One of the first to use the red carpet for reception

The Babylonians are the first to use the red carpet in official receptions, and we will mention the importance of this carpet, and the reason for making its color red.

The importance of the red carpet

It was previously known that the red carpet was very expensive compared to the color of the other rugs, and this reason contributed to the use of this rug only in the palaces and homes of the rich, and the red carpet became distinguished for the category of the rich and senior in society, in addition to that after that the tradition prevailed Between peoples and societies. The red carpet indicates the importance of people, the height of their status, and their distinction from others. From this phenomenon, the red carpet got this specialization and distinction, as the red color is distinguished by its attractiveness and beauty, and it indicates luxury.

The first to do some things

  • The first country to manufacture paper money is China
  • The first to build a mosque around the Kaaba was Umar ibn al-Khattab
  • The first to create table tennis is India
  • The first doctor in Islam is Harith bin Kalda
  • The first to build bridges in the world are Indians.
  • The first who added the name of God to his name from the caliphs was Mu'tasim, and it was said that Mu'tasim was God.
  • The first female nurse and practitioner in Islam is Rufaida Bint Saad Al- Islamiya
  • The first to use the water clock are the Pharaohs in the year 1400 BC. M .
  • The first to place the dots on the letters is Nasr bin Assem, at the request of Al-Hajjaj bin Youssef Al - Thaqafi
  • The first mosque built in Islam was the Quba Mosque in Medina
  • The first person to put the grammar is Abu Al-Aswad Al-Dawali, and Ali bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him , asked him to do so .
  • The first zoo in the world established in China three thousand years ago
  • The first who invented the idea of ​​celebrating the memory of the Prophet’s birthday was the Fatimid caliphs in Egypt.
  • The first to think about building the High Dam in southern Egypt was the scholar Al-Hassan Bin Al-Haytham.
  • The first to ride a horse is Ismail, peace be upon him.
  • The first to drink tea was the Chinese emperor Shen Tuang, which was in 2737 BC
  • The first Arab doctor to perform surgeries is the Al-Razi scientist.
  • The first hospital in the world was during the reign of Alwaleed bin Abdul Malik.
  • The first to draw the world map is the Idrisi
  • The first railway in the world is in Britain
  • The first American president to resign before his term expires is Richard Nixon
  • The first of the latest dancing are the owners of the Samaritan
  • The first foray of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, is the foray of paternity
  • The first Pharaonic queen to believe in the oneness of God is Nefertiti
  • The first to be beaten by the Messenger on the second night of Aqaba is Al-Bara bin Maarour, may God be pleased with him
  • The first of the founders of an acting group in Egypt is Salama Hegazy
  • The first to light the mosques, Tamim Bin Aws Al-Dari
  • The first who said support your brother unjust or wronged is Jandab bin Anbar
  • The first to write from so-and-so to Qass ibn Sa’idah.
  • The first person to write the hadith is Ibn al-Zuhri
  • The first ruler of Kuwait is the first morning
  • The first born in Islam is Abdullah bin Jaafar

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