Palm types


  • 1 palm
  • 2 types of palm
    • 2.1 Canary date palm
    • 2.2 Date palm
    • 2.3 The palm trees of Washingtonia
    • 2.4 The Casorina Palm
  • 3 other types


The palm tree is defined as a tree plant that belongs to the palm tree or fouvelia family, as the Arab Gulf states are considered its original habitat, and it must be pointed out that the most characteristic of these trees is that they are perennial, with a thick and long stalk, which leads to the multiplicity and variation of their types, some of which are It is fruitful, and some of it is for decoration, and in this article we will introduce you to some of its types.

Palm types

Canary palms

This species clearly defines its short stalk, its verticality of growth, as it ranges between 15 and 20 meters, and the cluster of its flowers as it measures one meter in length, and its fruits are small, and its feathery leaves are longitudinal between 5 and 7 meters long, knowing that they are evergreen, and their roots are scattered in areas Limited; which makes its growth rate slow, despite its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, as it tolerates high temperatures, winds, droughts, and salinity, but it does not tolerate frosts, knowing that they multiply by lateral tailings and seeds, taking into account that they are used for decoration in Gardens, parks and public E, streets.

Date palm

This species is known for its clear stems, and for its growth perpendicular, as its height ranges between 15 and 25 meters, knowing that its leaves are feathery, and its flowers are cluster, where the fruits gather in large clusters, and it must be noted that the tree has deep roots and medium growth, and endures harsh environmental conditions, such as drought. , Salinity, wind, and high temperature, as the temperature that you bear reaches about 50 degrees Celsius, but it is exposed to insects such as weevil, leg borer, and urs, and it multiplies with seedlings, seeds, and tissue culture, where it is used for decoration in roads, parks, and is also considered Fruitful trees, and th Dates known.

Washingtonia palm trees

This type of tree is considered evergreen, and is characterized by its vertical growth, its long stem, its inflated base and covered in leaves, and its leaves are helicopter-shaped and hanging from the edges. Its cluster flowers are long, its fruits are small black in color, its roots are deep, and its growth rate is slow, knowing that this type It endures harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures and droughts, but it does not tolerate frost, as it multiplies with seeds soaked in water, and is used for decoration in parks and roads.

Casorina palm

This type of palm is distinguished by the fact that it resembles pine trees in its conical shape, and its stripped leg, which are evergreen trees, and of high height, its branches are mulled, and the leaves are scaly needles, and their flowers are small, and the roots contain root nodes that appear on the branches, and are characterized by their rapid growth rate, And with its ability to withstand the high temperatures and droughts, it is exposed to insects, bugs, and rigs, and it must be pointed out that they are used for decoration and in afforestation projects, as they are planted as windbreaks, and as green belts around cities and farms.

other kinds

  • The California Palm.
  • The Mexican Palm.
  • The Mediterranean palm helicopter.
  • Blue Mexican Palm.
  • Palm Guadalupe.
  • Palm Pindo.
  • Date palm.
  • The Date Palm.
  • The tall Iraqi palm.

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