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  • 1 History of aviation
  • 2 The most prominent contributors to the invention of aviation
    • 2.1 Abbas bin Firnas
    • 2.2 The Wright Brothers
      • 2.2.1 Introducing the Wright brothers
      • 2.2.2 Launching the first aircraft
      • 2.2.3 Publicize the invention
      • 2.2.4 The plane developed after the Wright brothers
  • 3 other contributors to the invention of the aircraft
    • 3.1 Gustav Whitehead
    • 3.2 Alberto Santos
  • 4 The invention of the aircraft evolved
  • 5 References

Aviation history

Since ancient times, man wanted to fully realize his dream of flying, and this dream has become a reality and reality as a result of many efforts and experiences that have been applied by many people throughout history, and the first of these efforts dates back to 400 BC when the Greek mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Aulus Gellius designed a machine to fly by a steam engine, and it is said that this machine was able to fly at an altitude of 200 meters, and in the ninth century AD Abbas Ibn Firnas managed the success of the first human flight attempt in history, and efforts and experiments continued even after Ibn Firnas’s successful attempt Ba Air, and in the year 1010 AD , the British monk Elmer Towers for a skiing temples, using the tool is said to have enabled him to rise and flight altitude of 200 m. [1]

It must be noted that there are many experiments that worked to achieve the dream of flying and make it a practical reality, such as those carried out by Samuel Langley and that did not succeed in achieving what the Wright brothers achieved. [2]

The most prominent contributors to the invention of aviation

Abbas Bin Firnas

The Andalusian Muslim scholar Abbas bin Firnas is considered the first to undertake a successful aviation experience throughout history, and some consider him "the father of aviation" due to his great contribution in this field, which has a great role in opening the door of aviation sciences wide open to the West later. This scientist was born in the Spanish province of Malacca in the year 810AD, and his full name is Abbas bin Firnas bin Wardas al-Takrani, nicknamed Abu al-Qasim, and the descendants of his family are attributed to the barbarians. Then he turned to astronomy and music when he traveled to Iraq to study there at Dar Al-Hikma [3] [4]

Making Abbas bin Firnas glider Whisk (Greek: Ornithopter) made through which the first flight successful despite the hard landing that led to his injury seriously, and despite the fact that aviation was the most important areas left where Ibn Firnas effect great, but he excelled In many other areas, he left his mark, including the invention of glasses and magnifying lenses, as he was able to develop a method through which he transformed the pieces of crystal rocks into glass, which allowed the manufacture of large quantities of this material, and unfortunately history did not transfer all of Ibn's works Fernas and his sciences developed by him. [3] [4]

The Wright brothers

Introducing the Wright brothers

The two American Wright brothers are: older brother Wilbur Wright who was born in 1867 AD, and the younger brother Orville Wright who was born in 1871 AD, and their father is Milton Wright, and their mother is Susan Catherine Wright. The Wright brothers received their primary education in public schools, and they traveled frequently with their family to many different regions within the United States of America. They had great ambition and profound belief in their goals derived from their father. This character is someone who adheres to the principle and considers it something that is not negotiable, which affected On the way the Wright brothers dealt with their marketing of their later inventions . [5]

First plane launched

The Wright brothers were credited with launching the first motorized aircraft in history. In the year 1899 CE, the brothers began working on their own experiences, which were initially based on their flyingParagliding across the heights of North Carolina, but not all of these experiences were successful, so they strived to develop the capabilities of paragliding and solve the problems in it such as continuous flying, and along with their ability to solve the problems of glider, they were able through their multiple experiences to acquire sufficient skill to control the plane in the air, Then they worked on creating the first plane to fly with a motor in the year 1903 AD, where they were able to manufacture a motor for their plane, which was about twelve meters in length, and weighed 274 kilograms. In that year, on the fourteenth of December, the brothers decided to start the first flight, so the brother won and Libra is drawn by lot from the first owner of the plane, but this flight was not able to take place due to an imbalance in the plane during take-off. [2]

After a few days, the Wright brothers conducted a second test flight to take off their plane, and they repeated the flight more than once with an evolution in the distance each time, so that their efforts would be successful. [2]

Show the invention to the public

The Wright brothers began trying to market their new invention and present it to the world by presenting it to what was known as the Ministry of War in the government of the United States of America and other governments or even people in many European countries, until their offers for sale reached Russia, but they were rejected, and this rejection remained It existed until 1907 when a US Army unit requested a plane from the Wright brothers, and another plane was sold to the French Businessmen's Syndicate in 1908. [6]

The Wright brothers added another seat to their aircraft at the request of both the American and French army, and they went to France to break records in flight, and after that the Wright brothers star began to rise as one of the most prominent celebrities of the twentieth century, and after their return from France, Wilbur made the first general flight in The United States of America is in New York Harbor, and over a million American spectators have followed this flight. [6]

The plane developed after the Wright brothers

The science of aircraft manufacturing and development did not depend on what the Wright brothers did. Rather, the ability of the aircraft continued to develop over time. In 1911 AD, Wrights' Vin Fiz made the flight for 84 days, during which the plane was landed for maintenance seventy times, where each time Replacing some of them, and due to the large number of maintenance and switching times that occurred in this trip, at the end of its course in California, there were only a few of the original parts of it, and it should be noted that this plane was the first plane to cross the United States of America. [7]

Other contributors to the invention of the aircraft

Gustav Whitehead

Despite the prevalence of information that the Wright brothers were the first to invent the plane, there are various sayings. Gustave Whitehead, the German man who immigrated to America in 1894 CE, claimed that he had flown on an aircraft flight on his motorized plane in the fourteenth of August 1901 A.D., two years before the Wright brothers, he said that he made other flights that spanned two miles and another for seven miles in January of 1902, and the first articles supporting Whitehead were presented as the first to fly in a book published in 1937 Rewritten several times, the Whitehead case was based on news articles and pictures His plane number 22 appeared in the air, which no one had seen since 1906, and many allegations, including support and opposition. [8]

Alberto Santos

Alberto Santos Dumont, the Brazilian man, is ranked fourth among those who think that they were the first to invent the plane, but the Brazilians claim that he was the first to invent the plane. He rose to nearly 60 meters on his plane (bis 14), then made a better attempt than the first to reach a height of 220 meters in the air within 21 seconds, after three years of what the Wright Brothers achieved in 1903 and a height of 150 meters. [9] [10]

The invention of the aircraft evolved

The aircraft industry has witnessed a great development, which led to the use of aircraft in the commercial as well as military fields, and in the late thirties of the twentieth century a major development occurred in the manufacture and development of aircraft, through what was done by Hans von Ohain and Frank Whittle, the English engineers (Frank Whittle) from the manufacture of a new type of aircraft engine known as a jet engine that increased the speed of the aircraft and increased the height of its flight above the ground level, some of which became flying at altitudes ranging from ten thousand to fifteen thousand meters. [7]

The aircraft industry is focused on developing new engines, so some engines that are powered by electrical energy generated from alternative energy sources such as solar cells and some types of capacitors and other types of alternative energy have been invented , and the manufacture of this type of engines is still in its initial frameworks, as scientists have paid attention to heading to another field In the aircraft industry, which is the field based on the missile powered aircraft industry, which allows it to achieve very large speeds and altitude for great distances as well, so the speeds of the aircraft that use this technology reach the speeds of supersonic, and the Bell X-1 was the Manufactured in the year 1947 AD, the first plane to be able to exceed the speed of sound. [7]

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