The most beautiful judgment and proverbs

The most beautiful judgment and proverbs

Many of us are interested in judgment and proverbs because they often correspond to reality, although judgment and proverbs are few words, but they are full of interest and profound experiences, so we will supply you with a set of judgment and proverbs that we hope you will like

• To light a small candle is better for you than to spend your life cursing the darkness.

• Don't be sad that you failed as long as you tried to get back on your feet.

• The more a person’s culture, the more miserable he becomes.

• The Impossible Possible asked: Where do you stay? He answered him in the dreams of the helpless.

• The beta is devoid of the book is the house without a soul.

• It is not the strong who always wins war, but the weak who always loses peace.

• Nicknames are nothing but a medal for fools and great men need nothing but their name.

• Who loves loves the tree branches.
• Whatever every white fat and not every black you pass.
• The first mad rage and the most recent remorse.
• The good things are in the middle.
• Half-measure measure.
• Patience is the key to relief .
From patience fingernail.
• Patience is a trick for those without a trick.
• We do not get peace by war, but understanding.

• If justice has disappeared from the earth, human existence will no longer be of value.

• Happiness is not always to do what you want, but to want what you do.

• The worst thing that affects a person is without work or love.

• Modesty in women's beauty and virtue in man.
Six things increase life. Charity, supplication, obedience to the two children, the uterus, prayer at night, and asking for forgiveness after Fajr prayer

• Some wise men said the three days, so a polite friend. I keep a sermon for you and leave a lesson in you, and today a friend who is consigned to you and did not come, it was a long absence from you, and it is about you fast-growing

• Abu said Darda Adgna three made me cry three Mu'ammil minimum death demanded and oblivious to not lose sight of the curse and snickered fill it and does not know Asakht housewife or satisfied and made me cry Hall informed and interruption of work and my position in the hands of God and Edery Aaamr me to Paradise or to Hell

• People may see the wound in your head, but they do not feel the pain you are experiencing.

Hakim was asked: What is the wisdom? He said: To distinguish between what you know and what you do not know

• I knew that my livelihood is not taken by someone else ... so rest assured my heart

• I learned that my work is not done by someone else .. I worked on it alone

• Make fun of all the wounds did not know of the pain

• The wisest men ... He thinks he is less wise

• The tongue is not bone ... but it breaks the bones

• If you are sincere ... let your sincerity to the point of fulfillment, and if you are frank, let your candor be to the extent of recognition

• A predatory tiger in front of you .. better than a wolf traitor behind you

• The tongue of the sane is behind his heart, and the heart of the fool is behind his tongue

• Conviction is evidence of honesty, honesty is a guide of thanksgiving, thanks are evidence of increase, increase is evidence of survival of grace, life is a guide of goodness

• Learn from the cheerful flower, from the dove meekness, from the system bee, from the ant to work, and from the rooster getting up early

• Be happy while you are on the road to happiness, for true happiness is to try, not at the arrival station.
  • Hadi Al-Madrasi *

• Al-Shafii said in memorizing the tongue: Keep your tongue, O man ..... do not bite you .. He is a snake

• Al-Shafi’i said in the merits of silence: I found Scotty as a store, and I required him ..... If I did not find a profit, I am not a loser and there is no silence except in men’s shops ..... and his merchant is superior to every merchant

• Happiness varies with different ages. In the twenties it is love, and in the forties it is ambition, and in the sixties it is glory, and after that comfort, life is so organized that you do not find a person who always seeks one kind of happiness until his death.
  • George Suarez *

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