Song lyrics more than first love you

Song lyrics more than first love you

More than the first I love you from the words of Sheikh Mansour Al-Shadi, and composed by Badi Masoud, this wonderful song sung by the famous artist, Ahlam, called by the Arab artist, this title, which was given to her by Mohamed Abdou, and she is one of the Gulf artists who have a special nature in her distinguished songs, and this artist contributed to Discovering talents in the Arab Idol program where she was one of the distinguished in the arbitration among other members, and the artist produced Ahlam many albums, including:

(Goodbye) album (normal), (This is me) album and other beautiful albums.

More words from the first I love you are:

More than the first I love you, but what I want to say
I fear if I say boil over once
I want to be honest, I love you
The biggest guide to your yields changed me once
Clear my tears to my eagerness until the eyes say
The best words I memorize and lost from a look
When she said to me, I love you, he turned astounded
From my joy in you, my voice suffocates the lesson
I did not feel the minute flour in absentia
And grow in your absence in the middle of the cinder
All people love them drop in price and tendencies
And your love is sea, and you will bring a drop at the sea
I do not exaggerate if I say and I exaggerate I am responsible
I believe in a sense of the world, by the way
And from the songs of the artist Ahlam (You know why):
You don't know why I adore you and die in you
Breaking my mind without my heart breaking down
If seconds depart me depressed and hate my time
Do not let me suffer and you are my life partner
Take care of me and subdue your circumstances and make my days happier by seeing you
Why are you after you? Why are you afraid? My heart lasted in your hands
Your love shows with my eyes, my smile, and my feelings
And you are not patient without fun and love you
I hate the world without you and retire in your eyes
He who loves you does not betray you if you see him making you angry
I provoked you out of my mind, forsaking me and saying normal
Whoever recounts Foadi to my satisfaction, Jake
And also from her songs (What is Right but the Right):
My love or love for others, I became a fantasy in my life
Satisfied and know my financial destiny in your heart field
You are liar or frank, it is only true
Do not cheat on your soul and my soul, do not betray honesty
I can handle my wounds, this is a problem
The strong is not shaken by wind, and it is only true
I know your love and my love from one side only
I used to hold you in my heart and force it, and this is wrong
On the day I saw him wounded, it is only right
I did not declare my stubbornness, and I do not seem ego
But it became normal, your absence like attendance
I said farther and rest, and only true

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