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The roses have a positive effect; what broadcasts inspirational feelings; vision of roses or received on occasions feel many joy and comfort, and gives them a deep sense of pleasure and beauty of life, and the receipt of a clear effect on the expression of the meanings of love and romance of the lovers, the effect is obvious on the mood, as they inspire Poets, and everyone who influences art and creativity. [1]

The most beautiful roses

The roses are one of the easiest ways that help to express feelings, as well as of the most beautiful ways that help to draw a smile on the face of a sick person or a person who passed a bad day, and gave us the nature of hundreds of roses with a magnificent appearance unique smell, and the most important Roses include: [2]
  • Dahlia: It is a dense tuberous plant, and its native origin is Central America, especially in Mexico and Colombia, and there are approximately thirty types of this rose.
  • Bleeding or bloody heart: It is one of the strangest roses that appear in the months of April and June, and is available in colors: red, white, and pink.
  • Tulips: This type of flowering plant has nineteen species, also known as canna.
  • Red Rose: It is one of the perfumed roses that symbolize romance, and is widely used in decorating gardens. It is taken from a perennial wooden tree, and it is spread mostly in Asia, but it has a presence in different places in the world.
  • Tulip: It is considered one of the most cultivated roses all over the world, especially in Africa, Asia and southern Europe, but Iran is the first country to cultivate this kind commercially.
  • White lotus: these roses bloom on water and float on it, and grow in eastern Africa and southern Asia, also known as tiger lotus, and the Egyptian white water lily.
  • Lily of the valley: The growth of that rose is a sign of spring attendance, and it is called by other names, including the tears of our lady, due to an ancient legend on the Virgin Mary.
  • Oriental poppy: It is one of the plants that bloom during periods of drought. It has been named after this name in relation to the Caucasus in Turkey, and there are roses of white, red, and pink color.
  • Plumeria: It is a beautiful and light scent of roses, the shape of which is characterized by a small white size with a slight touch of yellow.
  • Paradise Bird: This rose is distinguished by its vibrant colors and attractive shape, but it does not have any smell, and is of African origin, and it is one of the official roses of the city of Los Angeles. [3]
  • Black betonya: It is one of the beautiful roses that grows in the spring, and it smells beautiful, and comes in several colors; including: purple, blue, and white. [3]
  • Chocolate Cosmos : It is one of the rare plants that grows in a number of Mexican regions, and it is one of the home plants that is distinguished by its reddish brown color, similar to chocolate. [3]
  • The corpse: is one of the rarest and largest roses, growing in Indonesia and in tropical forests, and its smell is characterized by a stink similar to the smell of rotten meat, in order to collect flies. [3]
  • The ghost of orchids: It is from the family of orchids grown in the Bahamas, Cuba, and Florida, and it is one of the rare plants that were supposed to have disappeared twenty years ago, but it has appeared again recently. [3]

The meanings of the colors of roses

Roses and their colors affect the mood, as positive feelings of people are enhanced; whether they are planted in gardens, or presented in the form of a bouquet, and each color of roses conveys a specific message, and the meanings of the colors of roses include the following: [1]
  • Red roses: The color red passion and romantic color, a clear proof of love, especially roses and pink tulips with red color scarlet.
  • Pink roses: pink is a nice feminine color, and is associated with innocence, passion, and new beginnings, especially chrysanthemum roses, and the breath-taking pink lily.
  • White roses: the white color is a sign of innocence and purity, and white roses are widely used in official occasions and weddings, especially lily, carnations, and chrysanthemums.
  • Orange roses: orange roses carry a message of hope and inspiration, where they radiate positive energy, and the most beautiful orange roses : chrysanthemums, heaven's flower, and lily.
  • Yellow roses: they are roses with a meaning similar to orange roses, and symbolize Platonic love, and express gratitude, and the most beautiful yellow roses are sunflower, marigold, and hibiscus.
  • Purple roses: they are elegant and rare roses with a majestic spirit, and the most beautiful purple roses: lavender, violet, iris, and clemes.
  • Blue roses: The rarest roses are of exceptional influence, and the most important are blue triad roses , hydrangea, and delfinium.

How to preserve roses

Many are searching for ways to preserve the roses and keep them fresh for a few days, especially if the roses were given by a lover, or a gift on a dear occasion, and it is possible to follow one of the following methods to preserve the roses: [4]
  • Soda: It is possible to put roses in a container with a quarter cup of water, and a little sugar and soda , and this can ensure the freshness of the roses lasts longer.
  • Hair spray: It is possible to use hair spray on roses to last longer, and the method is to stand away from the bouquet, and spray the underside of leaves and petals with spray.
  • Vinegar: It is possible to use vinegar to extend the life of roses for as long as possible, and is the way to put two tablespoons of vinegar with two tablespoons of sugar with water, and then put the mixture into the pot before placing roses, with the necessity to change the water after several days went; to enhance the age of roses .
  • Aspirin is considered one of the proven effective methods. Aspirin helps keep roses fresh for a long time, and the method is to place one grain of it crushed with rose water.

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