep, my love

Let the seas rise to my knees
Sleep, my love
May I fall in you and save your dream from the thorn of Hameda
Sleep, my love ..
You have braids of my hair, peace be upon you.

The bathroom is flying
The bathroom is degraded

I saw on the sea in April
I said: You forgot your hands
I forgot the hymns above my wounds
How many times can you be born in a dream
And how many times can you kill me to scream:
I love you..
To rest?
I call you before you speak
Flying your waist before I reach you
How often can you put in the beaks of this bathroom ... the titles of my soul

The bathroom is flying
The bathroom is degraded

Where are you taking me, my dear, from my parents
And from my tree, and from my little bed, and from my sickness ..
From my mirrors, from my moon ... from my life wardrobe, and from my sleep ...
From my clothes and from my outfit?
Where are you taking me, my dear?
It ignites in my prairie ears, it carries me two waves
You break two ribs, drink me, then burn me, then
Leave me in the air for you
Forbidden ... forbidden

The bathroom is flying
The bathroom is degraded

Because I love you dripping waist
And I run from my pain in nights that are spread by fear, which I fear.
Come a lot, a little my absence
Come a little, and a lot of my absence
Come, come and don't stand up. Ah, step by step
I love you when I desire you, I love you when I desire you
I embrace this bee surrounded by bees
The flash rose ..
I love you, curse of passion
I fear for the heart from you, I fear for my desire to pray ...
I love you when I desire you
I love you, a body that creates memories and kills them before they are complete.
I love you when I desire you
My soul is adapted in the form of the feet, in the form of the two gardens ...
I rub my wounds with the ends of your silence ... and the storm
I die to speak over your hands speak

The bathroom is flying
The bathroom is degraded

Because I love you, "the water hurts me."
The roads to the sea hurt me
The butterfly hurt me
The call to prayer of the day by the light of your ulnar hurts me
My darling, I call you all my sleep ...
I fear speech attention
I fear the attention of speech to a bee between my thighs crying
Because I love you, the shadow hurts me under the lamps, it hurts me ..
A bird in the far sky, the fragrance of violet, hurts me.
The first sea hurts me
The last sea hurts me
I wish I don't love you
I wish I did not like
Marble heals
See you, survive, your body is a harbor
With ten white lilies, ten fingers cross the sky
To a blue lost

I hold this marble splendor, and I smell the hidden milk.
In two peaches on alabaster, then the one who gives land and sea shall be worshiped.
On the bank of the first salt and honey, I will drink a straw for you ... Then I sleep
On the wheat, it breaks the field, it breaks until inspiration, and it rusts ..
See you and I will be saved. Your body is a harbor
How does the Earth displace me on earth?
How the dream sleeps

The bathroom is flying
The bathroom is degraded

Darling, I fear the silence of your hands
Rubbing my blood to sleep the Persians
Baby, female birds fly to you
So take me as a wife or a breath
Baby, I will keep growing up for you
And take off my guard guards
Baby, I'll cry over you
Because you are my sky surface
And my body is your land on earth
My body is standing up

The bathroom is flying
The bathroom is degraded

On the bridge of Andalusia, I saw the sixth sense.
On a dry rose
He restored her heart
And he said, Love costs me what I do not like
It cost me her love
The moon slept
On conclusion it is broken
The bathroom flew

On the bridge, I saw the sixth sense of love.
On a hopeless tear
His heart restored him
She said, Love costs me what I do not like
It cost me his love
The moon slept
On conclusion it is broken
The bathroom flew
Dark on the bridge and lovers
The pigeons fly ...

