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Many of us suffered in childhood from this disease, and I personally suffered from it when I was young, and beautiful in this disease that it goes without irreversible after puberty , and the disease history . In some hadiths that top bin Abi Talib may Allah be pleased with him was suffering from conjunctivitis sputtered the Prophet prayed God be upon him in the eye and called for his recovery, I wanted to speak about this disease and to recognize him in this article

Definition of conjunctivitis

It is one of the types of allergic diseases affecting the conjunctiva of the eye ((a thin film that covers the whites of the eyes and eyelids from the inside), which leads to eye puffiness and redness, and increased secretions and tears

Summary of the disease

Spring conjunctivitis is one of the allergic diseases affecting the conjunctiva of the eye , so it is a non-contagious disease, and the patient suffers from redness and itching in the eye, and the ages of patients range between five to fifteen years, and the patient suffers from it seasonally, especially the spring, hence his name, and it is treated With cold water compresses, histamine and topical corticosteroids, the disease usually goes after the age of fifteen years

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