Hair trowels

Hair trowels
With technological development, there are many ways to communicate between family, friends and loved ones, such as messages on cell phones or the Internet through social networking sites, and there are many beautiful hair massages that are easy to get to send to friends and loved ones, including what is old hair, including what It is from modern poetry, some of which are devoted to cellular trowels, some of them speak of friendship, some of them speak of love, and sometimes of treachery, sadness and anger, and there are family topics such as children, brothers, mother, and father, and there are trowels dedicated to holidays and events Special like the advent of a newborn grandpa A hand, success, graduation, marriage and return from travel, in addition to those that give judgment and proverbs about life and bitter and difficult experiences.

And distinctive hair trowels:

Do not complain to people to disturb your chest .... People do not have delight and people do not like you as they are .... and everyone who passed through the nights drank a cup and do not count that you are unhappy with your condition .... I know you see living with you with hardships people

Do I move away from his life and withdraw from him? What matters to me as long as I care about my concern? I didn’t know who I said What is important? Because from his day his mind and his heart Mu Yeme? Then I Lynn lost it, I lost paradise? One instead of twenty come on?

We grew old and the world described our sorrows in the role and guided us. The pain and injustice is an oppression from the eye of our desire. We are tired of our billionaire, and God will be patient with all those who are drowned in it.

You are like gold, no matter dust on top of it. Days remain precious commodities, and like rain, is it rain? For a year’s absence, people shouted and softened, and like the sea, who said Ghaddar and his mentor treat all his sorrow

My chest relaxes to send you a messenger and narrows the expansion of the universe. I have not been absent from me

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