The most beautiful poems of Al-Mutanabbi

The most beautiful poems of Al-Mutanabbi

It was known from Abi al - Tayyib al- Mutanabbi that he was the first poet to say his poetry sitting on his chair proud of himself and pride, as he did not stand in front of a prince or ruler but rather sat and spoke to them unlike everyone and was very proud of himself and his upbringing, and among his most famous poems is a poem ), As he blamed it on the sword of the state, and sang it in a forum of the Arabs, along with many poems immortalized in history.

Poems of Al-Mutanabi

We offer you a bouquet of beautiful poems of the predictor.

And the majestic mountain I lead

And I lead from the mountains as I lead
An individual like the snare of the hunted camel

It is left from its strait and skin
In the parable of the complex Maten Matn

We visited him for an order that was not promised
For hunting, outing and rebellion

With all blood black, black
Imitated steering wheel back

With each canine of spitting on it
My palate rims are as cool as possible

As a student of revenge, even if he does not resent
He kills what kills him and not my hand

Sounds of fear without losing
Then he revolted from the ground in peerage

It is as if starting the excuse of the Lord is not enough
Except for a guided guide

He fell only to the stomach of a hand
He did not call the existing poet

A description of him with the glory prince
Crimean king Abu Muhammad

Heroes' snipers by Muhannad
Of kindness, the promising valley

If I wanted to count it, it was not counted
And if I mention his virtue, it will not be exhausted

I forgot and never forgot blaming the echo

I forgot and never forgot blaming the echo
And by a sentinel, the cheek increased red

Not a night, I kept it short
I prolonged my hand in the company of a decade

I have a day like a day I hate it
I brought it farewell from afar

Otherwise, nothing is lost because I am
I lost, and I did not lose my tears

A wish that delights in his remembrance
And if he does not sing a wick nor does it work

Anger in the days is like fire in the gasket
But it is the anger of the captive over old

You see, I do not live in a town
The scourge of Ghamdi in Dalouki alone

Canna falls on the day of my stab
So I forbid him my offer and feed him to my skin

I change my days, my life, and my home
Wonders do not think of jinx or happiness

And the faces of young men, they covered up
They should not be afraid of the heat and the cold

The face of wolf is not shy
But it is the smell of the roses lion

If you are not sanctioned by the people of affection
Canna and fears are better than friendliness

They depart from the mockery of kings to that
Availability among the kings seriously

It is accompanied by the name of the son of Brigadier General Muhammad
Go between the lions of lions and the lions

He passes through the divine poison with a helplessness
He passes from their mouths on a whirlwind

The blissful spring of our blessings is enough
So, he did not hear anything but thunder

If he refuses the water, he exposes himself
Crush a bowl of bowls in a bowl of roses

As if she wanted to thank us the land with him
So no air left us, we descended from the tributaries

We doctrines of worship in leaving others
And its indulgence desires desires with asceticism

We begged that they hope in every paradise
Argan until we despair of immortality

He exposes his horse's embrace to visitors
A monster was afraid of being expelled

Its corners received the Minya nominated
Cat deaf roses were simulated in the rose

And the actions of swords are ascribed to their souls
To him and blame the swords into India

If the honorable white died of his power
Higher proportions came from father and grandfather

When the infection was missed by people
As long as his eyelids spread ophthalmia

And created them morally, morally, and positively
It is clear that something is contagious and infectious

It changes the colors of the nights in several ways
With the Flags of Mansur Soldiers Post

If they look for a morning, they see it before its light.
Battalions do not wear the morning as you want

And it is transmitted that does not fear the vanguard
It is not inevitable, nor do we find

A branch if they are back in inspecting
Many of them are full of slaves from the crowd

She urged all the soil to be dusted
They are like him in the cold

For it is the Mahdi who guides him
Otherwise, the guidance is of what is the Mahdi

This time justifies us with this promise
He deceives criticism from his hands

Is good something that is not good absent
The mother of majority is an absent thing, not the adult

Wrap up with a pulp and honor with a hand
And I encourage a heart, and have mercy on a liver

And the best darkest sitting and knee
On the high platform or the Persians ravine

The days were preferred by us
When we praised us, you did not add to us

They made one farewell for three
Your beauty, joyful knowledge, and glory

I was aware of the semen but not me
My family lends me my awareness by myself

And every partner in pleasure in my love
I see after him who does not see someone like me after me

