Sally's story

Sally's story
She is best known as cartoon films for an international novel by the French author (Dijon Burnet) and this novel is entitled (a little princess), and its events revolve around a ten-year-old girl named Sally who was living in India with her parents, and then moved to live with her father in London after the death of her mother as a result She was seriously ill. In London, Sally enrolled in the boarding school for girls, where her father left her and returned to his native India to complete his work with his friend, who owned a diamond mine and was famous for diamond trading in India. While Sally was in this school, the school owner was very interested in her because of what she knows about her wealth and her father's work in the mine, but this interest did not last long because of the death of her father, who fell ill due to the infection that he took from his friend and left her alone in worries and sorrows.
Introduction to the characters of the story Sally Crowe, the heroine of the story, a very smart girl but knows the bitterness of the cruel real world, where the world demonstrated its cruelty in its face, starting with the departure of her parents from life to the other world, but she was able to deal with the difficulties of life she was facing with all the might Determination by helping her friends whom she encountered in the difficult road of her life.

Miss Mansion, the owner of the residence in Sally’s boarding school, is a hard-hearted woman who only cares about money, and this is the only reason she paid attention to little Sally, but after Sally lost her father, Miss Mansion mistreated her and made her a servant to the other students.
Miss Emilia, who is the sister of Miss Mansion the Younger, who, unlike her older sister, was kind and gentle in heart and has no authority to make decisions or even object to it, but she did not remain this character, especially at the end of the story, she felt that her sister's actions became more exaggerated than Necessary, which almost lost what they inherited, which is (student housing), and the matters were returned to what was due to Sally's small pardon for Miss Mansion's actions with her.
Lavinia, a girl from the housing girls, who has an arrogant and authoritarian personality and is Sally's first and only enemy, and she started her hatred of her an hour before her arrival, especially since Miss Mansion was giving her a lot of attention because of her father's wealth, and her first goal was to get rid of Sally and humiliate her in front of everyone. Armencard is the girl with the worst educational attainment in the class, but she does not tire of trying to raise her level of education until Sally came and helped her to overcome this dilemma, and in return she was helping Sally in the hard work that Miss Mansion assigned her, but she was always reprimanded By Miss Munchen. Plutty is the youngest girl in the class, and she loves Sally very much because she was telling her beautiful tales, and she used to call Sally (Mama) because she was an orphan of the mother, and she did not feel affection except through Sally's kindness. Emily is Sally's puppet, and this doll has a very big role in Sally's life, because she believed that the dolls spoke and moved like human beings, but they do so in secret, and this water is what remains for Sally after the death of her parents after the Mistress took everything from them. Becky is a maid who started working in housing after Sally arrived at him and stayed in it, and despite her serious work, she always needs money to secure the lives of her poor family members, and Sally often felt sorry for Becky when she saw her always working and cleaning, but After Miss Small Mansion Sally was forced to work as a maid like Becky, the maid Becky proved loyal in Sally's friendship, and at the end of the story they became close friends so Becky became help to Sally in everything.
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