Qais and Leila


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Qais is Qais bin Malouh bin Muzahim al-Amiri, from the people of Najd, and he is one of the enacted poets, as his use of spinning is frequent in his poetry [1] , and Qais bin Al-Malouh is considered one of the largest poets who lived in the first century AH, and Qais belongs to the stomachs of Hawazin [2] And it is mentioned in his death that he was found lying among a group of stones, and he was dead, then he was carried to his family [1] , and it was said that he died from his concern and his sorrow for not marrying him to his mistress, Laila. [2]\

Laila Al Aamiriya

Laila is Laila bint Mahdi bin Saad, and she is the mother of Malik Al-Aamiriya, belongs to Bani Kaab bin Rabia, and she is a lover of Qais bin Al-Malouh, and his companion, as it is mentioned that they were from one tribe, and it was said that the beginning of their love was from their young age, as they loved each other when they were They take care of sheep, but after they grew up they separated, and some said that Laila died before Qais, and they said that Qais died in the year 68 AH. [3]

Layla's crazy

Qais bin Al-Mallouh was named after Majnoun Laila , and it is mentioned that he was not insane; rather, his passion, intense love and adoration of a girl called (Laila) is the reason for this designation [4] , where his love exceeded all boundaries, and he became an example set among the lovers' tongues, but despite this Love, but the people of Laila refused to marry her to him, and the road was blocked in his face, and tomorrow he moved from place to place [2] , and he was seen in the Levant, and other times it was seen in Najd, as was seen in the Hijaz. [4]

Crazy tale of Layla

The story of Qais and Layla appeared in the ancient Arab heritage, where the Bedouin pre-Islamic poet Qais bin al-Mallouh loved a Bedouin daughter named Laila, and Qais belonged to Al-Nizami, who is the son of a king from the kings of the Arabian Peninsula, but his royal affiliation did not enable him to marry his lover, as the people of Laila were on Enmity and fighting with the people of Qais; accordingly they refused to marry their daughter Laila to Qais, and therefore Qais is mad at this news, and he tries to kidnap Laila by force, but his attempt was unsuccessful, and he thus did not succeed in reaching his lover as did Al-Shanfari and other tragic poets. That alone goes to live in the desert, which will be a longing for him Human beings and their oppression, and then take him and his father for Hajj; to forget it Laila, but to no avail; as if his passion and getting mad Bliley. [5]

While Qais was in the desert, so Laila marries someone else, but her love for Qais remains stuck in her heart, until he longed for Qais, who used to marry her from time to time, and that was why she was thinking of escaping to the desert, in order to comfort her lover in his westernness and unity, and it was said that Laila met him in The desert after her husband's death, and after a while Leila dies, then Qais will be joined by her; therefore, the grave has combined these two lovers. [5]

From the poems of Qais

Qais has more than one who mentioned Leila in his poems , and among these poems that talk about Leila are the following: [6]
Isn't night gathering for me at night?
Stop it with that in us for us to condemn me
You see the clear day as I see it
And it is surmounted during the day, as it was announced

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