The most beautiful trowels

Short phone messages, or so-called trowels, which are a plural of the word jquery in English and write (message) a way that many people use to communicate with each other, and send some beautiful phrases on various occasions, especially in our current era of the era of speed and technology that has increased programs and applications The phone in which the exchange of data and information and (trowels) in particular is very fast, and we will talk in this article about some of these trowels, which are beautiful on several occasions.

Jquery for friendship
It is nice to have a heart that you are its owner, but the most beautiful is to have a friend whose heart you are

JQuery for love
Write me in your life as a lover and a madman, as long as he is not tired of his longing, and what he knows about how to read love, or write his love, draw me the image of Alolhan with childish colors, who hurts a word and answers him with a smile, fond of you if he refuses to show his love, exposes his word and his purpose of interest.

Islamic jquery
(It is the best of short messages, as it scents the phone with the remembrance of God and supplication to him)
He always rushed to Rahman, for the grave is the beginning of reckoning, and there is no despair, because the deficiency is a defect of man in the time of youth, and he initiated if there is a time in the age, then death knocks on every door, the fire is desolate for the passengers, and its fate is a dark bottom with exhalations heard in torment.

Jquery for christmas
On the most beautiful day of the month, I loved the first humans, and I congratulate those who are sweeter than the moon, and more precious than looking, and I bless him on the day of his birth, and I ask my Lord to keep him forever, and I say to him every year and you are fine and wish a million years.

Jquery evening
The sweetest evening for the most memorable dear is unforgettable, like the full moon has a close look, but it is far away

Msjat for the feast
  • A bouquet of flowers and a whisper of love for the precious holiday made his days Eid
  • I say quickly, before them all every year and you are fine, after all of them
  • Farewell to you, a feast that passed away, and I received a new feast for you, may God be happy
  • O periodic message, grab it, pose it, and before the crowd, after Eid Al-Fitr, here
  • Who told you that I am on Eid or that I am happy, the day I see you is the feast and every year

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