How to play mike

How to play mike
1: Place the microphone in the device in its port
2: A magnified image will appear at the bottom of the screen at the hour, you will press it twice or press the left mouse and choose Open.
3: The volume control screen will appear to you at the top of the screen, there is a word options that we click on and then choose properties.
4: Another screen will appear for us to choose from the second option, and below we make sure that there is a sign next to the word microphone.
5: Then we click OK.
6: Another screen will appear to you and when the word microphone click in the small box and then click OK.
7: To increase the emphasis on the operation of the microphone, we set the sound properties, and then we choose the sound field

8: At the end of the screen we click on Test Devices then OK
Sound hardware test wizard9: Another screen will open
10: Then we press OK and another screen opens and the device performs the settings
11: Then you should talk to Mike and follow the steps
12: Then a screen shows you that the settings are over, so that the microphone is turned on

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