The first to pronounce poetry

The first to pronounce poetry

It is said that the first person who uttered poetry was Adam, peace be upon him, as Ibn Jarir al-Tabari mentioned in his interpretation of Ali, may God be pleased with him, who said, "When Cain killed his brother Abel, he cried, and he, peace and blessings be upon him.

The country changed it
The face of the earth is ugly dusty
Change every taste and color
And say the screen of the morning boy
And its people changed it in terms of number and style
Penguins of Farjus Feh
Our neighbors are an unforgettable enemy
N do not die so we rest
Cain killed Abel, his brother
Unfortunately foie a salty face
Why do not I spill my tears
And Abel was included in the shrine
I see the length of life on a cloud

What I am comfortable in my life

I said: The strongest in this poetry is not hidden while it contradicts the rhyme in the syntax, for some of it is raised and some of it is sewn.
Many scholars attributed this poetry to Ibn Abbas because Adam, peace be upon him, from the prophets and prophets are banned from poetry
In the biography of Ibn Hisham, some scholars told me in the tenth that these verses were the first poetry that was said in the Arabs and that they were found written in a stone in Yemen, and he did not name my saying to them, which is this: O people, they will see that you mean
You become one day do not walk us
Urge the fold and relax from its crisis
Before the dead and spent what you spend
We were people as you were, we changed
An eternity, you are as we were
Ibn Ishaq attributed it to Amr ibn al-Harith ibn Madad al-Akbar, the author of the verses, the first of which was said:
As if it was not between the pilgrims to Al-Safa
Anis did not tan Samer Mecca
Yes, we were her family and we removed
Nights and grandmother bedtime
And we were the governors of the house after it grew
We circulate around the house with goodness apparent
We and the house after we grew
With some distinction, we have a mistake
Our king strengthened us and greater than ours
There is no beard other than us then luxurious

It was mentioned that the person of Al-Qais was the first to intend the poems, and he mentioned the facts. As for the Arabs, they had a few verses of poetry that the person said when needed, when the condolences were, or in his history, and the first of the Arabs had only verses that the man said in his need, comfort, history, etc. Abdel Manaf poetry, poets and eloquents began to spread widely in addition to the proliferation of long poems and poems until poetry became like religion they pride in and attribute to it until the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, came to the immortal miracle, but it is the noble Qur’an who opposed him. Surat Qasr Minh

Al-Qais is considered the first of good meanings and kindness, and he described the women in antelope, oryx and eggs, and Ali stood at the height. Ali said of the man of Al-Qais, “I saw him as the best poets because he said what they did not say and the best of them are rare and precede them a gesture. One of the most famous poets of ignorance, and that he preceded things, and the poets preferred them and followed him

The poets were said to be the four people of Al-Qais, Tarfa, al-Nabiqa and Muhallah bin Rabia, who is considered the first to be the finest of poetry and elegies and lied in his poetry, Hassan bin Thabit and the poets are four layers of old and veteran ignorant, and he who realized ignorance, Islam, Islamic and modern and for the poetry layers mentioned by scholars in this matter in their books, but was called a poet Because he feels what no other than God

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