Find me with a heart if I leave
It leaves my heart at my bounty

And if I had separated myself to you her life
I would have afflicted the sin of the covenant

I stab a horse forever

I stab a horse forever
Alone and what I said so and with patience

And I encourage every day of my safety
It is proven only by itself

I practiced pests until I left them

Says death dead or panic panic

And I offered the following to me
Adjusted my tone or had a string

Healing oneself takes its best before it appears
The junction of two neighbors is home

Do not think of glory as a snake and a certainty
What is glory, but the sword and virulence

And strike the necks of kings to be seen
Blacks and galactic galaxies have you

And you were left in the world as if it sounded
One heard his ten hands

If the credit did not lift you from incomplete thanks
For a gift, please give thanks

And whoever spends hours collecting his money
Fear of poverty, who did poverty

Ali to the people of the injustice all the burial
She has a boy full of immersed drains

Run with the ends of the spears on them
Minya cups where wine is not desired

How many mountains have I testified that I am
Mountains and sea, I witness the sea

And the breach of the place of life is ours
It is miserable in the midst of the hills and the back

He betrays us with his nuts, as if we were
On a sphere or his land with us travel

And on a day we reached it as night
On his horizon is a lightning red solution

And night, we prayed it as day
Green vegetables should be on his board

And underneath, we thought under him to be a factor
Not dead or in the clouds has a grave

Or the son of his remaining son, Ali bin Ahmed
It exists if I do not reward my hands zero

A cloud is as good as its quality
A cloud on all clouds has pride

A boy whose heart does not contain the heart
And if it were attached to a heart, it would not be included

The possibility does not work without his generosity
Would it be beneficial if not for the better canal?

Qur'an joined the prayer in it and Amer
The Hindu and victory converge

Then came the prayer of the forehead, most of it
You see people say a lot about it and they are many

Ransomed with the fathers of men, Hedea
It is the tidal vineyard that has no islands

I remained until the longing towards me led me
He commands every male with a knee

And I hate the news before meeting him
When we met the news, the news diminished

To you, we were challenged in the course of each of the two classes
With all accusations, all things die

If she is stung, she will have fun
As if Nawal had the tone in her skin

So you came without the sun and full moon in the cores
Without you in the conditions of the sun and full moon

It is as if you are cold water, you don't live without it
If you had cooled the water, it wouldn't be ten

I called you science, dream and Hajj
This is prose and prose

And what I have said is almost home poetry
It was written to whiten out of its light the ink

As if the meanings in the articulation of the word
The stars of the chandeliers or your flower creatures

And the time of the Sultans kept me from her time
The eagerness of me is required

I saw the damage the best
It is less easy than a small view of old age

My tongue, my eyes, the heart and my delusion
I like those whose name is from you and split

And what I alone said I am all hair
But my hair is in you of itself

And what is in it that is beautiful and elegant
But he looked at him toward you

And if I had access to heaven, I would have known
That you have not obtained what must be destiny

The days removed my threshold, as if
They built her sin, and you have an excuse

Monster doe, if not for human doe

Abaya of the beast, had it not been for the antelope
When I became very desperate in the passion,

I was not watered by wealth and sorrow
Let him dry it out of my piety

And I did not stand with a third Messiah
A lesson fee is in a lesson fee

Sraya her eyeball I ask her curse
That eyelid was broken and licking

A must-have if the sun saw it had not risen
If only the rod of Alban had not touched it

Anklet before you narrowed
Neither did I hear a priestage on a synagogue

The agonies of the eternity leave me closely
Throw a woman other than many, and do not turn back

Your servants shall redeem them who envy them
On the front of the lion, he ransoms the horse

The garrisoners of the garrison are their neighbors
And leave the latex with a non-predatory dog

From all white, his turban was made clear
As if it included a light on a socket

Dan is distant, loving, hating joyfully
Seduce ferocious soft bittersweet

Abi, unequivocally, my brother, trust
Secret curl is forbidden

If his hands were filled with brilliant water
The cat in Viivia is crusty

Generosity, the envy of the earth is theirs
It restricted all Egypt to Tripoli

Which kings are my intention, I warn him
And which horn and sword are they found?

Insomnia on insomnia, and homosexual insomnia

Insomnia on insomnia, and homosexual insomnia
And the air is increasing and the lesson is lying thin.

