Long hairstyles


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  • 3 The most important tips for preserving long hair
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long hair

Women generally care about their external appearance, and whenever the woman is convinced of her appearance, the strength of her personality and her interaction with society increases, and she cares about everything that makes her appearance more beautiful, including the freshness of the face, grace, and her taste in wearing clothes, the most important component of which is hair, and since the women of the East became famous for their long shiny hair, it became it It is a measure of beauty. The longer and longer the hair is, the healthier and the luminosity known as beauty. From it, it took care of its hair from the beginning and used everything useful to care for it, as well as ways to lay it off strikingly. [1] Here we will talk about tips, ways to care and lengthen hair, and methods of how to style it. [2]

Long hairstyles

The title of a woman’s beauty and the crown of her brilliance is her hair and there is no more beautiful than the long hair that all girls search for and whoever has long hair can control her hairdo and curl up with it more than others. Simple but before the hairstyle looks you should take care of your hair and you have these tips: [3]

The most important advice to maintain long hair

Hair is a tissue made up of non-living and dermal cells that consists of a type of protein called keratin. And hair varies from person to person and the hair's texture, shape and color also varies. Therefore, for every type of hair, and for every hair problem, there is a way to take care and maintain it, including: [2]
  • Hair needs many vitamins, the most important of which is zinc and biotin, so take some vitamins without exaggerating it.
  • Avoid excessive combing of hair, and do not stiffen back strongly, because excess combing hair weakens and increases hair loss and does not increase its length.
  • Do not use a brush with sharp edges, be it plastic or metal, because it breaks the hair and look for a healthy brush and do not use it with anyone.
  • Cheap commercial preparations destroy the hair and work to split it and dry it, so do not hold back on your hair and use good products, especially for hair care.
  • Try to leave your hair comfortable and do not tie it for long hours.
  • Cheap commercial preparations destroy the hair, break it, and dry it out, so it does not make you healthy.

One of the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Rose hairstyle

We comb the hair well and blow it until it appears more intense. Do a crappy hair to make ripples under your head and under the hair. Then, tie your hair in the shape of a ponytail through the elastik for the hair. Put your hair from the bottom of the elastic. Then wrap the hair on itself to get the most beautiful shape for a haircut. Fixed hair, and in addition to the beauty of a hairstyle, you can place a handle for the hair in the form of a colored rose according to the clothes you wear. This beautiful hairstyle is one of the simplest long hairstyles. [2]

Curl hairstyle

Pulling and softening the hair and then dividing it into two parts to make a hair strand and then complete the separation of your hair into four parts to curl them in between. And to get a large braid make sure not to squeeze your hair, continue making the curl, and it will appear to you beautifully after that. Plastic for hair You can use some small hair accessories to get the most beautiful curl. [2]

El Chenyon hairstyle

Pull your hair by a blowdry and then split it into three equal parts and then roll the last strand either through hair curls or through the curly device . Each time is a medium-sized tuft in reverse size and fixed to the side of the raised part. You may need many hair staples to fix the lattice by preparing it before starting to do the hairstyle. When you finish, you will find a great hairstyle for your hair and do not forget to make a surprise for the introduction of your hair either on the right or forward according to what suits your face and this is a hairdo that suits evening Ok T. [2]

Butterfly hairstyle

We first start by blowing the hair on top of a head in a simple way by placing a filling of hair, then we make very small braids on both sides of the hair, then we take a braid on the right side and install it in the center of the head under a little of the hair filling that we placed to make the lift and we take on the left one another with the same The method and the rest of the hair are loose after collecting the braids on both sides, we place a fixative for the hair. [2]

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