I love you despite the distance

I love you despite the distance

Despite your distance from me, and despite the fact that you left me alone, I suffer, and I do not find anyone to complain to him about my concern, and I do not find anyone to share my concerns with me. You left me alone and moved away from the world of my love. And why did you leave, getting lost in the world of love alone
And if the distances between loved ones are long, there will remain a bridge of hope to communicate soon, and if the distances are far, the heart will be pumped with the blood of love and out of the heart to settle in the arteries and veins looking for another point on the pulse of the lover.

True love does not know time and place, and if distances are long, love remains love.

Despite the dimension, I love you .. I love you
This is my feeling, and I can hardly hide it from the eyes of the viewers
These are my words I hear, I do not see what you are saying about the ears of the two platforms
These are my papers on which sand has accumulated
Vaoely of love that caught my chest sparked a flame
I love my mind and I became tired
I love you, no matter how long, my love
It was you for which my heart beat ... and for your sake my feelings moved
Even if my eyes do not see you, I will not forget you even if you are far from me
The first person for whom I tears my eyes .. I am afraid that I will miss you all my life
No matter how long you are away, I will not forget you .. No matter how long the separation is, you are my love
I love you my heart without knowing that I love you .. I did not think that I would fall in love with you
No matter how long you are, you are my love
A star that lit my way .. changed the course of my life
I learned the language of feelings with you ... and my pen began to seek your love
Because your picture does not depart from my imagination ... and because no matter how long it takes, you are my love
No matter how long you are, you are my love

Sayings in love
• Evil people obey out of fear, and good people obey out of love
• Do not say I love her for such and such, but say I love her despite such and such and such
• Friendship may grow into love, but love does not fall back into friendship!
Make your heart like a grave, one enters it, and do not make it like a well to drink from whomever it pleases
• Whoever loves you for something that you hated just because it ended

Nizar also says:
If the sea asks in your eyes, pour it, or the sun in your palms, throw it
I love it over the clouds. I write it, and birds and trees tell it
I love it over water, discuss it and let the clusters and mugs irrigate them
I love you, sword. I ask my blood, oh story I don't know what to call it

Another poet says:
If I had you, I would give you my eyes, if I had put them in your hands, if I had, I would like to dedicate my heart to you, I would take it out of my chest to you, and if I had you, I would give you my life, I would put my days under your feet, and maybe sell a person something that he had bought, but not sell a heart that they like

A scientific view of love
British researchers have found that testosterone is lower than normal for men when in love, while it is higher than normal for women. In another study, researchers at the University of London College discovered that falling in love affects major circuits in the brain. The researchers found that the nerve circuits naturally associated with other people's social assessment stop working when a person falls in love. The researchers said these findings may explain why some people overlook the mistakes of those they love.

Kinds of love
Divine Love
Fraternal Love
• self love
• Platonic love
Romantic Love
• sexual love
• material love
Chaste Love
Unrequited love

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