The effort of adulthood to be as seen
A laid eye and a heart beat

There is no lightning or song of a bird
Otherwise, I have an interesting heart

I experienced fires that do not go out of fancy
The fire of burning and consuming what is burned

And I licked the people of love until I tasted it
I was astonished at how those who do not love die

And I excused them and knew my fault
I disgraced them, and I found out what they found

Build our father, we are the people of houses
Never a crow in which the crows creak

We cry about the world and no tenth
The world gathered them together, and they did not disperse

Where are the mighty elixirs?
They treasured the treasures, and they did not remain

From everyone who narrowed the space with his army
Even the content of its content is narrow

Dumb if they wanted to, as if they did not know
That speech is absolute

Death comes, and souls are precious
And the wretched of what the fool has

One hopes and life is delicious
The young man is approved, and the young woman has been slipped

And I cried over my youth and my mother
Draft, water, and facade

Beware of him before the day of his separation
Even with water, my eyelids shone bright

As for the sons of Uus bin Maan bin Alradha
My dearest, to whom the elegance is attached

I grew up around their homes when it looked like
Including the sun, and there is no East

I marveled from the ground of the clouds of my palms
Above it and its rocks do not leaf

And the perfumes smell fragrant
Have every niche inhale

The musk is the scents, but it is
A brutality with nothing else

I want to like Muhammad in our era
Do not afflict us with the unbelievable students

Rahman was not created like Muhammad
Nobody thought it was not creation

O who gives the most and has
I have to take it I give alms

Show me the clouds of your own goodness
And see me with mercy, not drowning

An effective son lied, saying with ignorance
The esteemed died while you were alive

Nights after the losers

Nights after the losers
Long the night of long lovers

It builds the full moon that I do not want
And they hide in a way what a way

I did not live out of the sweetness of love
But the female representatives are pregnant

One departed between us
In death, after the departure is the departure

If the scent of the soul is nearer to you
I am not satisfied with kindness and acceptance

And east is not water, but a remembrance
For the water in which the family of the Beloved is revealed

It is forbidden to shine the teeth above it
There is no access to it

As for the stars, the cigarette and others
My eyes are in the light of morning

Did not this night your eyes see me?
And there appears tenderness and thinness

I found the path of the dawn few olympics
I saw my liver and the night was killed

And one day there is a sign of goodness
I sent her and the sun is a messenger from you

And before the sword of the state were many lovers
And no darkness was called upon

But it brings all strangeness
Lusts surprised and terrified

The trail threw the horses inventory to the count
And they did not know that the arrows were horses

The worms of the scorpions of the canals
She has fun from under him and Sahil

It is nothing but a risk that you have been exposed to
Harran has settled it by canoe and we reach

Hammam if they spent their worries
The deadliest death in it is heavy

Horses that ran in each town
If you get married in it, don't fire

And when it was revealed, it was a wheel and a bowl
Each parcel has a flag and a Rael

On the roads in which the lift is high
And in her remembrance when one is lethargic

And they did not feel that they saw them changed
Ugly, and its creation is beautiful

Iron overwhelmed them with iron
Every place with swords washes

And the evening of women sweat with a sweat
As if the pockets of the bereaved are tails

And they thought it again, with Mozar locked
Only her entry is locked

The people fought, as though it were
With every guarantee, no sponsor has waged it

Fires in every house
The people are epileptic and the roundabout is long

She repeated and passed through the blood of Malatya
Malatya's mother for boys is a bereaved

And weaken the cost of crabs
It became as though the water was cool

The heart of the Euphrates ceased to us as if
The men shall fall upon it

He chases every swimmer's direction
It has both sunk and liquid

You see it as if the water passed through its body
And he accepted a single head and fell

And in the womb of Hinterit, and two hundred for the fawn
Canal deafness is a substitute

They got to know them, they got to know them
It has deceit that does not go away and is closed

Fortresses sniffed the length of our battle
Its people throw up to us and pass away

Wattan with fortification of Raran
And each dear prince has a tail

In every soul there was no religion
And in every sword there was a remnant

Without smithes, burials and money
The valleys of unknown and unknown

To put the tea in it to the shivering ground
And for Romans, sermons are great in the country