I love you i love you and this is my signature

-Nizar Qabbani
Do you have any doubts that you are the sweetest woman in the world?
And the most important woman in this world?
Do you have any doubts that when I stumbled upon you ..
Did you own the keys to this world?
Do you have any doubts when I touched your hands?
Has the composition of the world changed?
Do you have any doubts that you entered in my heart
It is the greatest day in history ..
The most beautiful news in the world?
Do you have any doubt about who you are ?
You who occupy her eyes parts of time
O woman who breaks, when she passes, the wall of sound
I don't know what happens to me?
As if you are my first female
As if before you did not like
As if I had never made love ... neither kissed nor kissed
My birthdays are you ... and before you do not remember that I was
My cover is you ... and before your tenderness I do not remember that I lived ..
As if you, Queen ...
From your stomach like a bird I emerged..
Do you have any doubts that you are a part of myself?
And that from your eyes I stole the fire ..
And you made the most dangerous revolutions
O flower ... ruby, and comfort.
And the Sultana ..
And the popularity ..
And legitimacy among all queens ..
Oh fish swimming in the water of my life
Hey, moon coming out every evening from the word window
O greatest conquest of all my conquests
Oh, the last country where I was born
And I bury it
And I publish my writings ..
O woman of surprise ... my wife
I don’t know how the waves threw me on your feet
I don’t know how you walked to me
And how I walked to you ..
O those who crowded all the birds of the sea ..
To settle in your breasts ..
How big was my luck when I found you ..
O woman who goes into making hair
You are warm as the sea sand
Wow, you are like a pot
From the day I knocked on the door, life started
How beautiful my hair became
When you educate between your hands
How rich and strong I became
When God gave you to me
Do you have any doubts that you are wrong with my eyes?
Your hands are two lights
do you have doubts
That your words come out of my lips ?
do you have doubts
I am in you ... and that you are in me ??
O fire engulfing my being
O fruit that fills my branches
O body cut like a sword,
It strikes like a volcano
Oh nahda ... it smells like tobacco fields
And running towards me as a horse ..
tell me:
How will I save myself from the flood waves ..
tell me :
What do I do with you? I am in the case of addiction
Tell me what is the solution? So my passion
I got to the point of delirium ..
Oh that same Greek nose ..
And with Spanish hair
O woman who does not repeat in thousands of times ..
O woman dancing barefoot with an arterial entrance
Where did you come from? How did you come?
and how you stormed my heart ?
Oh one, God bless me
The cloud of love and tenderness
O most precious pearl with my hands
Oh .. how much my Lord has given me ..

Love Letters

Dreams of Mostaghanemi
There are seasons for messages that will not be written ..
For the unbelievable phone ..
Confessions that will not be said ..
For the age that we must spend in a betting moment ..
There is a time not created for love
There are lovers who are not created for this time
There is love created to survive
There is nothing left to love
There is love in the fierceness of hate
There is an incomparable hatred of love
There is forgetfulness more present than memory
There is a lie truer than honesty
There I am there you are
There are more fun fake appointments than all dates
There are more beautiful love projects than a love story
There is a better parting than a thousand meetings
There are differences more than a thousand peace
There are moments that pass by
There is a life that is shortened for a moment
There I am there you are
There is always some impossible, born with every love
There is a bet in which we play our heart at the gambling table ..
There are great players who practice losing superiorly.

How I wished to say it

How I wished to say it
How I wish you could feel it, so I could write it
And on the walls of your heart I dig it
I wish I could feel ink, your sky is paper, and on your moon
Draw it ...
I love you
How I wished my love would be a rose waking up to her perfume
How I wished my love would be a bump in its arms
How I wished my love would be a story that dreamed of your dream
I love you
If the heart was pronounced, he would pronounce your name
If the eye was pronouncing, I would have pronounced your name
If the hand had pronounced, it would have been safe to touch you
But I only have lips that can only say
I love you
I love you with everything I have, and I have no life except your love !!
Your love that made me happy, and wanted me
Your love that made me happy and loved me
Your love that killed me, saluted me
I love you in every sense
I wish I had a bigger heart, I wish I love you more
Or I can express
For you, the most beautiful person, in your love I have not yet known the language of speech
I search in words for a meaning that fulfills the right of my love
Letters scatter, words scatter, and phrases become silent
And my love remains my most precious lover
I love you..

