How to create an email on Yahoo


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Yahoo email

Yahoo started (in English: Yahoo) to provide free email service since 1997, when it swept its competitors at that time, with the number of users reaching nearly 250 million users. It also allows the contact list feature (English: Contact lists), the ability to search for specific email, and block spam or malicious messages, in addition to the ability to organize and change the appearance of the mail interface to suit the user, and email service from Yahoo is available. In twenty one languages. [1]

More features were added when Yahoo updated its email service in 2007 AD, adding chat (messaging) and messaging between users, in addition to the ability to use more than one account at the same time and the ability to transfer between them, and also added a feature It is called (English: RSS) and the keyboard shortcuts feature. Moreover, the e-mail service has expanded to include smartphones connected to the Internet . [1]

Create an email on Yahoo

To create a free email on Yahoo, follow these steps: [2] [3]
  • Through the browser , go to the main page of the Yahoo site:
  • Click "Yahoo" (in English: Yahoo Mail) to go to the e-mail page.
  • Clicking on the Sign Up New button (in English: Sign up) will take you to a new page that requires user information, and the information will be entered in the required fields.
  • Click on the "Continue" button (in English: Continue) to move to the next page.
  • You will be taken to a page to ensure that the entered phone number is correct, then the button to send the code is pressed with a text message (in English: Text me a code), and thus the phone device with the entered number will receive a text message containing a code, then it will be entered in the designated field for that Then click on the submit button.
  • Click on the "Let's get started" button to go to it.

Send a new message

To send a new message using the e-mail on the Yahoo website for any other e-mail, the following steps are followed: [4]
  • Log into the Yahoo e-mail by entering the mail address and password in the designated fields, and then clicking on the "Login" button (in English: Login).
  • The Compose New button (English: Compose) will be pressed, and this will bring you to a new page.
  • Enter the e - mail address to send the message to in the designated field for that, and the contact list can be used to choose the destination to send to, by writing the name in the box instead of the mail address.
  • Add a title to the message.
  • Writing the text of the message in the box below, and the user is not restricted to a specific size of the message, but can be short or long as desired.
  • Click the Send button (in English: Send) to complete the message.

Attach files to the message

Yahoo allows its users to attach any type of file from the sent message, where images, document files, table files, etc. can be attached, provided that the file size does not exceed 20MB, otherwise the sender will have to upload their files on the Dropbox website (in English: Dropbox ), And add a link to it in the message, and it is also important to note that all uploaded files will be scanned to detect viruses or malware. Files are attached to the Yahoo website when sending an e-mail as follows: [5]
  • Click the paper clip icon on the toolbar.
  • Choose the file or files on your computer that you want to attach to the message.
  • Click the Choose button (in English: Choose).

If the user wants to attach a link to a file on Dropbox, he can do so by following these steps: [5]
  • Click the down arrow icon on the toolbar next to the aforementioned paper clip icon.
  • Click on "Select from Dropbox".
  • Log in to Dropbox if the user has not previously logged in.
  • Choose the files you want to link to.
  • Click the Choose button (in English: Choose).

It is worth noting that the files must remain on the Dropbox website for the recipient of the message to access it, because if the files are deleted, they will not be able to. [5]

Yahoo Mail application for smartphones

Yahoo has released an application for smartphones that run Android operating systems (English: Android) and iOS (English: iOS), as it adds new features to the email service, in addition to making it easier to use, it can create messages and attach files in addition to the mobile images and various additions that This can make the message more vital, and you can log in to more than one email account and make all incoming messages appear in one place. [6] [7]

It is also possible through the application to perform a search with the feature "Smart Search" (English: Smart Search), which enables the user to search for anything that is in his folders in his different accounts, such as pictures, messages and different files. Through the Yahoo application, you can log in to any Yahoo account without having to enter a password, as a notification is received through the application upon logging in to confirm the user logging in. [6] [7] [8]

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