When they saw him alone before his army
They knew that all worlds were curious

And that the spears of the line are short
And that India is a blunt one

So he gave them the chest and his sword
A boy is as good as giving

Jadad is on top of all money
But it is with stingy armor

And he killed them, and spread them
By hitting the whelts there are plains

The heart of Constantine is amazement
And if there is a leg in his legs

Perhaps one day you will be spoiled
How many flee from what is interpreted

You escaped one of your wounds
And you left one of your two crosses, Tesel

Surrender your son on the run
And he dwells in this world to Hebron

In your face, I forgot a sprinkler
We help you from them, reindeer and wail

I am tempted by the length and breadth of armies
I have a drink of the armies eat

If Laith has nothing but prey
Feed him and not benefit you that you are an elephant

If the stabbed courage did not enter you
It is the stab that did not involve you

And if the days are clear his arrival
He taught the days how to reach

Your mother was a kings named Moadia
You past the blades of satin

If some people are a sword of a country
In people there are times of drums and drums

I am the former guide to what I am saying
For the words before those who say are saying

And what people say, it does not satisfy me
Fundamentals and no assets

Restored to what the boy must love
He calmed down and thoughts wandered about

Only the envy of Dow's envy is
If it occurs in a heart, it is not converted

Do not be reassured about an envy in affection
And if you show it to Him,

And we can see the talks by ourselves
Many of the merits have few

It is easy for us to hit our bodies
He gave us symptoms and minds

Young and proud, the daughter of Wael
You are the best of the proud ones before me

Mysticly, his enemy will die
If you do not boil it with the teeth, ogre

The partner of menaya and souls
All dead are not tied by the shackles

If states are a part, then they are
For those who mention death, leadership will turn

For an hour who insulted the worldly life
The whites in Ham Ham are tuberose

Eid, anyway, I returned, Eid

Eid anyway, I returned, Eid
When a mother went through an order, you should renew

As for beloved ones, it is only for them
You would have donned a hand without a hand

Were it not for the Most High, I would not have been answered
Letter felony, and no serious restriction

It was the most pleasant embrace of Saify
The elegance of Al-Ghid Al-Amal

He never left my heart nor my liver
Something that is orphaned by eye and not good

My legs are red in your cups
Or are they in your cups important?

A rock I, what does not stir me
This is neither the last nor the last

If I want the color to clear
I found her and the soulmate is missing

What I found and admired from this world
When I complain of envied

I have been a warm soul in a safe way
I am the rich and my promised deadlines

I was revealed with liars, their guests
About villages and on the move are limited

The presence of men is out of their hands
From the tongue, neither were they, nor quality

What holds death from their souls
Except in his hand Oud stinks

Whenever slave slaying his master
Or betray him, in Egypt it is a precursor

The testicle became before those who kept it
Freedom is enslaved, and servants are worshiped.

Egypt's fountains slept on its foxes.
They were lost, and the bunches were not destroyed

The servant is not a good free brother
If only in free clothes he was born

Do not buy a slave except with a stick with it.
Slaves are impure impure

I didn’t count me to time
A servant abuses me while he is Mahmoud

I did not suspect that people were lost
And that the proverb of Abi al-Bayda is present

And that black hole is coded
Obeyed by the men of creeds

Hunger is eating and holding me
To be said a great deal is intended

He takes a plan, and he meets it
For her ideals, the Mahriya created the fuels

And when he tasted the death his mustache
The semen when humiliated is a scandal

Who taught black eunuchs in honor
The righteous mother of his forefathers fathers hunting

Or his ear in the hand of slavery is bloody
Or is his destiny, which is in Palestine, paid back?

First of all the blame, Coiffeur, with an excuse
In all meanness, and with some excuse refutation

And that is, the white stools are impotent
How beautiful is the black testicle?

You have no horses to give her and no money

You have no horses to give her and no money
So be happy if the situation is not happy

The abode of the prince, whom we blind, is surprising
Without saying and blessing people, sayings

Charity may be rewarded by his master
A scrap from the live virgins of Mksal

And the rulers of the shape prevent me
The appearance of a running stream in which there is dysentery

I did not thank because the money made me happy
Sian I have multiplication and less

But I saw it ugly to find us
And that we are using the right to be miserable

I was early in the sorrow of sadness
It is a misfortune that will not be poured into the earth

Gaith showing the site its location
That relief is what ignorance brings

Glory is understood only by a discerning master
When it is hard for the pillow, it is effective

No heir who was ignorant of what he gave and gave
I will not win by a sword other than the sword

