Get a word written in flame of fire


  • 1 Get an egg that flies without wings
  • 2 Get a word written with a flame of fire
  • 3 volcano adjacent to your home
  • 4 newspaper resists fire and does not burn
  • 5 candles do not go out
  • 6 Turn on the sugar without fire

Get a word written in flame of fire

To get this fiery word all you need is a white sheet of uncoated paper and a concentrated solution of potassium nitrate, write a word using this solution on the board, this word that you will write in this way will not be visible, but if you make the heated wire the redness touches first A letter from this word, then fire will burn to form a burning word from fire

Volcano adjacent to your home

To obtain a volcano near your home, you only have to dig a hole in dry soil with a depth of approximately 25 cm, then form a mixture of sulfur powder, a soft iron filament and plain water until the mixture becomes like a paste. Then, bury this mix early in the hole you dug. After about ten hours, the earth will split, creating a volcanic crater, from which the fire and yellow-black smoke emerge from it as if it were a very real mini-volcano, but it should be noted that this experiment needs to be relatively hot

Newspaper resists fire and does not burn

If you want to put a paper or newspaper in the fire, but without burning you the following: Bring a solution of alum to perform this entertaining experience, first bring the saturated alum solution, then dip the newspaper in this solution for many times, dry it and dry it afterwards to To return to its normal state, and thus you will have obtained the strange newspaper, if you doubt the effect of this experiment, you should try it and make sure of the result

A candle that does not go out

Do you want to make a candle that does not extinguish by blowing its flame, and the only way to extinguish it is to prevent oxygen from it? Bring a cotton or linen piece, food salt and a candle, and make the cotton or linen piece saturated with salt, then wrap this piece saturated with a regular candle and light it and then you will have got that magic candle

Light the sugar without fire

To ignite the sugar all you have to do is bring a plate of half of it containing 25 grams of sugar and the other half of it contains 50 grams of potassium chloride crystals, and deceive the spectators by proving to them that the plate contains sugar by making them taste half of the first plate to make sure that it is sugar, and then Stir a stick previously moistened with concentrated sulfuric acid and bring it closer to the potassium crystals. The sugar then ignites without fire.
But this experiment is a bit dangerous, to do it you have to go to a large yard and do not try it inside the laboratory

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