Poetry of the Mutanabbi


  • 1 Who is Al-Mutanabbi?
  • 2 features and characteristics of Al-Mutanabbi's hair
  • 3 The most beautiful verses of Al-Mutanabi poetry
  • 4 he died

His attributes
  • His pride, brave and ambitious.
  • Adventurous.
  • He was in his hair, proud of his Arabism and himself.
  • His best poetry was in wisdom, life philosophy and description of battles.
  • His hair is not based on look and feel, but rather on praise.
  • He possessed high feelings and a clear language and statement, which gave his poems a color of beauty and freshness.

Features and characteristics of Al-Mutanabbi's hair

  • Praise: Among the most famous people who were distinguished in their praise: Saif al-Dawla al-Hamdani, where the poems of praise amounted to one-third or more of the poetry of the Mutanabbi, and the camphor of al-Ikhshidi, has been removed from the praise of many rulers and pimps even in his youth.
  • Description: Al-Mutanabi mastered the description of the prominent battles and wars that took place in his era, as he described nature, people's morals, as he portrayed himself and his ambition.
  • Spelling: Al-Mutanabbi did not spell a lot of satire; in his spelling he wrote a ruling and made it general rules; subject to the principle or creation, and often resorted to ridicule and the use of titles bearing in their music their meaning.
  • He is also known for his lament, wisdom, and pride.

The most beautiful verses of Al-Mutanabi poetry

The robber passed the palm of their fate *** so they knew that the dog was above them

Nothing is worse than a stallion with a remembrance *** Leaded by a nation with no mercy

Sadat of all the people of their souls *** the pillow of the dwarf slave Muslims

The purpose of religion is to master your mustache *** A nation that laughed at its ignorance of nations

That the boy not give his head *** so that people’s doubts and accusations go away

It is an argument that harms hearts with it *** of its religion is eternity, disruption and old

God is not able to disgrace his creature *** and does not believe a people in what they claimed

His heart is warmer than the phimm heart *** and from my body and my current one has

I may not conceal love that has cleared my body *** and you claim the love of the sword of the nation-states

If love unites us for his love, then let us share as much love as we divide.

I have visited him and the swords of India will be sheathed *** I looked at him and the swords of blood

It was the best of all of God’s creation *** and it was the best of the best

Miss the enemy who is spared a nail *** Unfortunately, she is in the fold of yes

You have feared you and feared you, so fearfulness does not make you foolishly

You committed something that you do not have to commit *** to no earth or knowledge

Whenever you throw an army, then you fled to escape *** I acted with you in its effects

You have to defeat them in all your battles *** and what you have to disgrace if they are defeated

As for you seeing a sweet, only a nail *** shook hands of white India and Lamb

Oh, the people are fair, except in my dealings *** The dispute is in you and you are the opponent and the judgment

I look at them from you honest looks *** To calculate the fat in someone whose fat is tumor

And what is the benefit of my brother in this world in his eyes *** If the lights are equal and injustice

*** Those who join our council *** will know that it is better for them to seek

I am the one who saw the blind in my literature *** and heard my words from those who were deaf

I sleep filling my eyelids with their stools *** and the creation watches over it and seals

And ignorant of his prolonged laughter in his ignorance *** until he left a fascinating hand and mouth

If you see the liners of Al-Layth noticeable *** do not think that Al-Layth is smiling

And an accusative rhetoric of the owner's accuser *** I realized it with a horse whose back is forbidden

His feet are in the run, man and hands are hand *** and do whatever he wants on the palm and the foot

And a slave of pleasure between the two legions of it *** until I struck and the wave of death smashed.

The horses, the night, and the desert know me *** The sword, the spear, the stationery and the pen

I accompanied in the remnants of the beast alone ***. So the scourges marvel at me

O dearest of us to leave them apart *** and our strength is everything after you

We would not have created you with honor *** If only I commanded you of our affairs

If your secret is what our envy said *** then what are the wounds if I please you

And among us, if you sponsor that knowledge *** the knowledge in the people of the forbidden

How much do you ask us for a defect so that you cannot be defeated *** and God hates what you come and generosity

The defect and the defect are far from my honor *** I am the rich and the young and the pyramid

If only the cloud that I have lightning strikes *** removes them to whom it has

I think the nucleus requires me at every stage *** the couch is not independent of it.

Even if you leave a conscience on our days, *** it will happen to those whom you have left.

If you depart from people, and they are destined to *** not separate them, then the departed ones are

The evil of the country is a place where there is no friend *** and the evil of what people gain is what deaf

The wickedness of his sniping sniping *** The meteors of the weavers, both in it

In any word you say poetry as a fin *** You may not Arabs or Ajam

This is your blame, but it is an abomination *** It has included the role, but it is a word.

And among his poems in Himma he says:

And what is meant is souls that are too small to be used to *** and to be dedicated
However, the boy meets Al-Manaya *** as a palatine person, and he does not enjoy passion
If life survives, *** we would have lost our brave people
And if death is not inevitable *** then it is inability to die a coward

The most beautiful articles about love and passion:

I was not one of those who enter love with his heart *** but whoever sees your eyelids adores.

Entice me to love you kill me *** and that whatever you do, the heart does.

Jehovah, I have not lived the heart.

You are the bliss of my heart and the torment for him *** What I command you in my heart and your dreams.

It is not surprising the death of fans in the passion ***, but the survival of lovers is amazing.

I have a passion for you in my heart *** The blood of life to my veins.

Hebron As you lived, did you see your dead *** he cried from the love of his murderer before me.

If my heart was with me, I would not choose anyone else *** and I would rather be satisfied with your passion instead.

Vialit love this time loves *** so he knows what the lover receives from abandonment.

Your eyes are dying of hearts, they are all *** wounded or injured, killed.

And I like to sleep at the right time *** Maybe to meet in sleep

And if it were not for the passion, he would not be humiliated on earth, lover ***

Transfer Fouadk wherever you like from the fancy *** What is love only for the first love.

He died

When al-Mutanabi was returning to Kufa, there was a group among them his son Muhammad and his servant Mufleh, he met Fatik bin Abi Jahl al-Asadi and he was in a group as well. So the two parties fought and when he won victory, he wanted you to escape, and his servant said to him: Run away, and you say: Horse, night, and eggs, you know me, the sword, the spear, the stationery, and the pen. Al-Mutanabi, his son Muhammad, and his servant Mufleh al-Numaniya were killed near Deir al-Aqil, west of Baghdad.

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