Time said to him, I understand it
The time for constipation is stupid

You know if the channel is shaken by its comfort
The miser has horses and heroes

Your palm and the entrance of the cave is reduced
As the sun said, there are no examples of the sun

The lion's leaders were fed by his own clutches.
Likewise, they are cubs

Kill the sword in the body of the murdered
And the swords have deadlines for people

His raid changes his prestige
And his wealth from the ends of the earth are negligence

Have a monster what his teeth chose
Err, Sick, Worn and Tailed

Guests are disgusted with a disobedience
As if her good times are authentic

If her continent's meat craved for its initiative,
Mustard from him in Shisei and Awsal

The family is not known to be a child or a parent
Unless the guest is motivated, they are gone

The echoes of the earth narrate the remains of what they drank
Pure vaccine pure color series

His watchdog reads blood
It is as if the watch is locked and locked

The souls run around it for a mixture
Of them are sheep, sheep and goats

The dimension does not deprive its people of their distance
And the children are unable of it

The two teams spent in their peers an umbrella
The whites are calm, and the brown is astray

His informant shows you his weakest view
Between men and water and family

The madman might call him his envy.
If mingled with some mind a reasonable person

Throwing the army with it must and for it
From his flat, if the army were mountains

If the enemy ran its claws,
A dream and a captain did not come together

They are ever horrified by the time they spent
Microscopes and timescales are being assassinated

His honor was bestowed on his progress
What long did they not receive?

If the kings were dissolved it would be its dissolution
Mohannad and deaf heel Assal

Abu Shujaa Abu Al Shujaan is the whole
It is an awful thing that grows in bloom

He possessed praise until he was not a proud one
In praise H, no M, not D

Doubles on it from him
It is enough for him to harm him from marsal Sirpal

How can you protect your good deeds?
You were inundated, geters

Kindness your opinion in my righteousness and my honor.
The generosity of the Supreme One is swindled

Until you were out, and the news went wandering
There are hopes in the planets

The duo lengthened the length of the dress
The praise of the arrogance is arrogance

If you were too old to be a man
Your destiny in the pots is deceived

As if your soul does not please its owner
Otherwise, you are preferred

And you shall not be considered flusters of her accusation
Except for her in the horror is a slander

Were it not for the hardship, all of them prevailed
Quality is poor and feet fight

Rather, man reaches his energy
Not all cattle are nomads

We are in a time left by the ugly
One of the most benevolent and beautiful people

The boy mentioned his second age and his need
He was not satisfied with the curiosity of living

My tears answered

He answered my tears and did not call, but he looked up
He called and met him before the knee and camel

I kept palms between my friends
And he kept blissing between excuse and humiliation

I complain about the nuclei and they are a wonder
Like that I was and I never complain of fatigue

No youth is longing for hope
From meeting as a longing without hope

When do you visit the people of those who like to visit
Do not plot you with white and wool

And desertion kills me what I watch
I am drowned and I am not afraid of getting wet

Not every heart in her clan
With it what is B and B is not transmitted

The obedience of the moment in the angel is angel
For her two eyes, the king is great in the eyeball

Females liken them to women
As she walks, Hassan gets the tricks

I have tasted and enjoyed the intensity of my days
So I did not get a boy without honey

Young people showed me the spirit in my body
The gray-eyed man has shown me the spirit in my suit

I knocked on the neighborhood girl, dressed
An owner without pride and no spin

So he pays between us, and we pay him
He does not know the complaint nor the kiss

Then he made an impact from her shield
On its melting, eyelid and defect

I earn the male only from his speculation
Or from the teeth of the moderate deaf heels

The prince was serious about him in his talents
So she dressed her and shielded me in the suit

And from Ali ibn Abdullah my knowledge
With his lamb, who is like God or like me?

Give the stalkers and the stolen inventory
The eggs of the rods and the rubbish of humiliation

Time is narrow and the earth is facing a king
Fill in time, fill in plain and mountains

We are in gravity and the Romans are in vigor
And righteousness in work and the sea in shame

He who is the dominant of the dominant people
From Adi, repeat the cheese and miserliness

The praise of Ibn Abi Al-Hija'a helps him
In ignorance, the eye of consciousness and error

May the praises fulfill his positions
So what is Caleb and the people of the first cyclone?

