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the love

Love can be defined as that human feeling that overwhelms a person when he sees his beloved, or longing for him when he is away from him. The writers and poets excelled in describing love and its stories; since some of them died because they did not meet their loved ones, we will mention in this article some beautiful phrases and expressive poems that described love.

Talk about love

  • Love is an intolerable hell, and life without blissful love is unbearable.
  • Friendship may grow into love, but love does not fall back into friendship.
  • Love is a living experience that is experienced only by those who live it.
  • Love is king, and therefore it is above the law.
  • Love is like war, it is easy to ignite it, and it is difficult to suppress it.
  • Love is the only game in which two participate and win together or lose together.
  • Love is part of the existence of the man, but it is the entire existence of the woman.
  • Love may be born with a word, but it can never die with a word.
  • Love does not kill lovers, it just makes them caught between life and death.
  • The tragedy of love boils down to the fact that a man wants to be the first to enter a woman's heart, and a woman wants to be the last to enter a man's heart.
  • In love there are letters that we send and others that we tear, and the most beautiful speeches are the ones that we do not write.
  • Love is a rose and women are thorns.
  • Love weakens and strengthens discipline in a woman.
  • Love is a duel from which a woman emerges victorious if she wants.
  • I love you.
  • Love is a dangerous disease for men, and women have a great virtue.
  • To the person who loved my heart with indescribable love, to the one who threw in my heart and made his love like a medal on my chest, to the one who lives in my heart day and night, to the knight of my dreams, to the one who engraved in my heart the destinies and engraved his name in my mind and the roots of my veins, to whom of He loves the body and the soul, to the one who removed the groans and ignited harmony, to the one who spent with him the happiest moments of my life, to you who are jealous of the sun and the heart of him, and all human beings in the world, you are more precious than my life. my life.
  • Your love alone is in my heart, and the heavens sent you down to revive him and the earth. If your love goes away, the earth will become like body parts, you are love and all love and for others the heart has not been tangled and the lips have not been uttered, you are faithful to the heart, from the air and you have all sincerity. And before you was a deaf who does not speak, for you are the only one in my heart and after you I chase him with chains, the spring has come for you, and I have created the sun and earth for your sake, whoever sang the heart and heart for her, so my hearts are my love. And your love has seen my blind heart.

Nizar Qabbani felt in love

thank you for your love

thank you for your love
It is my last miracle
After the time of miracles is over
thank you for your love
He taught me to read, write,
It provided me with the coolest vocabulary
And he was the one who expunged all the women in a moment
He assassinated my best memories
Thanks from the bottom
You who came from the books of worship and prayer
Thank you for your waist, how it came in the size of my dreams, and the size of my imaginations
And your face inserted like a bird
Between my notebooks and notes
Thank you for inhabiting my poems
Thank you
Because you are sitting on all my fingers
Thanks for being in my life
thank you for your love
He gave me the good news before all believers
Wakhtarni Queen

He baptized me with jasmine water
thank you for your love
He honored me, taught me, and taught me the first two sciences
And specialize in the happiness of Paradise, without the worlds Thank you
For days hanging around under the arches of cloud, and the sad October water
And all hours of error, and all hours of certainty
Thank you for your traveling eyes alone
To the islands of Violet, and nostalgia
Thank you
All years gone
It is the sweetest of years
thank you for your love
It is one of the most valuable and loyal friends
It is he who cries on my chest
If the sky cries
Thanks for your love, he is a fan
Contribute to the Vatavos
And a pink cloud passed across the equator
It is a surprise that the prophets were warm
Thank you for your worldly hair
And he stole all the palm forests
Thanks every minute
Your eyes allowed her at the miserly age
Thanks for the hours of recklessness, challenge,
Pick out the impossible
Thanks for all your love years
Fall and winter
With her cloud, and her awakening,
And the contradictions of its sky
Thanks for the time to cry, and the long sleepless seasons
Thanks for the beautiful sadness

I love you so much

I love you so much
And I know I got very involved
All the boats were burnt behind me
And I know I will be very defeated
Despite thousands of women
Despite thousands of experiences
I love you so much
I know that I am in the forests of your eyes
I will fight alone
And that I am like all the insane
I tried to hunt planets
And I still love you despite my conviction
That I am still alive
Resist guiding you one of the wonders
I love you so much
In my head, my horse is losing
And the road to your father's house
Trapped in thousands of soldiers
And I still love you despite my certainty
Verbalizing your name is blasphemy
I will fight over the notebooks
I love you so much
I know your passion is suicide
That is when I will complete my turn
The curtain will relax on me
I lay my head on your forearms
I know that the day will not come
I convince myself that my fall
Dead on your lips is a victory
I love you so much
I know from the beginning
That I will fail
And that I am through the chapters of the novel
I will kill
And carry my head to you
And I will stay thirty days
Died as a child on your knees
I am very happy with the splendor of that end


I chose you so choose
Between death on my chest
Or above my notebooks
Choose love or no love
It is cheese not to choose
There is no middle zone
Between Heaven and Hell
Throw your cards completely
I will be satisfied with any decision
Say go out, blow
Do not rhythm like a screw
I can never stay
Like a straw in the rain
Choose a pot between two
My fiercest fate
Tired and frightened
Very long career
Dive into the sea or get away
No sea without dizziness
Love is a major confrontation
Sailing against the current
The words, the miracles, the words
And the departure between the moons
Your cheese kills me, woman
Amusing from behind a curtain
I do not believe in love
Does not bear the snappiness of the rebels
Not all fences are broken
Does not hit like a hurricane
Oh if your love swallows me
It takes off like a hurricane
I chose you so choose
Between death on my chest
Or above my notebooks
There is no middle zone
Between Heaven and Hell

I ask you to leave

Let's separate a little
For the good of this love, my love, and our goodness
Let's separate a little
Because I want to increase my love
I want to hate me for a bit
What we really have
Of a precious mention was on both of us
With great love
It is still inscribed on our mouth
It's still engraved on our hands
For what you wrote to me
Your transplanted face is like a rose in me
And the rest of you love my hair on my fingertips
For our memories
Our beautiful sorrow, and our smile
And our love that is greater than our words
Greater than our lips
Truly the sweetest story of love in our lives
I ask you to leave
Let's separate loved ones
The birds every season leave the hills
And the sun, my love
It is sweeter when you try to be absent
Be in my life suspicion and torment
Once upon a time, be a legend
Once, be a mirage
And be a question in my mouth
He does not know the answer
For a wonderful love
The heart and fringes reside in us
And to always be beautiful
And to be more close
I ask you to go
Luffertuck Wohn Lovers
Let us separate despite all love and affection
It is through tears, my love
I want to see me
And through fire and smoke
I want to see me
Let us burn your prophet, my love
We have forgotten
The blessing of crying from time ago
Let's break up
So that our love does not become a habit
We longed ashes
The flowers wither in the pots
Rest assured, baby
Your love still filled the eye and the conscience
I am still taken with your great love
I still dream that you will be mine
O Persian, you and my prince
But I do
I am afraid of my affection
I am afraid of my feelings
I'm afraid to get tired of our longings
I am afraid of our salon
I am afraid of our embrace
In the name of wonderful love
Blooming like spring in our depths
It shines like the sun in our pupils
In the name of the sweetest love story of our time
I ask you to leave
Until our love remains beautiful
Until he is long
I ask you to leave

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