Peace poetry

Peace poetry

Poetry of peace, which is goodbye to a person you love and cherish and difficult to forget, is often poets when they have peace for someone so they write some beautiful poetry to keep it away from them ..
Peace, eyelash ** t be cheeky ** Peace .. Slaughtered hearts, the cell has no thirst .. There is no doubt in me a thirsty soul ** I am not sick and it seems that I am sick

I wish my Lord did not create .. love and separation ** Otherwise, he created love without a difference, you are torment, and how do I torment you ** Whoever wounds the heart .. your wound heals

Each admonish at times, dearly ** and love remains above all the wounds of the pleasures of my eyes .. I can see your eyes ** I am afraid of the day when I will come to meet you

God does not change you in my heart and rewards you ** is more precious than the world .. On the cheek is what He has left you but the eyes I fear the most as I give you ** What is the benefit of my world without seeing you

Peace and love deep in love embraces the heart and its passion brings you soul longing embracing the heart and its longings

On the path of passion, Jenna includes the heart and its passion
      Everything changed in us and we lived the joy of time

We knew love and its secrets, and we wrote its most beautiful poems and sang on its strings, and we slandered with melodies

We have forgotten all of our pain, and we have two. We have nothing but longings, we gather without abandonment and without deprivation
Otherwise, my high love, I met you with my first days. Come and renew my dreams. You see the heart of love. Sahran

I drank the love from your cup and the taste of the roses with your breath because you were tormented by your feeling and the taste of the roses with your breath my love was what you don't see you see your love appeared in my blood and you my life lived inside the artery

We cut love and its paths, and we listened the splendor of its style, a tale of written love, and we became a love title

I have seen the stars that have risen above the universe. I have increased your love until the fear of your absence and happiness in meeting you has reached it. The difficult thing is if we separate and it is impossible to forget you, a high covenant. The mercy of God Almighty has mercy on your neighbor and humiliation in your aftermath, so let the wound increase after you

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