The concept of fraud


  • 1 phenomenon of fraud
  • 2 The concept of fraud
  • 3 manifestations of fraud
    • 3.1 Fraud in buying and selling
    • 3.2 Fraud in marriage
    • 3.3 Cheat on tests
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phenomenon of Cheating

Cheating is one of the old and new phenomena that have spread among people since social relations existed, but it has started to increase dramatically, as its manifestations and forms have varied, and the behavior of cheating is considered to be an inappropriate and immoral behavior, it contradicts all the meanings of humanity that calls for honesty in matters All of this, because cheating brings about great harm to the individual and society, which they are indispensable, which is an undesirable behavior in society, and everyone seeks to combat it and try to limit its spread, so what is the fraud that Sharia prohibited and warned against dealing with? What are its manifestations and the reasons for its existence and spread?

The concept of fraud

The word fraud involves many meanings, it is the manifestation of a person other than what he harms, and various definitions have appeared in the terminology that differ from each other according to the field in which fraud was found, [1]The legal term defined it as what is mixed with bad and bad with good, or spreading bad and spreading it as good hope. As for cheating in the educational term, it is a process of falsifying the results related to the calendar, or an attempt by the student to take the answer to questions illegally, and Islamic sociology defined fraud as a phenomenon Social deviant, deviated from many legal norms and values ​​approved by Islam, because of the negative effects that it leaves in society that are reflected in the manifestations of social life, and despite the renewed concepts of fraud and its diversity, but they converge and agree in its content, and if they do not apply completely, then all of them Pl to cheat in terms of the concept includes treason, by virtue of that fraud is set aside for the era, and the negligence of the Secretariat, and the sense of hypocrisy is also approaching practical; because cheater harbored the other party other than what appears.

Islamic religion forbade fraud in all its forms and types, and vowed both practiced by grief and loss; where he says in his book , Aziz said: (Woe to the defrauders, who if Aktallowa people meet, and if Kalohm or Znohm lose), [2] This verse of Surat Al - Mutaffifin It is evidence of the prohibition in the behavior of fraud that Ibn Hajar knew, so he said: (The fraud that is forbidden is that a person who sells the commodity must know about a seller or a buyer in it if something is seen by him, he wants to take it and he does not receive that in return), and Al-Kafawi said in the fraud is: (darkening the heart, frowning The face, and therefore fraud is called the hatred and hatred), and has confirmed a messenger God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, forbids the sanctity of fraud and warned his companions not to deal with him, and he vowed to do it. Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, said:(The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, passed over a patience of food, and he entered his hand in it, and his fingers got wet, so he said: What is this, O owner of the food? He said, Heaven hit him, O Messenger of God! He said: Do you not make food from the food? , [3] this hadith shows the forbidden fraud that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, prohibited. [4]

And the noble hadith that indicates the prohibition of fraud is mentioned in other accounts, including what was narrated by a Muslim in his Sahih: “Whoever carries arms on us is not one of us, and whoever deceives us, it is not from us .” [5] And the Prophet’s saying - peace and blessings be upon him - is not a sign of severe transgression from him. On fraud , and deterring from his action and doing it, and Al-Khattabi said that the meaning of this saying of the Prophet: that whoever deceives is not on our biography or our doctrine, and this example that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, gave to us about fraud in selling has proven his sanctity, given that what Cheating has eaten people's wealth unlawfully, and cheating has other damages, including: It is evidence of a person’s lack of faith, and it is a path connected to Fire, and the reason to deprive the owner of the answer to prayer, and away from the Almighty God and the people, as it is the reason to go in the pond in the money and age. [6]

Manifestations of fraud

There are many forms of fraud that people practice in their lives, to appear in many aspects, and we will talk in detail about the manifestations of fraud in: buying and selling, marriage, and tests, as follows: [7] [8]

Cheating in buying and selling

These days there is a lot of fraud in buying and selling among people, which is represented by concealing the defects in the commodities, so fraud is in the type, weight, quantity, or source of the goods, and the forms of fraud in buying and selling are as follows:
  • Some fruit sellers put many leaves at the end of the cage for sale, then put the fruit on top of them to be sold so that the buyer thinks that the cage is full of fruit, thereby cheating the buyer.
  • Some perfume dealers mix edible oil with some perfumes, and the quantity of oil is the most, puts it in a glass container and sells it for a small price.
  • Some merchants buy goods in a lightweight envelope, then replace this light envelope with a heavy one, weighing twice the weight of the first envelope, and sells the product with the weight of the envelope and the material placed inside it, so the price paid in the commodity corresponds to the envelope and envelope.
  • Some of the gold merchants buy clean, used gold, and then offer it for sale as new without alerting the buyer that it is used.
  • Some car dealers resort to a trick, so it reduces the kilometer counter in the car to be sold to illusion the buyer that the car was not drained much, thus raising the price.
  • Some of them know a hidden defect in his car that he wants to sell, and this defect is hidden from the buyer by saying: This car, try it if you like its thigh.
  • Some of the sheep and chicken traders work to feed what they want to sell with salt so that the buyer thinks they are fat and have lots of meat.

Cheating in marriage

Fraud between people appeared in the most beautiful and best social relations that bind people with many bonds of love, communication and compassion, namely marriage, and some of the manifestations of fraud practiced by some in marriage are the following:
  • Some parents show the applicant the eldest little girl to see it, and it is approved, and on the wedding night, he discovers that the one with whom she is associated is the big one.
  • Some of the Awliya see the fiancé the beautiful looking girl to complete the engagement, and on the day of the marriage the fiancé sees that the girl he married is ugly, so he is forced to complete the marriage, and he is the cause of many family problems after.
  • That the girl to be married has a disease or a defect, and the guardian hides this from the suitor.
  • One of the manifestations of cheating by the suitor on the wife's guardian is that he shows qualities that are distinct from her and are not real, such as saying that he is the owner of money, money, and focus, and so on, to delude the guardian that he is the suitable husband for his daughter, and that it is highly efficient.

Cheat on tests

It is considered cheating in tests and educational studies have indicated the most common species, and the reason for this is due to the absence of deterrent penalties for this phenomenon, and the pursuit of student success and excellence, higher achievement marks, without effort or fatigue in it, and has many negative effects, of which it reduces From the student’s self-esteem, others ’appreciation to him, the lack of trust between the teacher and the student, the student’s poor self-confidence, his increased reliance on tricks to reach what he wants, his violation of laws and regulations, and his distance from the beautiful moral behaviors that call for honesty, honesty and responsibility.

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