The concept of hemorrhoids

The concept of hemorrhoids

These are painful swelling of the veins in the lower parts of the rectum or anus. And it arises as a result of an accumulation of blood in an unnatural and unusual way in the veins of the anal area, which leads to high blood pressure inside it, and consequently the walls of the venous vessels do not tolerate that condition, and they begin to stretch and swell, which makes them painful, especially when sitting.

Hemorrhoid symptoms

A patient with a hemorrhoid has several symptoms. A patient with an anal hemorrhoid suffers from:
  • Intermittent anal itching
  • Certain secretions in the anus, which may be bloody or mixed with blood in some cases.
  • Pain, and this pain is not necessarily related to bowel movements or defecation, and this pain gradually increases until it eases or disappears with the release of pus (pus) from this fistula.
  • Severe inflammation of the anal area, characterized by severe pain
  • High body temperature
  • Tremor and redness when examining the anal region

As for the fistula of the bladder, the symptoms that the patient may experience are:
  • Stools with urine, air, or blood
  • Suffering from frequent urinary infections

As for the fistula between the trachea and the esophagus, or between the throat and esophagus, the patient suffers from:
  • Difficulty swallowing and sometimes pain during swallowing.
  • Frequent respiratory infections with frequent Hurghada.

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