The benefits of juices

The benefits of juices

Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of a wide range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, including phytochemical compounds that have been shown to fight both conditions. Since many health substances are found in vegetables and fruits and are discovered all the time, there are no supplemental tablets that can contain all of these compounds, and also because every plant appears to produce special plant chemicals that work against cancer in particular, it is suggested that vegetables and fruits be added to the food Richly, it is also recommended that you consume two cups of fresh juice a day to maintain health. Four cups are recommended daily if you want to quickly heal wounds and recover from diseases.

Era is one of the excellent ways to add vegetables and fruit to your food, because the juice contains all fruits or vegetables except fiber, which is the indigestible part of the plant, as it contains virtually everyone in the plant from improved health components.
Because fresh juice is made from vegetables and raw fruit, all ingredients remain intact. Vitamin C and the rest of the vitamins dissolved in water can be destroyed by overproduction or cooking
Enzymes are a protein needed for digestion and other important functions that can be destroyed by cooking. Therefore, fresh juice provides the body with all healthy plant components in the form of staying up to digest and absorb

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