The most beautiful female perfume


  • 1 What are perfumes?
  • 2 sources of perfume extraction
  • 3 best international perfumes
  • 4 best sellers in the world
  • 5 References

Sources of extracting perfumes

Sources for extracting perfumes are as follows: [1]
  • Flowers , such as jasmine, lavender, lily, and violet in particular, are the most important sources on which to extract perfumes.
  • Wood ; like cedar wood, sandalwood.
  • Leaves , such as mint leaf and lavender .
  • Some well-known roots, such as iris and ginger.

The best international perfumes

Some of the best international perfumes include: [2]
  • (Dulcis de Cartier): This species ranks first globally, and is preferred by many women of all ages. Its components focus on various oriental flowers, in addition to fruits and cherries.
  • (Narciso Rodriguez): It is ranked second in the world, and it is the fragrance of soft women, as it smells like musk and fruit. Stylish women usually wear it, and this perfume is suitable for women of thirty years old.
  • (Princess): It is from the perfume package (Vera Wang), and it is ranked third globally, and is suitable for young women from 13 to 15 years old, and it is one of the most popular perfumes in this age bracket.
  • (Eland): He is one of the Michael Kors perfume bouquet, and it ranks fourth in the world, and has a pleasant aroma of white flowers and attractive tropical scents.
  • (Brett): It is from the perfume package (Burberry): It ranks fifth in the world, and it is a special perfume for women who love classic and modern scents at the same time. , Vanilla, amber, beans, and almond.
  • (Prada): It occupies the sixth rank in the world, and it is an exciting classic perfume, characterized by its permanent smell, and is preferred by women who have reached 30 years, and is one of the most elegant and calm perfumes for women who trust their beauty and femininity, and consists of orange, raspberry, and elegant vanilla with patchouli , And sandalwood .

The best selling international perfumes

Some of the best-selling global perfumes include: [3]
  • (Chanel 5): It is a revolution in the history of perfumes.
  • (Avon Farr): It ranks second in sales worldwide.
  • (Juicy): It is a wonderful mixture, and it is considered one of the most important French perfumes made in the history of perfumes.
  • (Iberie Lundi): It is a charming and elegant fragrance, and it occupies a distinguished rank among its users.

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