The most beautiful comments

The most beautiful comments
Comments: These are sentences that are usually written in response to a topic or to clarify a specific idea or to add a comic meaning. Comments vary between political, social, religious and other in many areas of life.
The comment may be with symbols: such as the one currently used in Internet topics such as the smile  the smile face: D and it may be a picture: as caricatures that have recently circulated in newspapers and on the Internet. As for the last type, which is the most famous, it is written or verbal "sentences".
The beauty of the comment depends on two things: 1- Its suitability of the situation. 2 - Quick launch.

Those who make smart comments must be quick-witted. As for looking at the most beautiful comments statistically, they are divided into three types:
1- Comments taken from well-known dialogues between people. As a well-known thing on television, the Internet, for a political person, such as one of the old plays, for example, the play of the riotous school of the artist Adel Imam, you may pass a situation among your colleagues at the university, asking the professor about a strange piece of information, and one of your friends will answer it and look at it and say "Btzakr from Rana." Or you could say one of Qaddafi's phrases - when you are surprised by something, "Who are you!"

2- As for the other kind of comments that are popular with everyone, they are calls for good. Or "Oh God, I do not ask you to answer the judiciary, but I ask you kindness in it."

3 - As for the third type, which is the most common and the most beautiful among the countries in the Arab world, it is proverbs and wisdom:
1 - The one who wipes out Mato - for whomever does not count the account of him who is greater than him in fate and does whatever he wants 2 - The stock has become a storey and the hour has become a calmness - For those who deny the beautiful 3 - Do not sleep between the graves and do not see dreams and anger - to keep away from evil 4- Oh, believing in men, what is safe in water with sieve - said when discovering the betrayal of a man 5 - Our neighborhood is narrow and we know each other - It is said to deny 6 - If your friend accompanies you not to wear it all - It is said to make the other party reduce his requests 7 - Mu each of the row of trays says I am a confectioner - It is said to those who lie about having a skill that they do not have
He may borrow one of the famous songs, and it will be a funny situation.

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