You blame me the world if you like

You blame me the world if you like
As if I had created and invented love
As if I am on the cheeks of roses I have drawn
As if I had taught the birds
And in the wheat fields I planted it
And in the sea water it dissolved
It is as if I were in the beautiful moon, in the sky I hung it
You blame me the world then
I named it loved or mentioned it
As if I am fancy, his mother and sister
This passion that came
From where I waited
Different from everything I knew
Different from everything I read
All I heard
If I knew it was a windy door, I wouldn't have opened it
If I knew it
A stick of sulfur that ignited it
This passion is the fiercest love I lived
Let me know when it came to me
His hands, I wore it
Let me before he kills me I killed him
This fancy
On my curtains
I see it in my dress, in my perfume, and in my bracelets
I see it drawn on the face of my hands
I see it engraved on my feelings
If they tell me that he is a child who is too much fun and noise
What I entered
And it would break the glass in my heart for what I left
If they tell me
It will ignite fires and fires
And turns things in minutes
I would have kicked him out.
O dear
This passion is the most beautiful love you experienced
The most wonderful love I lived ..

I love you darling

I love you my beauty
You are my world and my last
My start and my end
I love you, Aya in beauty
I love you, Exquisite, created by the Most Merciful
Oh the sweetest thing in the universes
And more precious to me than every human being
I love you and I will love you as long as you can
In my heart a pulse and throbbing
Yamen Bahwak I'm lost
I love you and God is lost
And your words are always heard
And to see you is always a headmaster
And in your absence always Saber
Pray me, take me
To the world of dreams
A world of love and love
Where no one but you and me ..

A cloud of love, my life, it rains in Sama Duniak

A cloud of love, my life, it rains in Sama Duniak
Scent your pure heart, and say impossible to forget
If love had words that I would write, my pens would have ended
But love is spirits of gift, so is my soul sufficient for you?
I love you as long as Vinnie is after a soul
I will never forget you, unless death embraces my soul
My heart is yours who have all hearts
It is my pledge to you that I will remain the path companion
Be patient, my heart is not capable of wars
Be kind, and I love all of you.

I wish you could understand my feelings and my feelings

I wish you could understand my feelings and my feelings
Let me live amidst your feeling
Come and live in my breath
I am your heart, your soul, and your breath
Come across the longing ports
And build in the ribs of love
Tread on the heart of my heart
Raise the banner of your victory
And be my last country
And I defeated my longing ..

Loving my heart

Loving my heart
A poem toured in my heart
You are in my hair house
And you are my distant looks
You are my family and you are quarterly
And you are my happy dreams
And you are a beating in my life
Towards my new world
You are my tone and my voice
And you are the title of the poem ..

Thoughts in love

  • I can say to the rose before it contains its leaves, good night, sweeter, fresh, and insomnia created.
  • Show me a heart that loves those who betray, and on the eye of Chouf it is one million mb.
  • Snow is a winter gift, sun is a summer gift, flowers are a spring gift, and you are a gift of a lifetime.
  • Oh God, I love your servant this sincere love in you, so gather me and him in Riyadh Al-Jinan.
  • I sent a message that I send to you, as I find it not better than the word of God, it does not deprive you of me.
  • My blood lines announce take off my love flight, please from your heart airport permission to land.
  • You are a wondrous wonder, you enter the heart without knocking on the door, and God Almighty loves you.
  • The first person in this world deserves the word every year and you are 1000 good, oh the sweetest heart in this world.
  • Feasts pass and you love, may God not separate us, you see your cache as a bear, your sign does not bring us back.
  • If all people were like you, fulfillment would be a crown for every creature.
  • If your heart spreads you see the cache paid, we buy the hearts we slaughtered.
  • Whoever loves you, my friend, and my madness, forgot how to apply my eyelids, to my heart and not to my eyes?
  • I love you as you are with your tenderness and cruelty, with your impulsion and despair, with your cruelty and weakness, and I hope that you will remain as I loved you.

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