Take what you see and say something you have heard
On the full moon, it does not spare Saturn

You have found the place of words of capacity
If you find a tongue, say it

The wanderer is proud of the people who are proud of it
Swords are enough for the good of nations

Wishes touch my epilepsy without his amount
What he says is that that is mine for me

See if the sword meets in glow
Due to their difference in creation and work

This equipment for Rib of the ages is disconnected
I prepare this for the hero's head of the hero

The Arabs are from him along with the chaff
And ROM is a plane from him with the partridge

There is no escape to the mountains from a lion
The ostrich walks with it in the bastion of wail

He traversed the paths to the back of Trench
It is still from her, and those horrors are still

Whenever a virgin dreams about them
She dreamed of captivity and camel

If you are satisfied to be rewarded, give
Including your satisfaction and those who are blind

I called your glory in my hair and they were given breasts
Oh, who is not impersonated without impersonation

East and West are people we love
And they saw them, and they were the messengers

And let them know that I am in His honor
I turn the limb between horse and horse

Oh, thank you philanthropist on my part
And thanksgiving by charity, not before me

My sleep was only above my knowledge
That your opinion is not drawn from slips

Say: Cut, carry, carry, count, count
Increase the fragile grill below the secret of the original

Perhaps your blame for Mahmoud is his consequences.
Perhaps the bodies are healthy by reason

Neither have I heard nor have I been able
Dissolve you from the falsehood of a man

Because your dream is a dream that you do not cost
Eyelids are not as dark as eyes

And what people say about you is generosity
And whoever obstructs the way of the occasional slender

You are the horse without man or chagrin
Neither longness, nor promise, nor humiliation

You are brave if they do not hit a horse
Change the feline, body parts and shortening

Some cannula responded with knuckles
As if from the hearts of the people in controversy

You are still hurting your habits by accident
Sooner victory in the late term

Hear his heart

His hearts are warmer than his heart, phimm
It is in my body and current has sickness

My money hid love that had cleared my body
She claims the love of the nation-state sword

If we have a love for his deceit
So let us share as much love as we can

I have visited him and the swords of India have sheathed
I looked at him and the swords are blood

It was the best of God's creation of all of them
And the best thing was the best shim

I missed the enemy who was victorious by a nail
Unfortunately, yes, it is attached

I have feared you and feared
You have the prestige, not the illusion

You committed something you did not need
That there is no land or science behind them

The more you throw an army, the more it turns away
I acted in you with his anxiety

You have to defeat them in every battle
What you have with them is disgrace if they are defeated

Do you not see a sweet nail but a nail?
The eggs of India and shrimps shook hands

O fairest people except in my treatment
In you the dispute and you are the opponent and the rule

Be honest, look at her
To count fat when a fat is a tumor

And what is the use of my brother in this world
If he meets the lights and injustice

I am the one who blinded my literature
And I heard my words from him who designed

I sleep filling my eyelids on their strays
Creation watches over and specializes

And his ignorant person extended his laughter
Until a prey hand and a mouth came to him

If the latex contours are prominent
Do not think that Laith is smiling

My accent is an accusative
I realized it with a horse whose back was forbidden

His legs are in a running man, with hands on one hand
And his do is what you want the palm and the foot

And a slave of Sirte between the two parties
Even I was hit and the wave of death smashed

The horses, the night, and the Beda know me
Sword, spear, stationery and pen

I accompanied solo monsters
Even marvel at me the honor and the mute

Oh dear to us to leave them
Our conscience is everything after you

He would not have created you with honor
If your matter is ours nation

If your secret is what our envy said
No wound if pain pleases you

And among us, if you sponsored that knowledge
The knowledge in the people of the prohibitions is receivables

How you want a defect for us, and you will be unable
And God hates what you come and generosity

The defect is far from honorable
I am rich and gray and pyramid

I wish I had a lightning bolt
He removes them to those who have blood

I see the nuclei requiring me at every stage
The fee does not reside in the pillow

If they left a conscience about our righteousness
Let them speak to those whom they bid farewell

If you abandoned a people and were appreciated
Not to be separated from them, they leave

Evil country is a friendless place
The evil of what a person earns is deaf

And the evil of his sniping is sniping
The meteors of the liars, both in it and in marble

In what term does poetry say fin
It is permissible for you, neither Arabs nor Ajam

This is your blame, but it is an abomination
Durr is included, but it is speaking

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